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Family Bibles / Diaries

Found:  Matthiesen Family Bible from Iowa

While at an estate sale in Sun City, Arizona, I came across a family bible with the family name Matthiesen from Iowa, with many names, places and dates. 

Found Bible - Bradford Co. PA - Late 1800's

This is not a "family bible".  

This bible was found while a family was clearing out an old home in Northern Bradford County PA.    Troy, Springfield area of Pa.    A deceased friend of mine found this bible that the family was throwing away.    It is not in good condition and the cover is not attached but is present.   The inside is hand written to say "Mary H. Hill From Aunt Sharlet Christmas 187?"

There is no other writing or items in bible.    We were always taught to NEVER throw away a bible.   So we still have it.   I hope to find its home.  


Found - Johnston / Beaton Family Bible

I have found an old family bible with family information on Johnston and Beaton families dating back to a John (born Aug. 20 1814) and Catherine Johnston (born May 15, 1819.) Judging by an obituary tucked inside, A son of this couple resided in Ontario, Canada and later moved to the Skagit Valley of Washington State. He married Jane Beaton, born April 14, 1849. Her sibblings are listed. I would like to pass this on to an ancestor of this family.
I also have been looking for my grandfathers bible which was stolen by temporary rentors from the home where it was stored. On the inside was a family tree and family info for my grandparents, William H. Mitchell (born in Texas) and Annie Laurie Carroll (born in Roy, WA) It was one of those big thick bibles, and I imagine the theives hawked it soon after they stole it.


Lyndesay SMITH Bible - 1921

I'm in possession of a Bible that has a dedication in it.
"To Lyndesay Smith May 30th, 1921"
There is no other identifying markings in it. There are a lot of markings in the margins of the pages in the Bible.
This was purchased at a Scottish auction in Texas. Contact

Rogers Family Bible circa 1873

This "Holy Bible and How to Understand It" was published in 1873. I'm not aware of anyone by these names in my family tree and I think it probably was in a box of books my dad brought home many years ago in Southern California. The records are for Daniel D. Rogers born July 10, 1842, died Aug. 29, 1935, and Elizabeth (or Elizebath...spelling varies) born Nov. 12, 1854, died Dec. 2. 1904. They were married July 10, 1870. Includes the names of children Bryan, Julia, Griffin, and Delia. Nothing about where they lived, but there are store receipts from New York area in the book. There are leaves and flowers pressed between pages, along with hair from the children and a corsage.

Caroline Calloway - Diary / Photos - Circa 1900

In 1982, I came into possession of some pictures and a diary called "My Trip Abroad" and a passport to an artshow back in 1900 - in perfect condition, belonging to Caroline Calloway. The diary talks about all of her trip on the ship. I think she had a lot to do with Washington D.C. Her picture is in great shape -she has broach pin on her dress (worn on the front of her collar) . She lived in Washington D.C and also in Silver Springs Maryland when she died in 1982. But can't find family (there are too many Calloway's to search). Thanks - -**Note E-mail Address for this submitter Invalid - Submitter: Please contact I Dream of Genealogy to Update your address for this listing**

Dallas Family Bible

I am in possession of a very old Bible containing the genealogy of the George Mifflin Dallas Family. I know that G.M. Dallas was Vice President of the United States under James K. Polk. This Bible contains the names of persons born specifically within that family. This huge ancient book was given to me by my cousin in Philadelphia who said it had been among his mother's possessions. I think it had been in her mother's family for a very long time. As far as I can tell, I am not related to the Dallas family but I've been doing genealogical research for the last 20 years. This Bible is a fantastic historic document.


This is mostly in German and found in an antique store in Vienna in 2001. Some given names include Bernardine / Gottlieb / Otto / Jacob. Most dates range from 1838 to 1900. Please submit your family details if you think this belongs to your family.

*Note: Currently on hold for verification of descendants*

Loud Family Bible - 1868

I have purchased a bible at an antique show. It has been rebound, but
the title page is missing. Inside the front cover is a label "Kate B.
", and a typewritten note as follows:

"This is a note from D.L.L. This the Bible from which my father and
mother were married, June 9th, 1868 in San Antonio, Texas."
Unfortunately no other genealogical information. Contains a couple of
photos including an army photo of the WWI era, possibly the search for
Pancho Villa, and a cancelled check dated 1908 signed by "Jnos Loud".

Miner Family Bible

(no publication date in well worn King James Bible, part of a newspaper article on students from Sun., Nov. 20, 1955 Lubbock, (Tex.), Avalanche-Journal and bookmark enclosed, lots of notes in margins, one mentions "Bro. Harris", newspaper advertizement enclosed with border around it and no date reads
"Tell me how Maico's new Secret-Ear
will give me better hearing.
Name ................
St. & No. .............
Town ..................
501 Neil P. Anderson Bldg.,
Fort Worth, Texas
L. A. McWHIRTER, Dist. Mgr."
Newspaper clipping enclosed with picture of woman and no year mentioned reads
"Will Wed July4th
Miss Margie Teague, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Teague of Lovington will be married on July 4 in Tucson, Ariz., to Mr. Dee Hart, son Rev. and Mrs. Hart of Safford Ariz.
Miss Teague graduated from the Lovington High School. Her parents plan to attend the wedding.
After a short honey moon, the young couple will make their home in Tucson, where Mr. Hart is employed on the police force." )
Presented to
"Lola M-- Miner
Mother and daddy"
Family Register
Parents' Names
Husband "James O Miner"
Born "Dec. 24 1898 Fort Smith Ark."
Son of "James N. Miner"
and "Nettie Rice"
Wife "Ruth Paralee Adams"
Born "Aug. 11 1907 Coalman Okla."
Daughter of "Rev Elmer Adams"
and "Gracie May Marlow"
"Lola Mary Miner Born. Sept. 17. 1926 at Wewoka Okla.
Wanda Ladean Miner Born. Feb. 23 1929 at Maud Okla.
James Elmer Miner born. March. 17. 1932. at Wewoka. Okla
Joyce Sue Miner born. Oct 28. 1937 at Ada Okla
Thressia Yvonne Pansy Ruth Miner was born July 13 1939. at Ada Okla"
James O Miner. age 26 years
Ruth P Adams. age 18 years. was married
Sept 26. 1925. at 5'15 oclock p.m.
at Stigler Okla.
Joyce Sue Miner died. Oct 28. 1937."
This Bible was bought at Salvation Army in Hobbs, Lea Co., NM by Mary Lyn Evans. Lovington is the county seat. I have no idea if any of these people are still alive but would gladly send this Bible to a descendant.

Mitchell / Healey Bible

I have a small bible (New Testament). There are several names written inside. The front cover has a preprinted excerpt that states, "Presented to _______ by the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada and Newfoundland." Signed over this in black ink is "Capt. N.C (or G. Healey Padre). On the next page is written "John R. Mitchell." On the back inside cover is written the following: Memo L.B. April 6 1943 " H " 9 1943 A. L. " 12 " There are 11 entries in a row, with dates ranging from April 6, 1943 to Sept. 5, 1943. I would think this bible belonged to a Second World War soldier. I would like to return it to the family of John R. Mitchell or Padre Healey. I bought it at a yard sale. - Brussels, Ont.

Murrell Family Bible 1758-1869

I have in my possession the Murrell Family Bible. The bible is copyrighted in 1815 and containes family history back to 1758. I would like to see this bible go back to the Murrell Family. It contains Birth and Death names. As far as I can tell Murrell married Elizabeth Philips in 1799. There are 2 funeral notices on the inside cover one for Mr. George Simmons dated 11-3-1866 and one for Capt. W.E. Murrell dated 11-24-1869. I found this bible in a 2nd hand store in El Paso, Texas. -- **Note E-mail Address for this submitter reported Invalid - Submitter: Please contact I Dream of Genealogy to Update your address for this listing*

Theodore Pickering Bible

My mother passed away last July. As we were going through her things we came upon a Bible. It belonged to a Theodore M. Pickering. It has over a dozen nice pictures in it and also a civil war discharge paper for Theodore M. Pickering. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Reibling Bible - Circa 1883

Several years ago I bought a small black bible at our local library. The name printed on the front of the bible in gold lettering is: Chas. Reibling. On the inside cover: Charles Reibling 65 Lafayette Street.. East..1883 The bible is all in German, good condition. The text that I am able to read tells me it was published in New York..Liebenroth, von Auw & Co. 50 & 52 Franklin St. On the back cover it is also printed in gold..1883 I would like to return this bible to its family. Feel free to get in touch with me through my e-mail address:

Ridgway-Miller-Stephenson Family: record pages from Bible 1826-1875

Probably twenty years ago, I had a transcript of these pages published in The Kansas City Genealogist, but never received any inquiry. The pages in question are two sheets of paper that have been torn from a Bible; the writing is on both sides of both pages. They were found by me inside a book in a Kansas City antique store. I asked the owner if I might take them with me, as they had no obvious connection to the book that was for sale. The only indication as to their origin is a line at the bottom of one page that reads: "Lemuel Ridgway Holden Mo" - The earliest birth is for Miriam Ridgway, 22 April 1826. The latest record is also a birth, that of Effie P. Miller on 13 Sept. 1879. In between are births for Permelia, Jane, Benjamin, Lemuel, and Samuel Harrison Ridgway; also Dorcas Stephenson and Clara Miller. Deaths recorded are for the last two mentioned (Clara Miller had barely cleared infancy), Miriam and Jane Ridgway, and John and Susie Stephenson. The only marriage recorded was between Permelia Ridgway and William Miller (27 April 1865). Interested persons may contact

*I Dream of Genealogy Note: Missouri marriage indexes list a marriage for William Miller / Permilia Ridgeway on 25 Apr 1865 in Cass Co.*

Sanderson Family / Crew Family Items - Orange Co. Florida

My husband was doing some demolition in Orange County, FL when he discovered some items left there by the Robert Sanderson Family. The baby book was for Sherry Lee Sanderson has her birth certificate, Dec 30, 1952 in Albermarle county Richmond, VA. Parents of Sherry Lee and Sue Lyn were: Robert Haynes Sanderson and Arlene Crew Sanderson Roberts parents: Ruth Haynes Sanderson and Herbert C. Sanderson Grand parents: Herbert E anderson and Carrie Converse Sanderson Arlene Crew: Agatha Reed Crew OliverWendell Crew Minnie lee Reed and Ulysses Grant Reed There is a family photo album, brown with black construction paper pages and a large red scrap book full of school pictures. Arlene Crew Sanderson was a school teacher for Orange County in the '60's. I live in Osceola county and would love to see these items returned. The diary is the diary of Arlene Crew in the 1930's. Very special to someone. Hope I can help, -- **Note E-mail Address for this submitter reported Invalid - Submitter: Please contact I Dream of Genealogy to Update your address for this listing*

Toepel Family Bible - Wisconsin

Found an old family bible in an antique store. The family name is "Toepel" in the Mayville, Wis. area. If any family members out there, please

Wallace Bible - Circa 1890

I purchased a family bible from a flea market 2 years ago. I have had no luck trying to find the family it belongs to. There were four pictures in the back made on the tintype photographs. There is also a page of births as follows: John Wallace 4/14/1887 Mary Wallace 9/17/1888 Ellen C. Wallace 3/6/1893 Francis P. Wallace 11/9/1894 and another Wallace 2/8/1886. There are several cards and a St. Joseph Union Memebership card that expired 3/1/1891. These births are all handwritten in the bible and include several dried pressed flowers. I am not familiar with any of this stuff but I would love to find the family that it belongs to. I purchased this in North Carolina. I can be contacted

Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.