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Unique Items

Hans HANSON (HANSORD) Book - 1885 - Hillsboro Dakota

I am in possession of a small book (possibly prayer book) in a Scandinavian language, printed in 1882 I. ?. R (or H) elling & Company, Chicago, Illinois.

In the inside cover, written in pencil, is the name of Hans Hanson (or Hansord), Hillsboro, Dakota and the date of Jan. 1, 1885. I purchased the small book at a used book sale at our local library in Mankato, Minnesota. I would be happy to get it back to a family member providing proof of relationship.

BIELAUCKAS Family Cross: 1902-1909

I obtained a piece of used furniture with a woman's scarves and this cross memento in the drawer.
The cross is made of metal and is engraved.

Vincentas Bielauckas
10 Aug 1902

LAIB Family Items 1915-1924 - Louisville, KY

I have a baby book with info and locks of hair for George H Laib Jr. b. 16 Dec 1924 to George H Laib and Sarah Waters Laib. Inside this book are letters and personal writings.
I also have invitations for Wedding of George Laib and Sarah Waters 18 Dec 1915 in Louisville Kentucky and the Wedding book.
I have a beautiful Portrait of George H Laib Jr. done prefessionally when he was about age 5-6.
I would like to give these to the family or descendants.

1919 Diary - U.S. Naval Officer - Rhode Island

When I worked my first job at a local library, I was responsible for handling donated books to add to our 50-cent bins. One book crossed my path that I had to hold onto -- a 1919 diary from a U.S. Navy officer. Sadly, the man's name is not written anywhere in the book, but I know he lived in Rhode Island in 1919. I know he was transferred to the U.S.S. New York in July of 1919, from the Naval Training Station. He was promoted to Ensign at some point in this year, or shortly before it, as well. I had always hoped there'd be a resource like this but just happened to come across it tonight! I hope I can find this diary's home! Contact

Love Letters - 1903 to 1906 - Ohio - Ida Beall - John Bowen

I have over 100 love letters written by an Ida Beall, Columbus, Ohio. They are written to John R. Bowen in Logan Ohio. Does anyone know either person?

Schneider Family Sampler - 1849 to 1872

While in Mission Road Antique Mall in Prairie Village, Kansas, I saw a German sampler for Adolph and Dorthea Schneider. Showed that Adolph was born 9 Dec 1849, and Dorthea born 16 June (or July?) 1850. It also showed the couple's marriage date as: 14 April 1872. I did not purchase this item, but you can call this store and ask about it. The sampler was in Booth #247. The store's phone number is 913-341-7577.

Family History Chart - King Family

I found a KING family history chart in a box of items I bought at an Allen County, KY, auction. The framed chart, entitled "Family Record," is in poor condition, but contains some names and BMD dates for the KING, MEADOR, and MOORE families in the late 19th and early 20th century. I will be happy to pass this on to a descendant for the price of postage.

Scrapbook- 1924-25-26 Radford Teachers College- Virginia and Hopewell, VA

I was given this scrapbook by the niece of the scrapbook maker, Florine GOODWIN. We would like to get it to someone who has a connection to something or someone in it. It has a few pictures of some of the people and places around the campus, lots of stubs from events attended and personal little memorabilia. There are MANY Ingles Literary Society roll calls, elections, etc, plays with names and roles and programs with names. She was from HOPEWELL, VA. It also has happenings in Hopewell such as Hopewell High School MINSTRELS play in the auditorium, program put on 'Over Edgeworth Tobacco Station WRVA, Richmond, VA' including names: Lane Elder-Mayor, Charlotte Speaker, EC Jolliff, Larry Martin, Eleanor Gray, WL Lambert, Shirley Gray, James O Heflin-attorney and HD Goodson-scout master. If interested let me know.


Scrapbook - Jane Ann Atkinson - Washburn Univerity - Topeka KS 1967
Service Certificate - Mrs. O.P. Schwab - Rorth, TX - 1956

I have a scrapbook purachased at a flea market that was made by Jane Ann Atkinson during her college years. Dates are 1967 on a report card. The college is Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.It also contains a newspaper clipping for Jane`s Wedding announcement. Also contains cards and other newspaper clippings. Some memorial cards include the names, Mrs. Jessie Brooks,George Patterson.
I also have a certificate from the Woman`s Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church awarded to Mrs. O. P. Schwab as a Life Member. Awarded 11 April 1956 at Rorth, Texas. I would like to get them to their families.

1947 Baby Book - Margaret Ruth POLK

In good condition with black and white photos of a young ~Margaret Ruth Polk~ born 16 July 1947 in East Liverpool, Ohio at city hospital.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. William Polk. Mentions W.L Polk / W.T. Polk / R.N. Polk / V.K. Polk / L.J. Clark / M.M. Clark / E.B. Norton / Mary Norton / Aunt Edna Clark / Mary Lowe / Mrs. Goodman / Mrs. E.O. Ferrall / Mrs. R.J. Cook / Millie Reyneir / Mr. & Mrs. R.J. Gatrell / Aunt Helen & Mary / Dorothy / Nell Reyneir / Gladys Farrell / Elizabeth Hollinger /
Canonsburg, Pa first trip to see grandparents.
Parents: Virginia Polk/ William Polk
These were bought out of a storage unit in Dallas Texas area. Will be happy to see them go to any family member who might have known Margaret or her parents/grandparents.

Autograph Book - Veronica COLLINS

I purchased an autograph book with the hopes of returning it to it's family, so to speak.
This is the autograph book that belonged to Veronica Collins. It contains the names of all of her teachers, from first grade through high school. Also has addresses of a lot of family members and friends, plus a little bit about some of the places that she worked as a young woman. I can't help but think that someone will be thrilled to have this and that it may be able to fill in some gaps in someone's family history. I think that most of the people lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. I tried to figure out Veronica's birth date and if I was right in my calculations she would have been born 08 December 1921. Hope you can help get it back where it belongs. I don't want anything for it except postage.

Funeral Book - Bick

I have a old funeral book for last name BICK . It was in my grandmother's things. It has my grandmother's mother in the book and it has my grandmother's sister as the wife. There are alot of pictures in this book. Please help me give this to the family. Thank You.

1941 Military Book - Brown Family

I have a 1941 Military book.On the front it has Fort Jackson 30th infantry Division and 121st infantry.It was presented to a Mrs.C.L.Brown by a Collie L. Brown Jr. The handwritten date is listed as Sept.16,1941.In the back of this book are several pictures of Collie Brown along with others.There is also indication this book belonged to someone living in Waycross,Ga.I would like to find the children or a relative of these Browns so this book will have a home.I will gladly give this book to the family.

Book of Doctrines - 1800's

I came across an old book of the Doctrines awhile back. The cover is missing and it is pretty worn. There are some names in it that I was able to read. The first name is Rebecca H. presented by J. Middleton June 18,1837. Under that there is Jr. H. Hagin March 186? On the other side of that page the name of D.L.(?)or D.B. Hagin, no date. There is next a James Hagin 1862. In the back of the book the name of Laura appears,no date or last name. If anyone can tell me anything about these people, I'd like to give this book to the family. I believe the book came from either S.C., N.C.or Ga. area. Thank you -

McGuffey's Reader - Rosa Metz - 1872

I purchased this McGuffey's reader with Rosa Metz's signature in it, and it also looks like she may have spelled her name Rosalan Metz in another place on the empty pages. The handwritten name was dated Nov l872. This book, very worn, contains prose and poet lessons. I purchased another book just like it at the same auction, but it does not have the Metz signatures written it it.

Diary - Patricia Riley - 1944

Many years ago a friend found a diary in the Merton/Lannon area (Waukesha County) of Wisconsin, and later offered it to me as Ihad shown an interest in historical items. I do not know specifically how this friend came into possession of the diary. The diary was originally gifted to Patricia Riley on June 8, 1944 from Phyllis Riley according to the inscription on the front page. There is an address (street name and number) listed, but I am unsure of which city it refers to. There are some details about Patricia to be found within the entries, but I prefer to withhold them at this time in hopes that they can be used to establish a positive link to this person's family should I receive any inquiries, as well as the fact that Patricia may yet be living. I would certainly like to return this diary to its proper owner.

Autograph Album - Lillie Young - Ohio - 1886

I found an autograph album in a box I bought at an auction. It belongs to a Lillie Young who went to a Barnesville School in Ohio in 1886. I believe it could be a Quaker School as many entries are signed 'Thy friend'. It is a very pretty item and every page is filled with beautiful verses. Seems it should go to either the descendents of Lillie Young or one
of the people who signed the album. I would be delighted to send it to someone who would appreciate it.

Audio Interview Tapes - Oklahoma 1940-1950

This was posted in the Sunday Oklahoman (OKC Ok.) Sunday Aug 10 2003.
Melba's Swap Shop. I have her permission to post to genealogy boards.

Dear Melba, I bought some audio tapes at an estate sale. The tapes were from the 1940s and 50's. They included a grandmother and grandfather being interviewed about what life was like during the depression. They tell that the grandparents had gone to college at Cameron (probably in Lawton Ok.), then transferred to Oklahoma State University. Apparently, they had moved from (to) (sic) Clinton,(OK.) from Springfield, Missouri. There were sisters named Mary Ann and Neva and three brothers, one named Palmer. If anyone recognizes the tapes. I know they were sold accidentally and someone would love to get them back. Wanda
Submitted by - Harrah, Ok.

BARRETT Sampler - 1814

I have in my possession a sampler done in 1814 by Selina Barrett b.13 April 1802. She and her brother, Wilbern Barrett b. 7 July 1799 were the children of James and Nancy Barrett. This a lovely piece of work in fragile condition. I aquired it years back and would like to see the rightful family have it. Barrett is not one of my family names. I have a picture digitized if anyone is interested. I would like to see some proof that the family has a rightful claim to this before handing it over. -

BEERMAN Baby Book - 1923

Dorothy Louise Beerman, daughter of Thomas J. and Doris Mary Beerman, born 25 May 1923 at St. Mary's Hospital, Baptized at Corpis Cristi Church, Rochester, NY. Many snapshots and notations. -

Lemuel Leroy BROWN - Report Cards - Circa 1920

Lem's grandmother, Irene Electa ABBOTT, and grandfather, Perry Oliver BROWN are my great grandparents. Lem was born in 1913 in Oregon and died in 1955, location unknown. I am in possession of several of his report cards issued by Concrete Public Schools, Concrete, Washington: dated 1919, 1920 & 1921. I also have a "weighing and measuring test" performed when he was 4 years old; a letter addressed to him and postmarked 12-07-1918 written by his aunt, Mrs. A. C. Latham (my grandmother), Portland Oregon; and a letter written to him by his grandmother, Irene, postmarked 1916 in Terrebonne OR. Also photos of Lem and his immediate family. I would love to share these documents with his descendants.

Caricature / Cartoon

I have a caricature/cartoon (Framed appoex. 20 x 30") found in Monmouth
County NJ. Includes several scenes from "Det's" life.....It says: "When its time to relight a candle at both ends, call Det!" Mentioned: US Rubber, "Lavery & Topp", H. Purcell, T. Shaw and R. McMenamin. -

Thomas CHAPMAN Prayer Book - 1800's

I found a old (printed by Denio and Phelps) 1817 book "New Collection of Family Prayers and Offices of Devotion. On the inside front cover, which is loose from the book it has the name Thos Chapman, Fayetteville, NY. There are also some newspaper clippings with inspirational themes. There is a note about Mrs Goodfellow's funeral Dec 9, 1896. I came across this book over a year ago and have been leaving postings on the internet - as of yet no one has claimed it.

DAY Family Scrapbook

I have a person that has a scrapbook that looks like a Nadine G Day. Her date of birth 6/20?28 must have wrote lots of info that family members would like She has a Daughter Shirley Begean or Shirley Begen. Family is from New HamphireShirley is still alive. Also a Berram Day bro. of Shirley I think. This scrapbook is in the hands of a relative of mine but you can e-mail me if you are interested. -

DONOHUE Autograph Book - 1896

My mother in law has a old autograph book given a school teacher Mary DONOHUE in Leavenwoth in 1896
Given by students O.B TAYLOR, Thomas LEONARD, Frank DICKELEMAN, David THOMAS, Jacob THOMAS and Martin MAURITAIUS

Many other students wrote special notes to there teacher and here are some of the names. Mimmie A. ODERFIELD, Frank KRONNICK, Julia BOEHINE, Martin MANITTZIUS, Norma E. DUNNETT, Samuel E. JONES, Helen WINDELER, Thos. E. LEONARD, Lois R. BUTTS, Flora SALINYER, BAKER, Gertie WILSON, Lena BESSER, W.S ALBRIGHT, L.D. PATTON, Ernest SESSLER, Alfred WOOLF, Ralph TROXEL, Louisa GREBE, R. MAYER, Louisa STREBE, Lillie M. SPEARS, Mattie FORTUNE, Mollie ENDRISS, Emma HORD, Julie ROTHCHILD, Ellis Henry DOTY, Willie MCFARLAND, Willie T. BEELER, John RECKTENVALD, Maggie NUGGENT, Louisa GREBE, Annie E. HERBOLD. Lillie STIER, Sophia WISSLER, Frank DECKELMAN, Ella HILL, Bettie FARRELL, Peter LEARY, Lucy CLOUGH, Mary PFEFFERKORN, Josie BEIGA, W. P BORLANA Jr., Mammie BRANDON, Emma SIMMOR, Carl PICKARTS, Anna E HENSON, Nellie HAMMOND, Alice ALBRIGHT and Minnie B. ROBINSON.

These are some of the name I can read that just have a note and name and date that they graduated from the class. I hope that I am spelling the names ok. Most of the notes are in the year 1896. This is my mother in laws and if I can make a photo copy of their note to their teacher. -

Lizzie DOUGLAS Collage - Circa 1891

I bouught at an antique shop a couple of years ago several things belonging to Miss Lizzie Z. Douglas of Missouri Valley, Iowa. There is a letter of recommendation to a school about her being a teacher, dated March 31, 1891....pair of glasses, a couple of things about her church work, etc. Just a collage of things purchased at an estate sale. I know I would love to have this if it belonged to a grandmother, etc. of mine. If there is anyone out there who knew this lady, etc. I would like to hear from them. -

HEINECKE and VANDERSAAL Genealogy Books - 1881

Came across a 300 page book found in an antique shoppe of the genealogy of ADAM HEINECKE and HENRY VANDERSAAL from 1747 to 1881. It was published in Lancaster, Pa. in 1881. This was the 2nd addition. It does say that it was entered according to the Act of Congress in the year 1869 by Rev. Samuel Heinecke. A good deal of it takes place in Pennsylvania. Would love to return it to the family!! - **Note E-mail Address for this submitter Invalid - Submitter: Please contact I Dream of Genealogy to Update your address for this listing**

Poem Booklet by Helen Miller HOCKING

I have in my possession a little booklet of poems called "SOME FRUITS OF SOLITUDE" by HELEN MILLER HOCKING. She lived next door to my grandmother in Riverside, CA in the early 1940's until her death in 1946. (HOCKING, Helen Miller, b. 04/04/1889, mother's maiden name - WHALEY, fathers' name - MILLER, F., born in Indiana, died in Riverside CA on 02/17/1946, 56 yrs). In the front of the booklet there is an inscription to my Grandmother written in 1944. There is a very nice picture of the author as a young woman inside. I also have two pictures of Helen taken with my grandmother, probably not too terribly long before she passed away. I used to sneak (I wasn't allowed out of the yard) over to her place when I was about 6 years old and she would give me a raw peeled potato with salt. What a treat for me!! My mother told me that she had been married, but her husband was not with her when she lived next door to my grandmother. I have put this on various message boards, but no one has responded. Would love to have this memento of her with her family. -

MAKI Tax Return - 1940

These tax forms include one State of California Tax Return for 1939 and one Federal Tax Return for 1939 and one for 1940. They were filled out by Vera Alicia Maki, a teacher from San Francisco. Her donations included the San Francisco Community Chest; Finnish, British, Spanish and Chinese Relief; P.T.A., C.TA., A.F. Teachers Organizations. She was single.

MEEHAN Prayer Book - Circa 1900

After the recent death of my father-in-law, I found, among his things, a Catholic prayer book, "Key Of Heaven", with the name Mary MEEHAN inscribe on the front. As far as I know, there are no Meehan's in our family so I have been trying my best to find the owner of this prayer book. The book has no date that I can find but from the few papers inside, I'm assuming it was published around 1890 - 1900. Inside the book, I found the following items: A small, yellowed newspaper clipping of an obituary for Bridget Carey, widow of Michael Carey, of East Cambridge, Massachusetts. She lived at 87 Gore St. No year is given but she died on March 12 & mass was held at the church of the Sacred Heart. Another yellowed obit notice for Timothy Carey, 30 (?) yrs old, of 87 Gore St, East cambridge, Massachusetts. He died on November 22, year unknown. There is a card that reads, "Apostleship of Prayer, Certificate of Admission" with the name Kate Breslin written on it, along with the date August 5, 1901. Another religious card that reads, "Certificate of Membership of the Sacred Heart Union, Jan 1, 1884 to Jan 1, 1885", with the name Mrs, Learkin hand written on it. There are several other religious type cards but those are the only ones with individual names on them. If any one knows anything about this book or where I might find some answers about it's history, please notify me. Before giving this valuable (to me) piece of history up, I would have to be positive without any doubts that I was giving it to the rightful owners. Thanks -

Sarah NICHOLS Coverlet - Illinois - 1849

I purchased at an auction about 2 1/2 years ago a Woven Jaquard Coverlet. It is brown/tan in colors and has a floral type design, made in two pieces and sewn together and having a fringe around all four sides. The Coverlet, about the size of a full sized bed doesn't have any holes or worn areas, in great to mint condition for the age. I did some searching after discovering the item was very old and discovered it was woven by J. Phillip Seewald of Prairie Ridge, IL, one of the only 7 weavers of that time. In two of the corners of the Coverlet in woven in print: "Made by P.Seewald, Ridge: For: Sarah.A.M.E. Nichols. Illinois. 1849". I was told that Phillip quit weaving in 1851 and there are only 6 other known Coverlets with the information woven into the Coverlets, and there are only 26 known Coverlets anywhere. The most of them are on display in a Museum in Illinois. There is also a Coverlet Guild there. Even though this article is very interesting and would make a great wall hanging, I really do not have the interest in this Coverlet compared to the interest that the decendents of Sarah Nichols would have. I would need to find out what something like this is worth, but would be willing to sell it to someone in the Nichols Family. I will begin searching for people of this family as time allows.
Thank you...


I have a book of clippings, poetry and letters from some soldiers from the war. I came across these in a antique book store in Michigan. I would love to tell the families about these. Most interesting is that of the ROBINSON family. Rex Robinson, of Bedford, Michigan who received a purple heart in the war and Harold PAYETTE who was killed in action July 19th somewhere in France. His parents were from Bedford Michigan as well. If I could reach these families...Thank You. -

PEARSALL Funeral Card -1911

I have a mourning card (Funeral card) for a Catherine Pearsall dated April 11, 1911. The company that made this card is listed on the back. Copyright 1903 by H.F. Wendall & Co. Leipsic, Ohio. This dear lady is not in my family and would like to give it to her family members. -

PRATER Baby Book - 1962

I have in my possession the baby book of Jeffrey Wayne Prater, son of Wayne and Janet Prater, of Ft. Myers, Florida. He was born in  Dec. 1962. My daughter bought a box of things in Georgia at a flea market in 1996. This baby book was in it. My daughter and I would  like to return the baby book to Jeffrey Wayne Prater. Contact

Michael SUPPON Pay Statement - 1955

I found a pay statement from the Hudson Coal Company (that would probably be Pennsylvania), for a man by the name of Michael J. SUPPON. It states his Social Security number as 187-18-1182. It is dated August 29, 1955. 88 hours of work and he cleared $130.40. Would love to find him or his decendants! -

*I Dream of Genealogy Note: The Social Security Death Index reports the following on Michael Suppon. SS# 187-18-1182; b. 24 Feb 1900; d. 21 Feb 1990; Residence - Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania*

Ralph Waldo TRINE Book - Circa 1897

I have a book 104yrs old by Ralph Waldo Trine. It is called In Tune With the Infinite. I would like to see it go back to his family or be preserved. Any info please contact me. Thank you -


Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.