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Long since lost, many family items such as diaries, documents, registers, scrapbooks, postcards and yearbooks find their way to antique shops, flea markets, musty basements. As we acquire these, we post them here in the hopes that they will find their way home.need to find their history?

The following conditions apply to the Lost Items (Items that you are looking for):

1] You must be certain the item exists - i.e., you must be able to describe it and let us know where or who it was last with.

2] The item must belong in your family and you must explain how you are connected to the item.

3] Your description of the item must be very specific in nature - i.e., not just "1939 Howard High School Yearbook" , but "1939 Howard High School Yearbook that belonged to my mother, Betty Stovall"

4] Effective immediately, all e-mails regarding Lost and Found items MUST contain either your mailing address and/or phone number and if you have one, an alternate e-mail address to contact you at. This information will NOT be posted on the board, and it will not be given to anyone inquiring on your item. It will only be for our use, in the event the e-mail address you post goes invalid. A number of posts have changed or invalid e-mail addresses and not notified us. This is frustrating for people who find an item that might belong in their family (or who want to return an item to you!) and they have no way to contact you.

Items that do not contain the above information cannot be posted in the lost section. Posts may be edited at our discretion. Please supply your full name with your post - please note, however if you would prefer not to have your name posted. Your e-mail address must be posted for contact purposes. I Dream of Genealogy makes no claims to the validity of submissions from outside parties, or the item(s) pertained to.

You may post your item by email using the link below and we will post your item for you (be aware that this can take some time); alternately you may use our Facebook page to post your item more quickly

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