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Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.

Lost - Aquamarine Ring - Alaska Cruise - 1989

In March 1941, for her 16th birthday, my mother received from her parents, a large oval aquamarine birthstone ring set in a simple gold band setting.This ring was was either lost or stolen on a Norwegian Cruise line Alaskan cruise in 1989. My mother never got over the loss of that ring, and would tear up every time she thought of or talked about it.She passed away a year ago, and until the day she died, she still wondered who had her ring. I would dearly love to find that ring and give it to her only great grandaughter who brought such a smile to my mother's face.

Lost - Family Trunk and Contents - 1940's - Arizona

Hi - I know this is a really long shot but worth the effort if it might gain me some info about my family!!In 1948-49 my folks(Raymond & June Lockwood) lived in Tucson.I was 2-3 yrs old.My mothers sister Betty Baker lived with us as her dad Joe Baker left for a job somewhere else & never returned.I know this is a lot of info but maybe names and dates will jog someones memory.My mother had in her possession a trunk that had been her mother's (Artie Zella Baker). Artie d.1946 in Phoenix. Mom and dad moved back to Phoenix but didn't have room for the trunk so they left it with some friends named Parkhurst and never made it back for the trunk. It had all the info about my mom and her sisters - June, Nadine and Betty, pictures a set of silk tablecloth and napkins from Japan with mind and mom's picture painted on them that dad brought back.I really need any info that might be in the trunk as my family research has reached a deadend. I would be so HAPPY if by some slim chance someone sees this who knows any thing about the trunk or its contents!!

Lost - 1981 HS Ring - Chaminade HS - Mineola, NY

A Class of 1981 Chaminade High School Ring (Mineola, NY)
Silver with a red stone - I believe my name was written in script inside "Richard J. O'Shea"
The ring was lost in Nassau County. Thank you.

Lost - Antique Pocket Watch - Oklahoma City

This is a pre-1920 Elgin Pocket watch. It has been passed down thru my
husband's family. His grandfather gave it to his dad, who gave it to my
husband and I got it as an engagement present over 30 yrs ago. It was
stolen in Oklahoma City in a home burglary number of years ago. The
crystal got broken and was replaced. The replacement is like Plexiglas. It
has great sentimental value. It is white gold. Recently, I found out each
watch has a serial number and I'm trying to find out the number. It was
repaired in the late 1970's by my great uncle.

Lost - Senior Rings - Oklahoma City

My husband and I both attended Putnam City West High School in North West
Oklahoma City. Our senior rings were stolen in a home burglary years ago.
Both have darker blue stones and are gold in color. One side has the
school shield the other side has a Patriot/minuteman holding a gun. His
would have the initials MTG and mine LDR. Getting both of these back would
mean a lot to us. Thanks

Lost - Haggard / Steinbauer Bible - IN - Home Movies

I'm looking for a family bible that belonged to the Haggard/Steinbauer family in Indianapolis, IN. My Grandmother, Amelia (Haggard) King, had it until her death in 1973. Then it went to my cousin, I have heard that she married and moved to New York. The Bible is very large. I only saw it once when I was 9. I think it had a hard brown cover. The family pages, I think, were in the middle. I know Granny said that many generations of Haggards and Steinbauers were listed in there - births, deaths, and marriages.

Also, I'm looking for old home movies my father took of our family vacations and me - learning to ride a bike, skate, dance, etc. The vacations were at Busch Gardens and Miami Beach. There were 5 or 6 reels of 8mm tape in little plastic covers. Some of the plastic covers were also in white boxes. The plastic covers were white and blue. I last saw them in a drawer of a dresser in my storage unit in Homestead, FL in the late 80's.

Lost - Jewelry - NC - 1991

WINSTON-SALEM, NC. Back in 1991 or so our home was broken into, and the only things of value that were taken were two watches that had been handed down to me:

1) a men's gold Longines watch circ. 1950s (a guess) that was my paternal grandfather's. It was inscribed with his name Gustav E. Friedenberg and was presented to him by one of his church congregations.
2) a women's platinum Elgin that was my maternal grandmothers. It was inscribed with her initials, HSS.

I hunted at local flea markets for them for awhile, but finally gave up--would love to get them back if they every resurface.

Lost - Halliday Family Bible - 1925 - Maine

This bible was sold to an Antique dealer some years ago by a family member. The dealer was out of Portland, Maine. The Halliday family is from Scotland and settled in Sabattus Maine and later in Camden, Maine. Some names in the bible would be William Halliday and Helen along with all the children. The bible sold around 1925 or later. William Halliday was my great grandfather.

Lost - Class Ring - 1930 Ridgefarm High School - Illinois

1930 class ring from Ridgefarm High School, Ridgefarm, Illinois. It belonged to my mother and I lost it in Round Lake Heights, Illinois in the vacant lot across from 737 West Mohawk several years ago. I cannot remember any of the details on the ring and my mother is now deceased. Her name was Thelma Cline.

Lost - Jane Wheeler Simmonds Photo - UK - circa 1915

A photo of my g g grandmother Jane Wheeler (married name Simmonds), in a riding habit, used to hang above the fireplace of her house in Bescott Street, Walsall, UK. Her grandchildren recollect seeing it, but no-one knows where it went after her death in 1915. No other photos of Jane have been identified, but she has numerous descendents who would love to see what she looked like.

Lost - Old Photos 1920's - Lost in Burbank, CA 1969

We lost two large photographs, both framed in oval frames with rounded glass. They were both about the same size, and as I recall they were larger than 8x10.
One is of a little boy with dark bangs and boots taken during the 1920s. His name was Harold Scheinfield and he came from Chicago. The photograph was lost in Burbank, California.
The other was a photo of an old Jewish couple from the area of the Ukraine. He had a beard. She had a rounded face.They were lost about 1969.These belonged to my mother, Fay Fletcher, and she always wanted me to have them.

Lost - Atkisson Family Bible - Ohio

I am searching for the Bible belonging to JAMES M. “JESSE” ADKISSON.

I am the GGG Granddaughter of James and Elizabeth HARPER-Adkisson of Knox and Fulton Co., Illinois. With great thanks to Margaret Adkisson BUCK and the original family papers that she put together I have continued research on this family and have constructed a website with all sorts of information. Several wonderful distant cousins have also contributed to the information on the website. The original papers I received had photocopies of pages from the Bible belonging to the James M. “Jesse” Adkisson family and included information on his other two wives, Sarah J. HARTLEY-Adkisson and Jane RANDOLPH (maiden name) CHANCE (first marriage name)-Adkisson. I believe that Jane Adkisson is the one who wrote the entries in the Bible. Perhaps one of her descendants has possession of the Bible. It is also possible that the Bible is in the possession of one of the following families or a descendant thereof: ADKISSON, BUCK, CHANCE, DYKEMAN, POWELL, RANDOLPH or related by adoption; SCOTT, STICKLEY. The Bible could be with any Adkisson descendant but may be lost somewhere. If the owner of it is not interested in keeping it I would love to have the Bible and preserve it for future generations. If the owner is not interested in parting with the Bible please just let me know so we can keep on record its location and if it passes hands. Thank you.

Lost - John Elliott Diaries - Ohio

My Grandfather, John G. Elliott, kept diaries for 56 years. I have ten of those diaries. The missing diaries were last in the possession of Newell J. Elliott and no doubt were sold at his estate auction. Grandfather lived all his life in the Wooster, Ohio, Wayne County area. If any are found please contact me via e-mail: -

Lost - Family Photos - Tennessee

In 1963 we were transferred from Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park in Georgia/Tennessee, to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The moving van out of Chattanooga, TN, lost one box in our move; it contained the only pictures I had of my family when I was a young child, including my father, who died when I was eight, in 1939. I have searched in vain all these years, not having any idea where the box might have been lost. It was a typical black photo album of the 1930's - 40's, with several pages of me - Alice Marie, my mother - Alice, two nursemaids - Ivory and Liza, and possibly others, made in Arkansas mostly. I would be so thrilled if anyone has found this album and would return it to me. -

Lost - Georgia Civil War Photos

I am looking Georgia ,Family Member Photos Civil War era, or ANY other type of photos for these men or there families., 2nd.Sgt. Allen Jefferson Gunter of the 43rd Georgia Infantry, Co.F Hall Light Guards… U.A. Segars, 43rd , Georgia Co. D… Levi Broom, 24th, Georgia Infantry Co I….Joseph Frady of the 52nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Alleghany Rangers, …John Frady of the 6th Georgia Cavalry,….William J. Bell, Co. B 29th Georgia Volunteers… John Cook, CO I, 24th Regiment…Benjamin Caudell, Co. D 43rd Georgia….William M. Caudell, Co. D 43rd…. James H. Caudell, Co. D, 43rd Regiment Volunteers, Stovalls Brigade and Sidney Roberts, Co.E 16th Infantry Cobbs Legion. -

Lost - Gerald Ford Autographed Photo

I am trying to locate a picture of my mother, Sandra Leigh Garner (formerly Cook), and former President Gerald Ford. The photo is significant because it is autographed by president Ford and (I believe) personalized to my mother.

President Ford stands on the left and my mother stands on the right. My mother bears no teeth in her smile and has long, brown hair. Ford is wearing a dark, pinstriped suit with a dark tie. A chandelier is visible in the upper left corner of the image, and my mother's head partly blocks a painting hung on a wall to the right.

The picture went missing sometime during our move in 2001, in the Washington, D.C. area. Please let me know if you have this photograph! I'm willing to reward the person who returns it to me! Contact

Lost - BATES Family Bible

I am looking for our BATES Family Bible last known to be in the possession of Leonard HASTINGS of Elyria, OH in the 1970's. Apparently, Mr.. Hastings was the executor for the estate of Wallace Norton BATES b. 9 Oct 1877 in Toledo, Lucas Co, OH and d. 23 Sep 1966 in Elyria, Lorain Co, OH. Wallace m. Etta Mae Swift on 3 Apr 1907. If you have any information regarding this Bates Family Bible - Contact

Lost - BYRD / MARVIN Family Bible

Looking for Byrd/Marvin family Bible. It belonged to my gggrandmother Temperance Marvin Bird Hartley. It was last with the family of Josie Byrd Batten around Dyersburg, TN. It was sold in a yard sale. Contact

Lost - Photo Album

Tan photo album with a family on the front, has rainbow sticker on the front, and blue letter stickers that spell out "Amy" on the front, bottom. Held 4x6 photos of a baby. One picture is of an infant in a light green frilly dress, pictures of a little girl at Sea World. Please email me directly if found! Thank you! Contact

Lost - WEIR Family Bible

I'm looking for my GreatGrandParents family Bible. It has a lot of our family's records written in it. The Bible belonged to George and Lizzie Weir. It was passed down to different family memebers. My patrnal GrandUncle had it for years, living in Napa, California. When him and his wife passed away, his wife's daughter received it. When her daughter went into a nursing home in Napa, CA it disappeared. I think maybe it ended up in a salvation army or thrift store type place and I'm trying to search in those kind of places. I just wanted to get the word out just in case someone happened to come accrossed it. Below are some of the name that are recorded in it, but I have none of the other info that possibly is in it. It would mean a great deal to me to find this Bible.


George Weir Married to Elizabeth Williams (Lizzie Weir)

[children of George & Lizzie
Frederick William Weir
Edward Weir (Ware) Married to Edith Golda Brownewell
Alfred George Weir (Ware) Married to Mary Margaret Muhvich
Viola Weir (Ware)

[children of Edward & Edith]

Edna Elizabeth Ware
Viola Ware Married to John Pacheco // Daniel Gavin Clarke
Alfred George Ware Married to Elizabeth // Patricia Ann Hess
Frederick William Ware
Edward Ware Jr. Married to Katheryn Burnside // Irene Wood


Lost - LISCUM Family Bible

This Bible was last in the hands of my Great Aunt, Rhoda Elizabeth LISCUM, married name HENDERSON. She was married to Robert Percy Henderson. Rhoda was born in the province of ONTARIO and moved West with her husband to the province of BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA. Mr and Mrs Henderson settled in Abbotsford, B.C.

Mrs. Henderson had this Bible with her in June of 1945 when she applied on her brother's behalf for a copy of his Registration of a Live Birth. She applied to the Province of Ontario because that was the Province in which she and her siblings were born.

The Ontario Registrar of Vital Statistics required proof. The only proof she had was this Liscum Family Bible. And it was accepted by the Registrar as proper documentation. In fact the Registrar, R. B. Wallace, wrote in a marginal notation, the following:

"Declaration by older sister, Family Bible records marriages and gives place of birth, dated June 4, 1945. Signed R. B. Wallace"

Rhoda was born in 1890. She died in 1961, and by this time she was living in Aldergrove, B.C. (not far from Abbotsford, B.C.) . The informant who signed on her death certificate was a MRS. E. (Elizabeth?)THOMPSON, living in North SURREY, B.C., and she was Rhoda's daughter.

If anyone sees this Bible at a flea market, garage sale or maybe knows of it's existence, please contact me. Thank you. Contact

Lost - Charm Bracelet - South Haven, Michigan

I'm looking for a charm braclet that was lost' in South Haven, Michigan. My charm bracelet, given to me by my mother, was accidentally left in my grandmother, Mary Spencer' s house, at the time of her funereal. Afterwards the house was closed and sold and the contents sold off, including my braclet. It was a silver braclet and two of the charms were of the Capitol building in DC and of a piano. It probably doesn't have any value except sentimental to me. -

Lost - Gray Family Heirlooms

Long Island City High School Year book belonging to Dennis Gray 1959

Long Island City High School Year Book Belonging to MaryAnn Bavuso , now MaryAnn Gray 1960

Long Island City High School Diploma being to Dennis Gray 1959
Long Island City High School Diploma belonging to MaryAnn Bavuso, now MaryAnn Gray

a Prayer book belonging to MaryAnn Bavuso

A family Bible belonging to the Gray family

Composite framed pictures of Daniel Gray age 3 mos
Composite framed pictures of David Gray age 3 mos

Wedding Picture of Dennis and MaryAnn Gray framed in mirrored frame taken May 1962
family photos on slides in a slide filing tin...various...
all items lost in storage in Jackson storage in wheeling Ill, 1972

Lost - Civil War Photograph - Alvin Collins

Some time before 1968 a photograph of 1st LT Alvin Montgomery Collins, taken in his Civil War uniform and from the years of that war 1861-65. He was a Union soldier. The picture was sent by mail to Carl Collins the son of Edgar Collins of Crawford Co., PA. Alvin was also known as Al and as A. M. Collins. The photo probably has his name and rank on the back. A.M Collins was in the 1st MN Heavy Artillery. I have the original letter that was sent with the picture - it came from a Collins descendent, but the picture was not with it, because the letter went to the father and stepmother of Carl Collins. I am the 4x ggrandaughter of Alvin Collins and the picture is well documented as existing/or having existed in the past, and I would so much like to find the owner of the photo and get, if not the original, a copy.

Lost - Trunk of Photos - Lathrop - Gonzaga University

I am looking for photos from my year abroad in Florence, Italy. They were last seen by me in a royal blue trunk that has my name painted on the side of it "Lara Elizabeth Lathrop" and "Gonzaga University" painted on the front. The trunk was in storage at Public Storage in Culver City California in 1998, and a family member failed to pay the bill and the trunk, along with some other things, were sold at auction, and I believe taken to a swap meet or rummage sale. I don't care about the other items in the storage area, just the trunk, and really the pictures. I would like to have them to give to my kids. My maiden name is Lara Lathrop and my married name is Lara Baskin. I can be reached at

Lost - Satterfield Family Bible - 1858 to 1964

I am looking for a Bible that originally belonged to Franklin G. Satterfield, who was born in MO, 1858. He recorded Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Bible, including the death of his first wife Harriet Birchfield. It was passed on to his son, George W. Satterfield, and was in his possession, prior to the time of his death, in 1964, Arvin, Kern, CA. His daughter, Opal, had photo copies of the B/D/M pages, but did not know what happened to the Bible after Georges death. Opal, my grandmother, passed the copies on to me, and was always hoping to find the Bible. She passed away in 2004, and I am continuing the search. Franklin's handwriting is very bad, but can be deciphered. I have the copies to compare with, if found.

Lost - 1972 Marathon NY HS Yearbook

1972 Marathon, New York High School yearbook
Engraved with Roger Morehouse on front cover
orange and black with Olympic torch

Last seen at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina (Marine Corps Base) in 1974 - Contact

Lost - McRoberts Kentucky Quilts - 1950's

I am originally from McRoberts, Kentucky. I am the daughter of Bill and Jackie Collins, Wanda Collins, and I am searching for any quilts that my mother made in the 1950's. These quilts were always made, quilted in the upstairs bedrom of Oma Brown in Choppin' Branch, and then given away to those in need or raffled for various school functions.

My mother passed away in March of 1982. She had moved back to McRoberts with her husband, Arthur Stewart. I am searching for any of these quilts becauser my older sister, Wilma, and I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana, and both lost our homes and physical memories of our mother when Hurricane Katrina struck our area last year.

I know that through the various generations, the quilts that were made have probably lost the histories of who made them, but it is worth a try at recovering any of them. I want desperately to be able to present something to my sister that would help her in the healing process of the devastation of the hurricane.

McRoberts is a small community and there are still some of the "old folks" who might remember my mother and her group of friends charitable works.

Thank You...

Lost - Woman's Class Ring - Griffin Georgia - GHS 1969

My class ring was stolen from my home in a robbery in 1985 in Griffin, Georgia. It was a GHS class of 1969, with an eagle on it-that was the last full year of the Griffin Eagles Football Team, later to become the Griffin Bears. The stone in the center was dark green, the school colors were green and white then, and the green also happened to be my birthstone. The ring was engraved "BJK" on the inside of the band. I will ask no questions. I just want it back. I was the first person to graduate high school in over a hundred years in my direct line, and I wanted to pass this ring along to my grand-daughter.

Lost - Silver Engagement Ring - Kentucky

My grandmother Ruth Weigle gave me her silver engagement ring that she had taken the diamonds out of and replaced with rubies (my birthstone). She gave me this ring when I was 14 years old before she died. The inscription on the inside of the ring reads "DW to RF". Which stands for my grandfather's name to my grandmother's name--Don Weigle to Ruth Fairbanks. The ring has a center ruby with 2 small rubies on each side of it for a total of 5 rubies. I lost it in Mt. Sterling Kentucky in 1987-1988 when I took it off to play in my high school softball game. Please

Lost - Valente Bible

I'm looking for a BIBLE my sister sent it to her son in the Marines and it got lost in the mail. It belonged to my nephew who passed away a few years ago. It belonged to Joseph Martin Valente - I'm not sure what he wrote in the bible but if found PLEASE e-mail me.

Lost Set of Dueling Pistols - Scott Family

I am looking for a lost set of dueling pistols. They are in a mahogany case with the Scott family Crest on the cover. Inside is a velvet lining with two flintlock dueling pistols one of which has been fired. They came from the home of Bertha Scott who died in the late 1960's,1967-69. I am the daughter-in-law of her grandson who was in Vietnam at the time. None of the other relatives seem to know where they went.

Lost 1965 Yearbook - Pittsburgh PA

Years ago I lost my class of 1965 Chartiers Valley Year Book, Scott Twp. Pittsburgh, PA.

Would be inscribed to Carol Chandler

Lost JJ Kelley HS Yearbooks - Wise, Virginia

In 1962 I lost three three JJ Kelly High School yearbooks.1960,1961,1962 and the name of the yearbook was The Arrowhead.It was from Wise,Va.

Lost Barlow Family Bible

My great grandmother died in a tragic accident. Her daughter, my great aunt Florence Barlow Causey, asked for and received the Barlow Family Bible which she took with her when she moved from Louisiana to Los Angeles, California between late 1929 or early 1930. This bible contains the names of the parents, Thomas Hart Barlow and Anna Rebecca Carterman Barlow and their children: Roy Dewitt; Florence Bessie; Thomas Ivan; Annie Cleo (my grandmother); Elmore Louis; Walter Edward; Warren Leslie; Virgil Frank and Forrest Harville. The bible also includes births, marriages, and deaths dates.. My great grandparents married in 1882 and their first child, Roy, was born 1884. The last child, Forrest, was born 1907. After my Great Aunt Florence passed away in 1959 in Hollywood, CA, her adopted daughter, Nannee Lou Causey Young, cleaned out her belongings and probably gave away the bible too. I am looking for this bible. Contact

Lost Beegle Family Bible - Michigan / Indiana

My father, Earnest (Ernest) Bennett Beegle was a patient at Alfran Nursing Home in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Alfran was located on E. Center St. at the intersection where Argonne Road tee'd with E. Center. It went out of business several years ago, and the site is now occupied by offices for the local hospital.

On 19 Oct 1973, while I was at work, my father was transferred by ambulance from Alfran to Miller's Merry Manor nursing home, 1630 S. County Farm Rd., Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., Indiana, to be near my mother, who was already a patient at Miller's.

I had visited him many times at Alfran, and his Bible was in his nightstand there. I visited him on 19 Oct 1973 at Miller's, but he was dying, and in the emotion of the moment, I failed to check on his Bible. He died in the early morning of 20 Oct 1973. Both Alfran and Miller's nursing homes denied any knowledge of his Bible, and it has never been located. It would have his name inside the front cover, but I have no idea what other gems of information might have been included.

My parents had lived in Detroit, Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights, Michigan, most of their lives, but had moved to Indiana in either 1971 or 1972 to live in my brother's home. There may be some notations in the Bible about places where they had lived. His personal data:
Earnest (Ernest) Bennett Beegle
Born 24 May 1884 in Clay Center, Clay Co., Kansas
Married Mary Elizabeth Swift on 1 Apr 1918 in
Whitman County, Washington

It would be a wonderful blessing if this Bible could be located and returned to the family. Contact

Lost Amber Topaz Ring - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1972

I am missing a dark amber topaz ring...approx. size 7-8...It had been my Aunt Virginia Best's who died when she was 14. My parents gave it to me for my 12th Birthday. It was stolen when my apartment was burglarized in 1972 and probably ended up in a pawn shop in Pittsburgh. The ring was white gold. The stone was a rectangle and the setting had some filigree on the sides with a small crack in the gold on the one side of the filigree. Thanks

Lost Silver Lighter - Randolph Ray French - Pennsylvania

My Fathers Silver Dunhill "Lift arm" Cigarette lighter, His name Engraved on it "Randolph Roy French" under that was his serial no., Last seen in Hatboro Pa, Thank you -

Lost Auction Items - 1975 - Martinsville, Indiana

I would like to be able to find items that was purchased around l975
near Martinsville, Indiana at the W. Plummer household auction in the
fall maybe October. I would love to be able to have my grandmothers
Singer treadle sewing machine and my Mothers Cedar chest. I know this
will be almost impossile but maybe the person who attended the auction
did not resell it. My parents have been gone for 20 years and this would
mean a lot to be able to find these items or anything else that belonged
to them. Louise

Lost - Dabbs Family Bible

The Dabbs family bible was lost on the trail from Georgia to Texas in the 1800s. Would like to find it - thank you

Lost - 1920's Engagement Ring

Hi, I came across your website and I lost my third generation 1920's Diamond Daisy Engagement Ring on
July 7, 2004. It is white gold filigree, looks like a daisy, with a diamond in the center and eight diamond chips, one in the center of each of eight petals. It is likely Art Deco, Art Nouveau, or Victorian. It was given to me by my fiance, and was passed down from his mother, who had recieved it from my fiance's father, who recieved it from his mother. The grandparents and his father have passed away. The ring has sentimental value and is one of a kind. I am attaching a bad drawing. I have photos of myself wearing the ring, but the quality is very poor as they are not close
ups. I lost it in Los Angeles. It fell off during a very busy period, either in Venice Beach, Westwood, Bel-Air, or Reseda. I believe it was a size 7, slightly too big for me. I would be most obliged if someone returned it. Thank you.

Lost - Klosterman Family Photos

I am looking for missing photos that belonged to my grandparents Eugene and Violet Klosterman. They lived in Bounduel, Clintonville, Maple Grove and Shawano. There is to be photos of my mom and her sisiters and brother from the old family farm from the 1950's-1960's that are missing. The kids names are Joan, Dale, Nola, Larua, Becky, Lucy, and Judith. Also, photos of my g grandparents are missing. Some names would be Klosterman, Gagnow, Madison, Muck, Kroening, Handstedt, and Eckert. If anyone was seens any photos or know were I can look please let me know. The last that is known to be seen in the house they lived in on Barttlett St in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Lost - Family Bible (DeCossy / Trigger)

With recent deaths of two of my aunts, a third aunt who married into the family wanted to know who had my grandmother, Mabel Trigger Westerhold's family Bible. She knew I was into the family genealogy and was having trouble finding information on the Trigger side of my family. My cousins are looking and no one has found the Bible. My Aunt Bernice said the last time she saw it, was when my grandmother died in 1944. It has the family information in it for the DeCossy and Trigger family. I would love to get this Bible back. Thanks

Lost - Charm Bracelet

I am searching for a charm bracelet that was stolen from me in a burglary 3 years ago. It was started for me by my grandma when I was five years old, and finally given to me as an adult.

While I don't hold much hope that it is still intact, there's always the possibility that the thieves dumped it somewhere, and someone picked it up. It contained charms that my grandma added to it every time she and my grandfather went on a trip, and after I acquired it, I added to it as well.

Among other things, it contained my great-grandmother's gold wedding band, my grandfather's wedding band, a small gold 14k gold turtle, a cloissone hot air balloon, one gold charm of a girls head with the engraved date of 7/14/58 on the back and one of a boy, with the date 7/14/61. There was also a typewriter, an "Aladdin's Lamp", a heart, a totem pole, a Pasadena City bus lines token, a replica of a Kansas City, MO statue of a man on horseback, two zodiac signs with dates engraved on the back and numerous other charms.

Lost - Cleve Stairs Bible - 1970

I am searching for the family Bible of Cleve Earl Stairs. He died in Santa Monica, Calif. in 1970. He was in a Nursing Home sponsored by The Salvation Army in Southern Calif. This Bible has a great amount of family information in the center. I was his namesake and would greatly appreciate finding same. Thanks for any help -

Lost - HS Ring 1993 - Confirmation Ring - Baby Items

I lived in Belvedere NJ, Water St. around the time of 1994 until 1997.
My HS ring was from St. Aloysius High school and had 19 on one side and 93 on the other, it had a ruby colored stone and it was gold nugget. It may have had an inscription in it.
My other ring was given to me for my confirmation. It was a simple ring, had a pink stone and I think one or 2 diamond chips on each of the sides. Both rings were lost around the same time.
Julia's baby papers from the hospital, and her baby wrist band were lost. These too, were lost in Belvedere, NJ between October and December of 1995. There were many other things that I had as heirlooms (that were mine and my daughter's, Julia Drelich) Anyone with my daughter's or my possessions, please email me. Thanks -

Yarbrough Family Bible - 1977 - Tennessee

The Family Bible that belong to my grandparents William Henry Yarbrough & Annie Laura (Rose) Yarbrough was lost from the our family after my uncles death about 1977. My uncle James Wesley Yarbrough had it last. He & his wife Ruth (Brown) Yarbrough lived in the Clarksville Tenn. area, Montgomery County. After his death in the 70's, the bible was lost. I don't know if you can help me locate this bible, but if you can it would be wonderful. It has so much family history in it. I can't describe what it looks like, I'm afraid I don't remember it's been so many years now, but the info inside would be about Yarbrough's and Roses, and I'm sure a lot more. Thank you. -

Cobb Family Bible

We are trying to locate the Cobb family bible. It was last held by my great Aunt, Mary Doll Cobb. When she passed away in the '70's the bible disappeared. We don’t know what happened to it. One of the dates in it is Dec. 1861, I believe it would be the first date recorded. Some of the names in it would, Mary Doll Cobb, Dee Cobb, not sure what else. Her fathers' name was Pleasant Hope Monroe Cobb and her mothers' name was Alpha A. Lancaster. Hope somebody has seen it. Thanks. -

Funder - Schifftner-Concannon-Voorhis-Burger-Rowland Family Items - New Jersey

The above names are some that would be found in my mother's estate. The contents of her house in Franklin Lakes, NJ, were sold after Aug 2003.

Some of the items I am desperately searching for are:
1. Framed cross stitch sampler with the saying 'Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man'. I believe my mother wrote on the back "Catherine Concannon Funder". Catherine was my grandmother.
2. Cookbook belonging to Catherine Funder. I have reason to believe her name was written on the inside front cover(s).
3. Shamrock pig cookie jar and matching salt & pepper shakers.
4. Round pedestal, claw foot table and sideboard.
5. Funder family Bible dating from the early 1900's. My mother's name, Florence Francis, and her DOB would be in it.
6. Family photos with the names, Funder-Schifftner-Concannon-Voorhis-Burger-Rowland,etc, on the back.

If you purchased items from a house in Franklin Lakes, NJ, please contact me. There were over 7 rooms of furniture sold. It is impossible to list all the items here. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thomas Family Bible

I am looking for a family Bible that would have at least these Thomas members: Presley N (P N) Thomas, Isabella (Porter) Thomas, George Samuel Thomas, Fredrick "Fred" Perry Thomas, Sarah Frances "Sally" Thomas, and another younger sibling whose name was or similiar to Laurae. Fred and Sally were twins born in 1866. George was a couple of years older and Laurae was several years younger. It would problably also contain the family of Henry Heard Johnston (who married Sally) and their children's names. The Bible was last known to be with Sally (Thomas) Johnston of Johnston Co, Texas. It would really help with my Thomas family history. I have never seen the Bible. It may be with one of her grandchildren. But if anyone has come across a Bible with the above Thomas family names, please contact me. It would mean a lot to me. If it is in the hands of a family member, I would like the family information from it. Thank you very much.

1945 Bloomfield High School Ring

I am searching for my mother's high school ring from 1945 Bloomfield High School.
It is a gold ring and had the emblem of a bell on the top with the date imprinted on
each side. The last I can recall is that I used to wear it when I was in high school
back in 1973-1974 and that I let a "friend" wear it and then never saw it again.

If there is even the slightest chance that I may find it again for her, it would be
a wonderful surprise. She is now 76 years old and I would love to return
it to her. After all these years, I still feel very badly about never getting it back.

Thank you for whatever info this may bring.

Family Ornaments / 1993 Yearbook - New Jersey / Savings Bond

I have lost the following items in Washington, Nj. about 1997
1993 St. Aloysius High School Year book and diploma (with class picture)
Family Christmas tree ornaments (handmade with eyeglass lens and family snap shots)
$100 savings bond for Julia Drelich (my daughter)

The family Christmas tree ornaments mean the most to me because I made them with my uncle Jimmy before he past away. If I remember correctly, I believe there were 3 of them, there maybe more. I know that there was one of him, me, and of my sister. It was a glass lens with gold ribbon around the sides and gold painted backing. There were other ornaments that were with these that were lost. Those ornaments belong to my mother, she gave them to me because one Christmas I had nothing.

My diploma and year book were from St. Aloysius High School, Jersey City, Nj. I graduated there in 1993. The year book was black bound and signed by all my classmates. My diploma was in a red binder with class picture.

$100 savings bond I save up for my daughter Julia. The date should be somewhere between May and Aug. of 1997. I was saving for her college education. There were other items too, if anyone comes across them in Washington, Nj or Warren County area, Please contact me.

Williamson Family Bible - Tennessee / Missouri - Late 1800's

I am trying to find my great, great grandparents family Bible. His name was George W. Williamson and her name was Talisa Elizabeth Hopper. They lived in Hardin Co. TN and in the early 1890's they moved to Stoddard Co., MO. George was in the Civil War and spent thirteen months in Andersonville Prison in Georgia. I know the Bible existed as it is named in George's Civil War pension records as having a listing of their children and when they were born. It was published by the New York American Bible Society in the year 1876. The children are:
Thomas H.--born 1869
Emily Tennessee or E. T--born Apr. 14, 1878
Louis W. or L. W.--born May 18, 1880
Mary Marandy or M. M--born Feb. 11, 1882
E.E.--born June 24, 1883
Riley P. or R. P.--born Dec. 11, 1885
Allice E. or A. E. or A.. Elizabeth--born Feb. 20, 1889
George and Talisa were married in Dec. 9,1866 in Hardin Co., TN. It would mean a lot to my family to find out what happened to it. Thank you very much for your help.

Eikenberry Family Trunk / Heirlooms - 1915

Trunk containing family data and heirlooms belonging to my grandfather Fred W. Eikenberry. Stolen on migration trip from Missouri to Wyoming in 1915. -

Hamilton / Woodward Family Bible

I am searching for a long-lost family heirloom St. James bible from the 1800’s. It was well-loved and showed a great deal of wear and tear, having lost the front cover and some torn pages. It was last seen in 1952 in Tacoma, Washington. It was accidentally left behind when my husband’s grandmother, Verla Thompson (a military wife) had to move the family yet again.

The bible belonged to her paternal grandmother, Caroline Hamilton (1866-1951) who married Reuben Woodward. Their children were John, Ruth and Reuben. I am not certain how many generations it included besides Caroline’s, so here is a list of surnames it may have included: Huffman, Davison, Woodward, Solt, McCabe, Hamilton, Williams, Radley, Klataska (or Klataske), Yungeberg. The families primarily resided in Kansas and Indiana.

Siblings of Caroline would have been Margaret, Samuel, Mary, Emma, George, William (all born between 1850-1875). Their parents were Isaac Newton Hamilton and Sarah McCabe (married abt 1850 in Ripley, Indiana). Isaac's siblings were Nancy, Sarah and John (born between 1825-1833). Isaac's parents were Andrew Hamilton and Hannah Radley. Andrew's siblings were Benjamin, Joseph, William, Margaret, Stephen and Nancy (born between 1790-1804).

In 1952, when they called the neighbor to see if it was still at the house they had moved out of, they were told that all the belongings left there had been burned. We are desperately hoping that someone took the time to browse through the boxes and salvage this precious book. Finding it would mean so much to our family. Thank you for any assistance or information you might be able to offer.

Muller / Grant Family Bible

My grandmother Margaret lost her family Bible with Muller-Grant genealogy information written in it about 50 years ago. It may have been stolen by moving men when they moved from California to Staten Island, NY. She also lost a box of personal items, including jewelry. Contact

Lost - 1930's Pocket Watch - Portland, OR

It was a gold (or at least gold-colored) railroad pocket watch that belonged to my Grandfather who worked at the railroad at the Union Station in Portland, Oregon before his death in 1934.

The watch had a locomotive engraved on the back that looked like it was coming towards you from right to left, it did not have a cover, the glass was broken and I think it no longer kept time. This is the reason it inadvertently was tossed out in the Goodwill bag in The Dalles, Oregon in the late 1970's during a "house cleaning house before moving."

I really regret that it was given away now, especially since I've been doing all this genealogy research. My Grandfather had relatives in Chicago, so it's possible it was an Illinois train watch. I think I would be only sure if it was the right one if someone knew it came from The Dalles. Marilyn

LOST - Joyce / Garretson Family Photos

In 1958 my immediate family lived in Detroit, Michigan. At that time I believe we lived on Mt Elliot ( this is my best recollection of street name) We had to go to Pittston, Pa as my grandmother had a stroke so we packed what we could with intention of returning. For whatever reason we didn't and we lost everything, furniture clothes and personal family items. I am looking for any photos of which there were many. Some of the names would be family name of Joyce: George, Arlene, Georgette,George Jr, Susan, David, Mary{aka Mamie} Phillip, Thomas. Also Family name of Garretson: Arlene, Della Robert,Denny (Denver), Donald, John( aka Jack, aka Gus) Dwight, Magdalena (aka Lena). My brothers and sister attended St Anthony's grade school faced Field ST. Would appreciate help in locating these photos. Thank you - Georgette

LOST - Joyce Rosary Beads - Pennsylvania

My mother was given a beautiful gold beaded rosary from her mother-in law. On the back of the cross engraved is her name Arlene Joyce. This was a wedding present to my Mom. I am the one who lost it many years ago. We were from Pittston, Pennsylvania and hopfully it can be found. The date of my parents marriage is as follows: George F. Joyce married to Arlene M. Garretson at St Mary Help of Christians Church , Pittston, Pa. on July 1 1946. Would appreciate any help. Thank you - Georgette

LOST - Black / Crutcher Family Bible

In the mid 1970's I lost a large black leather family Bible, on the east side of El Paso Texas. The presentation page says "To Jackie From Daddy on your 21st birthday". It also has the surnames BLACK and CRUTCHER in the family pages. Jackie

Lost - Family Films - Florida

've lost 6 rolls of 8mm films from the 40's and 50's of my deceased mother as a child with her brothers and sisters somewhere in Florida,. I was moving and had to put things in storage while my house going thru closing. I was staying at the Days Inn on 46 in Sanford, Fla with my Daughter in Oct of 1999 when I "lost" them. The storage unit was located in Longwood, Fla. These films are the only things of my mother I had and were given to me by my grandmother reluctently and now I cannot locate them. They all had their original yellow boxes and were labled with names such as Bobby, Maureen, Joe....they were films of kids playing in the snow in New Jersey and in the yard...I'm hoping somoneone may have found them and put them on a shelf somewhere hopeing to find the owner..thanks for any help..Dawn

LOST - Fegen Family Bible - Chicago

We have lost a family bible. It was last thought to be in the possession
of a member of the Nicholas or William Fegen family, probably in the
1950's in Chicago, IL. I am connected to the bible as Nicholas Fegen was
my maternal great grandfather. It contains genealogical information and
some of the surnames in the bible are: Fegen, Fagen, Krauth, Hoffman,
Wahl. It likely has records from the 1800s-mid 1900s. I appreciate your service in helping to locate our family Bible. Many thanks - MK Willert

LOST - Wright Family Bible - Pennsylvania

Seeking the whereabouts of a family bible of the Wright family of Allegheny City, Murraysville and Scotdale, Pa. The bible was in the possession of a lady from Mt. Pleasant, Pa. in the 1960's. It contains the names, birth and death dates and married names of the sisters of my ggggrandfather, John Wright, son of John Wright and Rachel Garrison who came to western Pa. in the early 1800's.

LOST - Pearl Turquoise Ring - 1950's Massachusetts

We lost a family heirloom in the early 1950`s ..My grandmother Edith
(Wetherell) Elmes gave to the first granddaughter her ring that was made
of of pearls and turquoise stones..The ring was made from a brooch, The
ring was put away for safe keeping until my sister was older, we don`t
know what happened to it.We grew up in the Raynham,Ma. area..Possibly
there could be initials engraved which of course be E-E or C-E which was
Carleton Elmes whom she married ,or it could of been her maiden name
Wetherell..I never met my grandmother ,she passed away in 1942..This is
a longshot ,but is worth the effort if we can find it.. Joyce

LOST - Caroll Baby Books

I lost 3 of my children's baby books. There are 3 of them:
David Randoll Carroll, Jr.
born 08/25/1986 at Northside hospital in Atlanta, Georgia
Daniel Allen Carroll
Born 11/10/1987 at Cobb General Hospital in Austell, Georgia
Dana Lynn Carroll
Born 03/13/1989 at Douglas General Hospital in Douglasville, Georgia

Their parents are David Randoll Carroll, Sr. and myself, Robin Lynn Pruitt.
These books were sold at an auction in Norcross, Georgia at a storage unit building. These books are very important to me. My oldest son was born three months premature and all his pictures and papers were in these books. There were also boxes of their baby stuff and pictures. These items can not be replaced. I would do anything to get these items back. Please help!
Thank you so much for your time! Robin

LOST - Georgia School Yearbooks 1973-1987

I lost my school yearbooks through an auction at the storage unit my ex-husband had rented.
My name then was Robin Lynn Pruitt.
The schools were:
Henderson High School
Lilburn Middle School
Beaver Ridge Elementary School
Rockbridge Elementary School

All these schools are located in Georgia. The dates are from 1973 to 1987.
I would really love to have these books back. If you have any info please email me. Robin

LOST - Daniel Hahn Civil War Photo

Civil War photo of my great grandfather, Daniel Hahn, that belonged to my
grandmother, Katherine Krueger, Chicago.

The photo is in an oval frame and shows a man in a dress Union Army
(Pennsylvania) uniform. He has dark hair, a mustache and has a sword. It was
thrown away in the late 1960's or 1970's by my aunt, who lived on the south
side of Chicago. Both my grandmother and aunt are now deceased. We believe
my aunt tossed the photo because of a difficult relation with her mother.
Myself and my 2 cousins, would like to make copies of our ancestor's photo
for our children and grandchildren.

This is very farfetched, but I am hoping someone picked up the photo and
perhaps sold it to an antique dealer, or kept it for a collection. Suzan

LOST - Allen Family Bible

In a book titled: "Ralph Allen of Sandwich, Ma." by John K. Allen,
chapter two, "A lost Family Bible", page 10 states that this family Bible
had been in the possession of Miss Ann Eliza Allen, of Mt. Holly, NJ.,
but that since the breaking up of her home it had not been seen. A man
named, Rev. William White Hance, had written to her endeavoring to find
the Bible. That was in the summer of 1923 but the letter was returned to
him bearing the unhappy word "deceased". This Bible was originally owned
by Jedediah ALLEN, of whom I am a direct descendent.

Now, I know this Bible is very, very old as Jedediah was born 3 Jan.
1646. And probably it has long since been destroyed but one never knows
what turns up in attics or what people have found at flea markets & yard
sales. Emily

LOST - Frank Schneider Framed Picture

I am searching for a picture of my grandfather, Frank Xavier Schneider, which was in an antique wooden frame. It was sold to an antique shop on West 7th St., St. Paul, MN in the 1940's after his death. I would like to recover the picture if it still exists somewhere. Frank immigrated from Germany. I have attached a picture of him for comparison. He wore a prominent mustache. Thank you. Kathy

Lost - Journals of Lenard Shubert - New Orleans

I am looking for ledgers or journals written by my great-grandfather Lenard Shubert. There were seven of them that we know about. The surnames names listed in them are Shubert, Bech, Crist, Schmidt and others . The last place they were known to be was in New Orleans, LA. If anyone has them or comes across them somewhere, please e-mail me and let me know. It would mean so much to the family to find them. Thanks Michele

LOST - Cox Family Bible - Georgia

I'm looking for a lost family Bible that belonged to my great-great grandmother, Rosa Ella Huiett Cox, born Nov. 28, 1857, died Aug. 31, 1947,buried in Gordon County, Ga.. The last person in possession of the Bible was her daughter, Ollie, Dalton, Georgia. Any help finding this Bible would be greatly appreciated. Wanda

LOST - Beatrice Tollefson Scrapbook c. 1918

I would love to find a scrapbook kept by my mother who was traveling in the
mid west, far west and Canada with a vaudeville company known as Blanche
Alfred and her Symphony Girls. She kept it during the late teens - 1917
-18-19 of the last century. It would have been mostly photographs and
programs. Her name was Beatrice Tollefson. Alice

LOST - Lockwood Family Bible

I am a direct descendant of Timothy Lockwood and Mary / Meriba Simons of Connecticut. Their children were Ezra, Christopher, Ebenezer, Nancy, Joseph, Timothy, Elizabeth, Eleazer. The bible was last known to be in the possession of Mary Meriba Lockwood and Timothy Lockwood, Jr. Brian

LOST - 1965 Ohio Yearbook / Diploma

I am searching for a lost high school yearbook. 1965 Independence High School, Independence, Ohio. Blue Linen cover that belonged to me Linda Rae Cox. I am also searching for my High School Diploma from 1965. Linda

LOST - Marvin Family Yearbooks

I hoping someone may of found is a year book from homer high school
in the 1940s belonging to my mom Alberta M Marvin( her maiden name at that time) We had alot of belongings in storage and they wound up supposedly being lost or half way on fire . I've also lost my year books from Abbotsford High school in Abbotsford, Wisconsin. My name then at the time was Sue Ellen Marvin from years 1977 to 1981. Sue

LOST - Mitchell / Owen / Mathews Family Items - Oklahoma

My cousins by Great Grandparents William MITCHELL and Nettie Mathews/Mathis found a box of papers and pictures that we were hoping to secure as they contained a picture of Nettie's father Jim, Nettie, and baby Annie Mitchell among other unknown Mitchell, Owen, and Mathews memorabilia-- the box was sold in a yardsale in or around Ardmore, Oklahoma just a short time ago..Please, f you know anything about a box of old papers and pictures with the described photo, contact us. Eva


LOST - Medical Book - circa 1895 - Louisiana

Hi, I surely hope you can help me on this one. This medical book was owned by my grandmother Matilda Lindsey who was the midwife in the community around Springhill, La. in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Matilda raised my aunt and my father after their mother died. My aunt, Dr. Vera Bishop Stewart was so entranced by the book that it made her want to become a doctor. She did this in the 1930's when very few women were becoming doctors. She treasured the book so very much and gave it to me around 1975. I kept the book and thought I was a good caretaker of this wonderful piece of family history. However, something happened to the book on one of my moves and its gone. I think it was lost or stolen in Shreveport La. around 1983. The book was in great shape. I can't remember the exact name, but I think its just " A Family Medical Book." I also think that it was published in Chicago 1895. It had wonderful fold out onion skin pages that showed the human body and it also had receipes for medicines that could be found in the forest or the garden. If anyone knows anything of this book, I would be forever greatful for the information. I feel so guilty that I didn't take better care of it. Thanks and I'll be praying that someone out there knows something of the great old medical book. On the inside page, my aunt hand wrote some information concerning how she came by the book. That is the way that I will know a book is mine if it ever shows up. Blanche

LOST - High School Rings - California

My Mothers high school ring from Grass Valley High School in Grass Valley Ca.,lost at Covina High School in Covina, Ca., has a miner panning for gold with initials M.M. dated approx. 1944.
Second was a ring from Covina High School, dated 1977 with the initials K.N., lots of sentimental value...Karen

LOST - Allen Family Photos - Alabama

My Grandmother's sister remembers an oval portrait of her grandparents Francis Allen and Jemima Gotwald/Monican Allen that used to hang on the wall when she was a child. There are two surviving siblings and neither of them knows what ever happened to that oval portrait. They do both remember it hanging on the wall when they were children and they knew it was of their grandparents. They thought it was the Allens, but it could also have been Aloysious Small and Annie Keene Small, their other grandparents.
To my knowledge, the photo was last in the posession of our family when it was on the wall of Edward Small and his wife Gilberta Allen Small, who lived in York PA.
Jemima Allen passed away in 1903 and Francis Allen later moved to Ensley Alabama with his second wife Mary. I'd also be interested to recover any photos of Francis Allen, his wives, children, or his father John that may also turn up in a shop or attic in Alabama.
Hopefully the oval portrait was labeled in some way as to Identify it as my missing photo, or at least this message will reconnect me with any image of the Allen or Small grandparents in my line. Chris Buckingham

LOST - Kieffer Civil War Era Photos

My mother, who is 91, tells me that her grandmother, Mary Fuhs Kieffer, had two large oval framed photographs of herself and her husband, Frank Kieffer. They were Civil War era photos, and Mary had them hanging in her living room for as long as she lived, although her husband had died as a young man. My mom last remembers the photos in 1931 in the Washington Heights area of Chicago at her grandmother's apartment. No doubt when she died, someone in the family inherited the precious photos. We live in Canada now, and I have sent many letters to people with the Kieffer name trying to get copies of the photos, all to no avail. It's a shot in the dark, but you never know!

LOST - Greenwood / Gruenwald / Krickl Genealogy Records

I am seeking to recover a massive collection of genealogical records that were in the possession of Charles "Charlie" Greenwood. These records were among his belongings when he died in St. Petersburg, Florida, circa 1963-1966. Surnames on these records would include KRICKL, GRUENWALD, GREENWOOD, GESE, LAHR, LANGOHR, KRING, and PEMBERTON; the records would reflect many births, marriages, and deaths in and around Buffalo, Erie Co., NY, as well as births in Austria and Prussia in the 1800s. Charlie, a bachelor all his life, was my great uncle. His grandnieces and grandnephews would like to recover this material if someone was kind enough to find/save it following his death. Barbara

LOST - Heuer Family Bible

I am trying to locate a lost family bible that belonged to my great grandmother Elizabeth Wilhelmina Christina (Heuer)Hanson-Green.When she passed away in 1984 in Minonk, Illinois, her trunk and its belongings went to my father. About 1985, my Grandfather borrowed the bible from my father to have the inscriptions translated as it was all in German. My grandfather didn't say to whom was doing the translating and unfortunately my father never asked. A year later my grandfather passed on and no bible. It is a German bible with family names and dates in it and would love to get it back.Possible names listed in this bible may be Carl and Marie (Behrens) Heuer, Carl Frederick Max Heuer and other Heuer names.Thank you so much for any help. It would mean the world to find it. Julie

LOST - Johnson Family Sword

Missing from my brother's home, Tustin, California in 1990: my great grandfather's sword. Has his name on the side, Scott W. Johnson. Any information concerning this item is appreciated. Kim

LOST - Wright Family Trunk

Between 1964-1967 my husbands Aunt Lorena (Morris) Newsome lived in Huntington W.VA and was in possession of her mother Grace (Wright) Morris trunk. The trunk had a shelf in the top and when you lifted it off there were 4 paintings in the bottom of Graces parents and her husband James' parents. Along with those painting there was a deed to some property in Kentucky that had been willed over to Grace Wright and a babys christening gown. Lorena was in a hurry to leave Huntington and left the house and all its contents sitting. After the family learned what she had done they had gone back to the house and it had already been cleaned out. The painting may have been in the time frame of the late 1700"s to early 1800"s and was said to have been oil paintings. Thank you,

LOST - Wead / Tedford / Tohill Scrapbook - Seattle

Dark Brown Scrapbook used as photo album by my mother, Mildred Wead. Tidy collection of our family photos from 19th C through 1940s. Approx. 11x12 - put together by my mother Mildred Wead in 1988, the year she died, and willed to my sister who hid it in a box of clothes. Someone inadvertently gave the box to the Salvation Army in the Seattle area in 1989. Mom put a lot of work into arranging and labeling. Our Tedford and Tohill ancestors are in here.I have a couple of duplicate photos and several from memory that I can describe and/or identify. Thanks for any kind of assistance in locating this beautiful album!


LOST - Burke / Gillaspie Family Items - Seattle

Hello. I am searching for an assortment of lost items, a bible, and lots of picures. The names on these would be Lelah Augusta Gillaspie, Louise Burke, Clarence Burke, Allen Burke, Floyd Burke, Maybe a few of Lelah Ann Burke as well. These were lost by an relative in a storage unit in Seattle WA. around 1995-ish. This is almost all I will have left of my family history! I hope someday somebody will find it.Thanx! ~*Jade*~


LOST - Waldron Family Bible & Paintings - New Jersey

I am looking for the Waldron family bible and 2 pictures painted by my great grandmother. My grandfather Jay C. Waldron and my grandmother Ethel Henwood got divorced in 1930. Jay C. left with the family bible of the Waldrons and 2 pictures his mother Eva Waldron painted. He went to Portland Oregon to his cousins Alice and Arthur Thompson. My mother Zella Jays' daughter told me this. The items have not been seen since then. Any info would be helpful. Thanks Jan

LOST - Gould Family Bible - New Jersey

My grandmother passed away and the Gould family bible was passed down to her sister in Bloomfield, NJ. When she passed away, it was given to her daughter Marliene Conlin - all contacts have been lost with her; the last connection was in Bloomfield NJ. It is an old steel board family bible with lock about early 1800s - it has whole Gould family listings in back with deaths, births, marriges, reunions, many mass cards and documents. Some of the names are Roland Gould, Fredric Gould, John Gould - I hope it can be found. Thanks ED Edward Hornick Jr

LOST - Stickle Family Bible - New Jersey

My great aunt (still living) lost her family bible , her nieces had a family tree school paper to do at school so she let them take it to school but they forgot to bring it back home. It was at the Rockaway Valley Elementary School Boonton Twp NJ. It listed the whole Stickle family with a lot of documentations mostly handwritten. Some of the names in it are Catherine Stickle d Sept 22 1986, Harry Stickle, Anna Stickle, William Stires, Edward Stickle. This bible had records that went back to England were her branch came from. Finding this bible would make her very happy in her late years - it had her only late husband picture in it. Thanks ED Edward Hornick Jr

LOST - Leiby Family Bible - Illinois

My Aunt Julia (Leiby) Downs had in her possesion up until time period just before her death, 1965-70, a family bible which included a lot of our ancestors names and births, etc. Julis's husband, Leo Downs, died a short time before her and we believe that another younger man may have persuaded her to part with this bible. Julia was very old and feeble and lived in Peoria, Illinois at the time, Just off of McClure st. We hope he sold it and didn't just throw it away. He may have been Julia's hairdresser??? We sure would like to recover that bible. It would include a lot of LEIBY ancestor names, such as Albert, Aaron, Adam. If you can help, please email

LOST - Moore Family Photos - Ohio

I am searching for family photos of my family that were lost in Adena/Glendale Ohio. My father sold a bus that had lots of our belongings on it with the understanding that we would return to remove the belongings from the bus. However, he was late in returning to get the items and the owner gave them away. The thing I am looking for is lots of family photos of the MOORE family with names to include, Fike, Jones, Brown's, Larch's, Runnion's etc. My mother is 82 and has her heart set on finding the lost photos. Contact

LOST - Landon Family Documents circa 1850's

We have lost track of some letters which were in my Grandmother Helen Adelia Hall's possession, but which she gave to someone and they never returned. There are at least 12 letters written by various members of the Landon family to their sister Lura Hurlbut, who lived in Elk Rapids Michigan. The main bulk of the letters are from Julia Belinda Landon who was residing in Spring Arbor Michigan at the time she wrote them, which was around the 1850's. The letters mention the death of a niece , the names of Julia's brothers Alson and Warren, their wives, children, cousins and acquaintances in Chittenden county in Vermont. These are very valuable letters and we would like them back for our family records. Also with the letters was a copy or original hand written Landon lineage. We know these letters existed because we have very poor copies of them. PLEASE will the "Angel of Letters" help us find them? Sincerely, Susan Lee

LOST - North Family Bible

North Family Bible: Last in the possession of Herbert T. North-who died without returning it to elder sister. Was in boxes of book as part of effects sent to Middletown, NY in 1959. Names included on the family pages would be Herbert North, Josephine North m. Herman Berry, Berry Children, also pictures of infants.
Jeanette B. Heath


LOST - Oil Painting - William Dodson Edwards

I am searching for an oval oil painting of my Gr-gr Grandfather "William Dodson EDWARDS" done of him in his Civil War Union uniform . It was last known to be in the California area. Was possibly left in a box in rafters of a garage sold by relatives. (the box also contained other family papers) my info. Deb Wandolowski


LOST - Barth Family Photo Album - Illinois

A 1930's-1940's photo album belonging to my mother, Georgia Barth, was accidentally donated to the Goodwill Industries in Illinois in late November 2002. Goodwill told me it should have ended up in the Goodwill Store in Champaign, Jacksonville, Springfield, Jerome, or Normal, IL sometime since last November and the photos may have been removed from the album and sold individually in one of the stores. The album was about 12 x 15, dark green/black pasteboard, black pages, white ink. In the back were newspaper clippings about a storm that hit Pontiac, IL in the 1940's. One of the photos was a child holding two squirrels. Mom is 83 and quite upset she put the album in a donation bag as she was cleaning her closets. It contains the only photographs of my older brother, so Mom really would like to have the pictures back. Contact

LOST - Henderson Family Bible

Am looking for a lost family Bible: Family name is Henderson, John W. and Eunice Vianna Ogle are the parents - married April 20, 1879 in Missouri. Children: Charles H. b 11-8-1879, William Orel b. 3-26-1881, Franklin Edwin b. 12-23-1883, Ralph Millard b. 2-24-1886, Sereno Morton b. 1-11-1889, Ethel Alma b. 4-21-1891 and Raymond Erec b. 10-14-1893. I am a daughter of Raymond and the bible was given to Ethel shortly before she moved to California to live with her daughter. Ethel and her daughter are both now deceased and we have not been able to locate the bible. William's name was Brees and he changed it to Henderson for a short time after a fight where he thought he had killed a man. Later, in about 1895, he found that the man had not died and then changed his name back to Brees. I would love to find this bible and share it with other family members. Maxine L. Brees Hall

LOST - Wolenec Family Bible

I found your website and hope that you can help me retrieve my fathers Bible. It is approximately 6" x 8" bound in black faux leather. It was inscribed Myron Wolenec on the cover. It was inadvertantly donated to the First United Methodist Church in Madison (or Middleton) Wisconsin around 1993. I called them but their process is to put donated Bibles in a box and let people take them at will. It is probably not in very good condition now - but it did belong to my father. Thank you for any help you can give. Glenn Wolenec


LOST - Tennett Family Bible

In October of 2002 an attorney for an old cousin of mine sold our family bible at the First Baptist Methodist Church of East Greenwich, RI rummage sale. We are desperately trying to find who bought the bible. It was rather large....3 inches thick, about 12x12. It had many names such as TENNETT & VINCENT. It was brought over from England in 1881. The exact age of the bible is not known to me. Eric Tennett

LOST - Blue Topaz Ring

13 years ago I lost a ring passed down to me from my grandparents. It had a large blue topaz stone in the middle, 3 small diamonds on each side of the stone. The ring itself was very detailed and quite fragile. We called the ring a three 3 generation because the stone came from my parents, the diamonds from my grandfather and the ring itself from my grandmother and from her mother. A few days before I received the ring both my grandparents passed away. I have pictures and proof of ownership. It fell out my pocket and was picked up by someone, but no one turned it in. I filed a report to no avail. Please, if you have something close to this let me know. Thank you - Pat

LOST - Bell Wedding Ring - circa 1870

Lost my great grandmothers wedding ring about 20 years ago in the Baltimore, Md. area.The ring is a wide rose gold band,there is an inscription on the inside...If I remember correctly the inscription is the date of the marriage 187?,and perhaps her name : Jennie McNaul Bell. My name is also Jennie Mcnaul Bell...thank you for your help !

LOST - Mitchell Bible

I am looking for a Mitchell Family Bible that was last in the possession of Fred Mitchell and Estelle Terhune in Northern New Jersey, possibly East Orange. Fred Mitchell was my great-grandmother's brother. Fred & Estelle did not have any children.When they passed away the bible would have been with their belongings and passed down to her nephew in the Terhune family. We lost contact with him. I am not sure of the exact age of the bible. There were 2 Mitchell bibles. Fred Mitchell gave one to my mother (daughter of Charles Mitchell Kuhn and Bernice McCreedy), and told her the other would go to her upon his death. The one I have is a gift from the Right Reverand Richard, Lord Bishop of Peterboro, England. The family entries start with the family of John Mitchell (1784), son of Nathaniel Mitchell & Nancy Stephenson, and his wife Anna Plumer (1785), daughter of William Plumer & Catherine McAllister. We would appreciate any information on the other bible. Sharyl D'Agostino

LOST - Rough Riders Spurs

My great-great Uncle Jame Moore rode with the Rough Riders. My father was lucky enough to get Jame's Moore's Spurs. In 1985 my family moved from Edgwater Park, NJ to Burlington, NJ. After we unpacked everything the spurs we missing. This means a great deal to my family if we could have them back. If you have any information Please contact me. Valerie Moran

LOST - Evans Genealogy Book

I have a very large collection of correspondence between my great uncle and relatives regarding an EVANS family history.. This material is letters and cards dated as far back as the 1930's, seeking family pictures and information. Most of the people he wrote to were around the Schuylkill County, Pa area, as that was where he grew up. In these letters, he advised them over the years of the progress of the work and in the later 1940's he informed them the book was "with the printer in Bristol." I do not know if this would have been Bristol, VA or TN, but I have not been able to locate the work at any printer in those two cities. He informed relatives that the book contained over 300 pages of written material as well as about 300 pages of pictures. Some of the family lines were TIPTON, MILES, ROSENFELDER, YARNALL, HESSER, FLACK, GREENER and COOPER. His immediate family says they know he worked on these project for years, but have no idea what happened to it after he sent it to the printer. My guess would be that my uncle died during the time the printer had the material, so I don't know if it may have actually been printed but never picked up by him.
Maybe the printer went out of business and the contents of the business auctioned off and it is out there somewhere. So many years of his life went into this project and I keep hoping it will turn up. Mrs. Jim Roan


LOST - O'Hara Family Bible

I am looking for the family bible of Catherine O'Hara which she brought with her when she came from Ireland in the 1840's. It was given to her baby daughter (only child of hers born in the United States @ 1842), Mary Ann O'Hara Near. Mary Ann passed the bible on to her daughter, Mary Near Dickerson b. 1880 in Ontario, Canada d. in Detroit, Michigan. I only know a nickname for her husband, Parvis O'Hara b. 1811 Ireland. Catherine was b. 1816 in Ireland. Any help in finding this bible would be greatly appreciated. Catherine was my gggrandmother. Contact me

LOST - Palm Beach High School Class Ring

I lost my Palm Beach High School class ring in Obetse(not sure of spelling), Ohio, which is a small town/subdivision around Columbus, in a laundry. The year was 1964 and it has my initials LGR and/or my name Lorna Gail Rice. I don't remember for sure. I would love to have it returned.. I appreciate any help. Contact me

LOST - Lamb Family Bible

Lot LAMB purchased the family Bible of his father and mother at Richard LAMB's estate sale in 1844, Randolph County, North Carolina. Lot had married his 1st cousin, Asenath LAMB, and they emigrated to Hendricks County, Indiana in 1846, but Lot died along the way, somewhere in Kentucky. The Bible was passed to their son, Stewart LAMB and to his oldest daughter, Emma Jewell LAMB (my great grandmother). Emma Jewell married Willaim Nelson FISCUS and they moved to Iowa and later, circa 1921-1922, to Salem, Marion County, Oregon. I have a letter from my great aunt that confirms that the Bible was in Emma Jewell LAMB FISCUS's possession when she moved to Oregon. Unfortunately, no one tried to keep track of the Bible after Emma's death in 1928 (?). Her husband died at the home of their son, Adam FISCUS, in Van Nuys, California, in 1947. The Bible is lost, and no one in the family seems to know what happened to it. It probably contains the surname of Richard LAMB's wife, Ellen. The Quaker records that might have contained her name were burned. Thank you for reading this. Pamela (Fiscus) Hatch

LOST - Robinson Family Bible

This Bible has been lost for many years. It contains the family history of my ggg-grandparents, Edwin Stearne(s) and Julia Ann (Clark{e}) Robinson. My family hopes that it will show their parents. Grandfather Edwin had promised it to my great grandfather, Wm. Dayton Robinson. Edwin's and Julia's children are: Thomas Edwin Harris Robinson, William Winans, Margaret E(lizabeth), Andrew Fly, Wilberforce, Julia Rebecca, Mary Ellen, Julius Augustus, Lucy M. The Bible, according to written family history, was last in the hands of our Aunt Mary Ellen Robinson Ritchey. From there, it disappeared, possibly into another part of the family or somewhere else. However, no family member reports ever having it. Robin Goodwin Duhs

LOST - Holcomb Family Bible

Am looking for my Grandfather Ernest Holcomb's Family Bible...the last person to have the bible was my Uncle Lacy Holcomb from deceased...he was married to a Lee Palmer...also deceased... I'm hoping her son Tom Palmer of Florida has the family bible...would very much like to see this bible back in the Holcomb family...I myself have never seen the bible but of course my mother has...Hope someone will be able to help me with this...Fern Boylen

LOST - Brannon / Balcar Family Photos

I am trying to find some pictures that belong to my mother Patricia Ann Brannon Balcar. My mother was from Bay City, Texas. Her parents are: Rex and Frances Brannon Her siblings are: Carole, Jack, Joseph, Kathy, and Cecil Her husband was: Yale Larry Balcar Her children are: Sarah Brannon, Mary Balcar, and Larry Balcar Patricia died on November 19,1982 in Bryan, Texas I found her bible that was in Larry's adopted parents things. I can not find any of her pictures that she had of me and her family. If anyone can help I would really appreciated very much. Sarah Brannon Horton

LOST - Davis Family Bible - 1950's

In the 1950's, I was going to Sunday School one morning and told my Dad that I did not have a bible. He let me use his bible, a family bible, to take to church. I left the bible at the church. It was a few days, I think, before I told him. We went back to the church and they searched in the Lost & Found and did not turn it up I think possibly another child picked it up. Otherwise, why would someone not turn it in to the Pastor ? The bible would be for Wilsie Marlin Davis and Mary Julia Davis. His father would be Henry Emerson Davis and Melissa Ann Paulk(Waters)Davis. I have names, etc of siblings for verification. Bible was lost in Auburndale, Florida - Elizabeth Angus


LOST - Kio Family Items - 1981

in 1981 my family moved from Roulette, PA to Texas and because we were traveling by car, we had limited space and my mother left many of our items in hopes of getting them at a later date. One of the items was a cedar chest filled with personal things and childhood memories including my baby book {my name was Denise Kio}. I am really hoping to come across this stuff and if not the chest the personal items that were in it although the chest would be nice too!! I would really like to find some of our stuff. We left it with Joyce and Gary Fesseden in Roulette, PA. They are now divorced but when we went to get our stuff, it was alll gone. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this chest or the stuff in it belonging to Phil, Sharon, Denise or Wendy Kio, please contact me thank you Denise


LOST - Laramie WY High School Ring - 1967

Approximately 13 years ago my class ring was stolen when my house was robbed. The class ring is 14k gold with a blue stone. On the stone is the Laramine High School plainsmen insigna. My initials, DD, are on the sides with the year 1967. It is approximately a 6 1/2 size. I believe LHS is also on it on the top, but I can't recall for sure. Thank you, Deanna Dunn

LOST - Mitchell Baby Book - 1993

Baby book with genealogy pages for Jade Christina Mitchell. Born 1993. Last seem in Sarasota Fl. with her Mother now deceased. Could have been in a storage or with a Friend. Given as present 1994 by Amber Resnuz. James Cudzilo

LOST - Henderson Ice Hooks - circa 1900

My grandfather Douglas Henderson was a blacksmith in Dallas Texas in the early 1900. His blacksmith and ice shop are still in downtown Dallas. He patented and made 100 large ice hooks or tongs for the icemen to deliver the large blocks of ice to be used in the old iceboxes (before the refrigerators) I would like to have a pair of them. They will be stamped with "D. Henderson Dallas Texas"
Garnet Murphey

LOST - Swogger / Swoger Photo - circa 1930

Looking for an old photograph of my Great Grandmother, Ida May Law-Swogger or Swoger. Pittsburgh, Pa area. My grandmother gave her picture (one and only) to a traveling photographic studio. They came back and tried to sell her all kinds of prints. This was around 1930. Grandma never got the photo back. Thanks! Judy

LOST - McCallister Family Bible

We lost the McAllister family bible when my Grandmother died - someone got all of her things in her house before any of us got her things. She lived in Cincinnati Ohio on Eastern Avenue at time of her death. So if you can help us find our bible that would be the happiest day of my life. My Grandmother's name was Nora McALLISTER {WAGNER} - Thank you Linda

LOST - Ervin / Scott Family Bible

I would like to find my grandmother's family Bible. Her name was Eliza Scott Ervin. When I was a child in the 1940's my father had the Bible and loaned it to his uncle, Joseph Scott. He never returned it to my father. Joseph died and the Bible was still in his house that was then occupied by his daughter, Ethyl Scott Yungeberg. When she died her son Carl Yungeberg sold everything in the house. Carl is now living in a nursing home and does not have the Bible. Family names that would possibly be in the Bible are, Andrew Scott, Sarah Miller Scott, Thomas Ervin, Charles Ervin, etc. Thank you for any help you are able to give me. Sincerely Bonnie Whitesell - Blue Rapids, KS

LOST - Kennett / O'Bryant Diary - 1969

I am looking for my personal diary which was left in a trunk of many other personal belongings in Bryant, Illinois in 1969. My maiden name is Kennett, but I was married to John O'Bryant, Bryant, Ill. at the time. I was a WAVE in the Navy then, and I had my trunk shipped to Bryant, Ill. Unfortunately, I never went back, and I was never able to get the trunk shipped to me. I am hoping that perhaps the trunk and it's contents may have been sold to a flea market, etc. and my diary may be out there somewhere. I also had many photos in the trunk, along with navy uniforms, and other belongings. I would be so pleased to get back something from this period of my life. Thank you...Arlene (Allie) Kennett

LOST - Ford / Salisbury Family Bible

Searching for lost family bible that may be under the name of Ford, or Salisbury. Last location was Little Falls , New York. This bible was viewed by family members who are now deceased, my mother included. This bible contains information that will allow us to continue tracing our family tree. We are particularly looking for the name of the mother of Derinda or Mirenda Eigenbroad Ford. who was borne illegitimately on Aug.8th,1827. Her baptismal record is on file in the Dutch Reformed Church in the town of Minden, Montgomery County, New York. Her recognised father was David Eigenbroad who attended the baptisim. Derinda was raised by Amanda Ford Eldridge who may have been her mother but, if not, surely her aunt. If we can locate the information contained in this bible it will also give us the name of Derinda's grandmother whom we believe, but lack the proof, was a Salisbury from a Connecticut lineage. We would be happy to take ownership of this bible have it preserved, and the family line updated if the present owners are willing to part with the bible. We can document our line back to the original Fords. However we would just like to view or receive a copy of the information it contains. Mabelle Burke Fernandez 3x's great granddaughter of Derinda Eigenbroad Ford who was married to James Burke. Contact me

LOST - Balencia / Montalbo Family Bible

When I was first married in 1973, I left behind a bible and very old photos of my family with a friend. She moved and I lost my things. The bible belonged to my grandmother Elvira Montalbo Balencia, born 1900 and was from San Antonio Texas. I lost these things in Long Beach California around Jan. of 1973. The pictures were very dear to me and there was a photo album of pictures of my grandparents very young, as well as sisters and brothers of theirs. Bible includes family names of Balencia, Montalbo, Cato, Villarreal, Rooney, McCormick. Please help if you can!! Thank you so much Patricia Marler

LOST - 1965 Vacaville HS Class Ring

I often wonder if anyone has ever come accross my class ring that was accidently dropped on the shore of Lake Berryessa near Vacaville, CA. It would say Vacaville HS and my initials are KC (which were on it). It was from class of 1965. My boyfriend at the time who has since passed away was tossing it to me from the lake so it wouldn't get lost while he swam. Of course he dropped the darn thing and we never found it. I'd love to get it back. Kristin Chandler

LOST - Lees Family Bible

I am searching for the Lees Family bible Started by James Lees and his wife Mary Laverick who came from England in 1840's. The bible was last in the possession of Susan Lees Ranck who married Edgar L. Ranck There children were: Porter, Hazel and Edgar Ranck. Susan Lees Ranck died some time in the 1950's and I haven't been able to find out more information. Any information on the bible would be greatly appreciated. Linda Smith

LOST - Cantoni Family Bible

Lost Cantoni Family Bible, was probably brought over from Italy. Bible was in the possession of the youngest daughter of Melchiore Cantoni. Her name was Italia, other names were Alinda, Ercole, Armando, Teresa, Guido, Pearle, Almerina. When Italia passed in the 1970s' the bible went to her Husband (Julius Wassmer), and when he passed went to his step-daughter Jean, last name unknown. Last known whereabouts of bible was in the Newark, New Jersey area, Essex County, maybe Springfield. Any information or suggestions on finding it would be greatly appreciated. Jodi Kahrs

LOST - McCallister Family Bible

I have been looking for the McAllister family Bible - when my grandmother died, all of her thing were taken before her son could get her things. She lived in Cincinnati at the time of her death in 1987. Nora Wagner was her name before she married my grandfather Edward McAllister - I hope you can help. Linda

LOST - Sutton Family Bible

The Sutton Family Bible that I am looking for was given to my uncle Robert Vester Sutton by his mother; my grandmother; Rebecca Matthews Pridy Sutton. My uncle died in Medford, Oregon on June 16, 1947. His occupation was a chef and he was married to Edith Pearl Sutton whom he perceded. The only thing that I ever heard anyone talk about is that the Bible in question contained a lot of Sutton family history. I would like to locate this bible or at least extract the information from it. John Leonard Sutton

LOST - Parker / Henry Hooper Family Bible

My aunt and I have been searching for a family Bible. These are the people I am related to.

My paternal grandmother was Arizona Elvira Parker who married George Ransom Owen. She was from Jackson County NC and he was from Satolah, Rabun Co. GA. She was born 1901 and he was born 1889. Her parents were Sylvannus Bryson Parker "Van" and Cumila Henry. Cumila died in 1964. Cumilla's parents were Alexander Jade Henry (and I've seen it as Yade and pronounced E-yade)born in 1842, 1847 or 1849, I've seen them all. Jade's mother was Arta Elvira Hooper. (I've seen her name switched and mispelled a few times: Elvira Arta, Artie etc.) It's pronounced Arty. Her parents were Thomas and Cinthy Hooper . I am still uncertain of Jade's parents, but I have his picture. I saw in a family Bible, now lost since my Great Uncle Bill Parker died in 1978, that we trace that line back to the great patriot, Patrick Henry. My cousin, Bill's nephew whose mother was a Parker, says it isn't so, but my Aunt Lynn (b. 1919) says she knows it it true as she used to go to the Henry reunions. The Bible page listed as follows: Cumilla Elizabeth Henry Alexander "Jade" Henry Alexander Henry Patrick Henry. The dilemma is I read that Patrick's son Alexander had no children. I've even read sometimes that he was not married, but I think he was married. I got an e-mail recently that tells me the Jackson County Historical Society has a Newsletter. In Volume 2, Jade Henry and his wife Arta appear at the Henry Family reunion with some of their children. The picture is ca. 1926. It lists Alexander Spottswood Henry as his father and the mother's last name as Burton. When I have read that Alexander, Patrick Henry's son, was married, it lists first, Sarah and then Paulina Cabell as his wives. Jade's father was first married to a Sarah and later to a Polly. My second cousin said we were not descended from Alexander Spottswood Henry nor Patrick Henry and I've been searching for the proof ever since. Everyone agrees Jade's father was named Alexander, but cannot agree on Jade's mother's name nor the grandparents nor dates. This is why I so dearly need the Bible. I have grave yard information etc. and death cert. info for Jade (no parents listed there.) E-mail me soon and I will send you anything else you'd like to know. With sincere appreciation - LiesaAnn Owen-Swejkoski

LOST - Family Documents

My name is Jean Lee Mitchell, I am trying to located my Hawaiian family pictures, birth certificate from China, my Family Will, my children pictures & important papers dated back 1956 to update. Very very important, I pray to God that someone will find this. Contact Jean Lee Mitchell

LOST - ROSAMON Family Bible

My grandmother, Lela Mae Rosamon Wallis Porter had her family Bible and when she dies in 1955, her husband Ernest Egbert "Bill" Porter was in possession of it. He died in 1970. They are both buried in Cypress Cemetery, Alamo, Crockett County, Tennessee. I would dearly love to know the whereabouts of this Bible. Please contact me Sharon Wallis Klassen

LOST - 1948 Hillsboro Texas Yearbook

I am looking for a 1948 yearbook from Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Texas. My mother was the editor of this yearbook and it was lost after the death of her father many years ago. If anybody out there has one, please let me know!!!! Many thanks, Sherri Luba


I am looking for our family bible. The bible belong to Emma F. Stroud. Emma's maiden name was Emma F. Carey. Her first married name was Emma F. Heft, but her husband died. She then married Chauncey W. Stroud. We are looking for her bible. I think it was last in Nebraska. Emma lived mainly in Nebraska. But it could be in Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska or Texas. Any help in finding her bible would be appreciated. Please look at garage sales and flea markets to help us find our family history. Thank you. Brenda