Share your Genealogy Records

Here you can share census, cemetery, birth, death, marriage, court, bible records, obituaries, etc. to the free genealogy databases. You will be given full credit for your submission and your records will ALWAYS be FREE access for others.

Please make certain when submitting items that they are transcribed accurately and that they are not under copyright. We ask that you do not submit second-hand information unless you are certain of its accuracy. You may submit transcripts of the information or copies of the originals, which we will transcribe for you.

Link Submissions: This site is directed toward the presentation of original records. Certain links will be accepted for those sites with directly-related material to the genealogy database being searched. All links require a reciprocal link back to I Dream of Genealogy. How to link to us

Original Record Submissions: Types of Records Accepted: All records of genealogical value - if you are unsure what category your submission(s) belong in, please contact. These may include, among others:

  • Cemetery Transcriptions
  • Copies of Marriage / Death / Birth / Social Security etc. (Deceased Only)
  • Bible and Church Records
  • Compiled Family Histories, Trees, Group Sheets, GEDCOMS
  • Gravestone Photos
  • Any Other Record of Genealogical Value (Read exceptions Below)

Types of Records NOT Accepted: All records that are under copyright protection. Generally, records that are over 72 years old are acceptable UNLESS they have already been transcribed - format and presentation of genealogical records are copyrighted, but the records themselves are not. Do not copy someone else's work verbatim and submit it to us - it cannot be used without permission of the original compiler / author.

Also NOT accepted: Photos of individuals that are living, nor  any type of document that belongs to a living individual. Also, please do not submit gravestone information for living individuals (i.e., graves and plots that are reserved).

Email your Records

Types of submission formats we accept - Transcriptions should be sent in a Text or HTML format.

PDF Files do not work well so please convert to another format, or send the text in one file and photos/images in another and it will be put together for you. 

Attach your file(s) in an email to:

Put "Share Records" as the subject of your email. Individual records or just a few scattered records do not need to be attached as a file, if you prefer to include them in the body of your e-mail.

Records can also be sent via postal mail on paper or CD to:

I Dream of Genealogy - PO Box 802593 - Santa Clarita CA 91380-2593

Important: Do not send your originals! Include your e-mail address so that we may contact you with any questions.

Presentation of Records

Cemetery records should be provided in the following format.


Martha J. Brown - b. 28 Mar 1881 d. 03 Apr 1969 Reno, Nevada - Mother of Phillip - (Any other notes on tombstone or family info.)

If possible, please include total # of records that are being submitted and the range of years that your records cover. This will help people decide if your records will help in their search.

2] Please provide your name and contact e-mail with all submissions if you would like credit and so that others may contact you if they have questions.