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Title Index to Florida Dept of Military Affairs Special Archives Publications

Seminole Indian Wars - Muster Roll Index (A-D)

Seminole Indian Wars - Muster Roll Index (E-H)

Seminole Indian Wars - Muster Roll Index (I-O)

Seminole Indian Wars - Muster Roll Index (P-S)

Seminole Indian Wars - Muster Roll Index (T-Z)

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. A

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. B

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. C

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. D

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. E

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. F

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. G

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. H

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. I

Florida 1st Cavalry Co. K

Florida 1st Cavalry Staff

Florida 1st Infantry Co. A

Florida 1st Infantry Co. B

Florida 1st Infantry Co. C

Florida 1st Infantry Co. D

Florida 1st Infantry Co. E

Florida 1st Infantry Co. F

Florida 1st Infantry Co. G

Florida 1st Infantry Co. H

Florida 1st Infantry Co. I

Florida 1st Infantry Co. K

Florida 1st Infantry Staff

Florida 2nd Cavalry Co. D

Florida 2nd Cavalry Co. E

Florida 2nd Cavalry Co. I

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. A, Pensacola Rifle Rangers

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. B, Alachua Guards

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. C, Columbia Rifles

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. D, Leon Rifles

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. E, Hammock Guards

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. F, Gulf State Guards

Florida 2nd Infantry Co., Field and Staff

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. G, St. Johns Grays

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. H, St. John's Rifles

Florida 2nd Infantry Co. I, Jasper Blues

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. A

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. B

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. C

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. D

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. E

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. F

Florida 3rd Infantry, Field and Staff

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. G

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. H

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. I

Florida 3rd Infantry, Co. K

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. A

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. B

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. C

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. D

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. E

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. F

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. Field and Staff

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. G

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. H

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. I

Florida 4th Infantry, Co. K

Florida 5th Infantry, Co. C

Florida 5th Infantry, Co. I, Wakulla Tigers

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. A

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. B

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. C

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. D

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. E

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. F

Florida 6th Infantry, Field and Staff

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. G

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. H

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. I

Florida 6th Infantry, Co. K

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. A

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. B

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. C

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. D

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. E

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. F

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. G

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. H

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. I

Florida 7th Infantry, Co. K

Dunham's Light Artillery

Kilcrease Light Artillery

Marion Artillery Battery

Florida Soldiers killed in 1st and 2nd Battles of Manassas, VA

1950-1957 Korean War Casualty List, Florida

1957-1995 Vietnam War Casualty List

County Records


1883 Pension Files


1837 - Muster Roll, Capt. James Niblack's Mounted Co., 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade of Fla. Militia


1883 Pension Files


WWII Casualty List

Korea and Vietnam Wars Casualty List


Confederate Pension Index


WWI Veterans


1857 - Capt. Simeon S. Sparkman's Company of Mounted Volunteers

Hillsborough Co. Confederate Pension Index


Confederate Soldiers of Jackson Co.

1864 - Confederate Soldiers in the Battle of Marianna

WWI Veterans

Veterans buried in Jackson Co.


1837 - Muster Roll of Brigadier General Leigh Read, 1st Brigade, Florida Militia

1840 Call for Arms from Quarter Master General's Office, Florida Militia


Veterans Buried in Liberty Co.


Confederate Pension Index


Confederate Pension Index


WWII Honor List of Dead and Missing


Civil War Soldiers


Confederate Pensions Index


Confederate Pensions Index


1883 Pension Files

WWII Casualty List

Korean and Vietnam Wars Casualty Lists


1861 - Aucilla Guards  

1st Florida Reserves, Cos. B and E

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. C, Union

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. D

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. D, Union

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. E

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. E, Union

2nd Florida Calvary, Co. I

3rd Florida Infantry, Co. D

5th Florida Battalion Calvary, Co. C

5th Florida Battalion Calvary, Co. G

5th Florida Infantry, Co. C

5th Florida Infantry, Co. I, Wakulla Tigers

5th Florida Infantry, Co. I 

Civil War - St. Marks, Coast Guards

Civil War Veterans of Wakulla Co.

Dunham's Light Artillery

Georgia Siege Artillery

1865 - Georgia Siege Artillery Muster Roll

Kilcrease Light Artillery

Soldiers at the Natural Bridge

Shellpoint Rangers

Confederate Steam Boat Spray Muster Roll

Confederate Pensions Index

West Florida Cadets at the Natural Bridge