South Dakota Cemeteries

Statewide Records

U.S. Veterans Gravesites, circa 1775-2006 **** Burial records from a variety of sources and cemeteries. These records provide information on the burials of U.S. veterans and their dependents who were buried in the various Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, or other military cemeteries.

County Records


Aurora Center - Aurora Reformed Church Cemetery (1940's Record)

Dudley Cemetery (1940's Record)

Plankinton - Plankinton / Mizah Cemetery (1940's Record)

Plankinton - St. John's Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Robey Cemetery (1940's Record)

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Silver Ridge Cemetery (1940's Record)

Society of Friends / Quaker Cemetery (1940's Record)

Union Cemetery (1940's Record)

White Lake - St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

White Lake - White Lake Cemetery (1940's Record)


Bonilla - Bonilla Memorial Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Broadland - Broadland Catholic Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Broadland - Broadland Protestant Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Carpenter - Winthrop Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Clark Co.)

Cavour - Cavour Protestant Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Cavour - St. Patricks Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Cavour - Shue Creek / Buckley Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Hitchcock - Altoona Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Hitchcock - Hutterthal Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Huron - Hatfield Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Huron - Ideal Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Huron - St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Iroquois - Dixon / Danish Lutheran Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Kingsbury Co.)

Virgil - Earlville Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Wessington - Sand Creek Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Wolsey - Wolsey Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Yale - Bethel Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Yale - Evangelical Trinity Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Yale - Lawrence Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Yale - St. Williams Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)


Avon - Emanuel Creek Baptisten Kirche Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - Evangelical Church Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - Friedensberg Church / Mennonite Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - German Reformed Church Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - Hitt Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - North Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (1940's Record)

Avon - Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (1940's Record)

Scotland - Ebenezer Reformed Cemetery (1940's Record)

Scotland - Friedenstal Cemetery (1940's Record)

Scotland - Rosehill Cemetery (1940's Record)

Scotland - St. George's Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Tyndall - Schmoll Pioneer Cemetery (1940's Record)

Tyndall - Tyndall Cemetery (A-L)

Tyndall - Tyndall Cemetery (M-Z)

Vodnany Cemetery (1940's Record)


Angerhofer Family Cemetery

Bath - Bath Memorial Cemetery

Bath - Bath Memorial Cemetery Addendum (Flagg Graves) (1904-1910) Submitted by Mike Flagg

Frederick - Wayside Cemetery

James - James Cemetery

Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery

Westport - Westport Cemetery


Chamberlain - Grandview Cemetery

Chamberlain - Riverview Cemetery

Eagle - Eagle Presbyterian Cemetery

Gabrielson Cemetery

Kimball - Bohemian Protestant Cemetery

Kimball - Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery

Kimball - Kimball Cemetery

Kimball - St. Margaret Catholic Cemetery

Kimball - Vega Cemetery

Norwegian Free Lutheran Cemetery

Ola - Amunid / Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Ola - Bairey Family Cemetery

Ola - Ola Swedish Lutheran Cemetery

Old Dunlap / Torrey Lake Methodist Church Cemetery

Pleasant Grove / Miller Cemetery

Pukwana - Pukwana Community Cemetery

Pukwana - St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery

Pukwana - St. Procopius Catholic Cemetery

Red Lake - Red Lake Lutheran Cemetery

St. Vencels Bohemian National Cemetery

Smith Township Cemetery (Littier Graves)

Torrey Lake Lutheran / Stavanger Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Wilbur / Bullis Cemetery


Belle Fourche - Minnesela Cemetery

Belle Fourche - Riverside Cemetery

Fruitdale - Snoma Finnish Cemetery

Newell - Hope Cemetery

Newell - Wilson Cemetery

Nisland - Danish Lutheran Cemetery

Nisland - Nisland Cemetery

St. Anthony's Cemetery

Vale - Beals Cemetery

Vale - Vale Cemetery

Various Small Cemeteries / Burials


CHARLES MIX Co. Cemeteries



Carpenter - Winthrop Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Beadle Co.)


Lodi - Lodi Lutheran Cemetery

Lodi - Pleasant Valley Lutheran Cemetery

Wakonda - Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery


Kampeska - Kampeska Cemetery

South Shore - St. Luke's Cemetery


Cold Springs Cemetery

Hermosa - Hermosa Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

Hermosa - Hermosa Cemetery (1998 Record)

Pringle - Pringle Cemetery


Bergen Lutheran Church Cemetery

Skudesnes Cemetery


Armour - Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Armour - St. Peters Lutheran Cemetery (1940's Record)

Corsica - Blooming Valley Cemetery (1940's Record)

Corsica - Graceland Cemetery

Delmont - Delmont City Cemetery

Harrison - Harrison Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Hillside - Flemsberg Lutheran Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Hillside - Hillside Lutheran Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

New Holland - New Holland Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Parkston - Evangelic Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Hutchinson Co.)

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (1940's Record)


Edmunds Co. Burial Index (partial)

Bowdle - Bowdle City Cemetery

Hosmer - Bethany Cemetery

Hosmer - Holy Trinity Cemetery

Ipswich - Holy Cross Cemetery

New Strassburg Cemetery


Hot Springs - Hot Springs / Battle Mountain National Cemetery

Hot Springs - State Veteran's Home Cemetery


Bonesteel - Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Bonesteel - Rosebud Cemetery

Bonesteel - St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Burke - Sacred Heart / Burke Catholic Cemetery

Carlock - Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery

Dallas - Evangelical Zion Lutheran / Missouri Synod Cemetery

Dallas - Hillview Cemetery

Dixon - Dixon Cemetery (1940's Record)

Dixon - Dixon Cemetery (1990's Record)

Fairfax - Bethlehem / Stone Church Congregational Cemetery

Fairfax - Highland Cemetery

Fairfax - Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Fairfax - Westhill Cemetery

Ft. Randall - Ft. Randall Post Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

Ft. Randall - Ft. Randall Post Cemetery (Addendum)

Herrick - Herrick Cemetery

Lucas - Lucas Cemetery


Nowlin - Raymond Grave (1910)

Ottumwa - Pleasant View Cemetery (1940's Record)

Philip - Erickson Grave (1908)


Hazel - Hazel Cemetery

Hazel - Kellerton Zion Cemetery

Hayti - New Hope Lutheran Cemetery


Alexandria - Green Hill Cemetery

Alexandria - Hope Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Alexandria - St. Mary Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Emery - St. Martins Catholic Cemetery

Farmer - St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery


Gustave - Gustave Cemetery


Hutchinston Co. Burial Name Index (1940's Record)

Parkston - Evangelic Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Douglas Co.)


Jerauld Co. Burial Name Index (1940's Record)


Arlington - Lake Tistad Cemetery

Arlington - Nelson Community Cemetery

Arlington - Nordland Cemetery

Arlington - Old Nordland Cemetery

Arlington - Pleasant View Cemetery

Arlington - Poinsett Public Cemetery

Arlington - Swedish Evangelical Mission Cemetery

Arlington - United Cemetery

Badger - Danish Lutheran Cemetery

Badger - German Lutheran Cemetery

De Smet - De Smet Cemetery

De Smet - German Presbyterian Cemetery

De Smet - St. Peter's Congregational Cemetery

De Smet - St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery

De Smet - Spirit Lake Cemetery

Erwin - Bethania Cemetery (1940's Record)

Erwin - Clara Cemetery

Erwin - Erwin Cemetery

Erwin - Swedish Clara Cemetery

Erwin - West Bethany Cemetery

Esmond - Esmond Cemetery

Hetland - Hetland Cemetery

Iroquois - Dixon / Danish Lutheran Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials) (See also Beadle Co.)

Iroquois - Maplewood Cemetery

Iroquois - Maplewood Cemetery (New Addition)

Lake Preston - Hinderlie Cemetery

Lake Preston - Lake Preston Cemetery

Lake Preston - North Preston Cemetery

Lake Preston - Odden Cemetery

Lake Whitewood - Lake Whitewood Cemetery

Manchester - Daw Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

Manchester - Manchester Cemetery

Oldham - Oldham Lutheran Cemetery

Oldham - Oldham Cemetery

Oldham - St. Andrews Cemetery

Oldham - St. Katherine Cemetery

Oldham - Towles Cemetery (See also Lake Co.)

Oldham - Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Various Kingsbury Co. Burials


Lake Co. Burial Index

Chester - Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Chester - Prospect Methodist Cemetery

Franklin - Franklin Cemetery

Junius - Olson Cemetery

Lake Madison - Lake Madison Lutheran Cemetery

Madison - Graceland Cemetery

Madison - Gracevale Cemetery

Madison - Lake Herman State Park Cemetery

Madison - Lake Park Lutheran Cemetery

Madison - Old Madison Cemetery

Madison - St. Ann's Catholic Cemetery

Madison - St. Thomas Cemetery

Nunda - Ash Grove / Nunda Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery

Nunda - Prairie Queen Cemetery

Nunda - West Lake Cemetery

Oldham - Towles Cemetery (See also Kingsbury Co.)

Orland - St. Peter Lutheran Cemetery

Prairie Village - Prairie Village Cemetery (Steadman Grave - 1982)

Ramona - Ramona Protestant Cemetery

Ramona - St. John Lutheran Cemetery

Ramona - St. William's Catholic Cemetery

Wentworth - Rosehill Cemetery

Winfred - Winfred Cemetery


Kennebec - Hillsdale Cemetery

Kennebec - St. Michael's Cemetery


Aman Cemetery

Bergdorf Cemetery

Bertsch Baptist Cemetery

Delmold Cemetery

Glueckstal Cemetery

Greenway - Greenway Cemetery

Harrison Cemetery

Heyd Cemetery

Hillsview - St. Matthew Cemetery

Leola - Our Lady Catholic Cemetery

Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery


Elm Springs - Lakeside Cemetery

Plainview - Plainview Cemetery

White Owl - White Owl Cemetery


Bethania Lutheran Church Cemetery (1942 Survey)

Colman - Colman Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Egan - Hillside Cemetery (1942 Survey)

Flandreau - Catholic Cemetery (1942 Survey)

Flandreau - Indian Cemetery (1942 Survey)

Fremont Twp. (10 miles north of Colman) - Mt. Auburn Cemetery Courtesy of Pat Walker

Hegre Lutheran Cemetery (1942 Survey)

Trent Sunnyside Cemetery (1972 Survey)


Deerfield - Miller Brothers Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Harney - Harney Ranger Station Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

Hayward - Hayward Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

New Underwood - Old Iowa Settlement Cemetery (Mays Graves - 1880)

Pactola Cemetery (Pre-1900 Burials)

Rapid City - Dodge / Herring / Nelson Graves (1876)

Rochford - Bell Park Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Rockerville - Rockerville Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Woods Grave (1896)


Lodgepole - Holland Center Cemetery (1917-2002) (See also Ottawa Co., Michigan)


Oglala - Presbyterian Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Oglala - St. Peter's Cemetery (Tyon Grave - 1900)

Pine Ridge - Holy Cross Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Pine Ridge - Ladies of Our Perpetual Help Cemetery (1940's Record)

Pine Ridge - Presbyterian Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Pine Ridge - Presbyterian Cemetery (1940's Record)

Pine Ridge - Running Hawk Family Plat Cemetery (1940's Record)

Pine Ridge - St. Anne Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Pine Ridge - Swords / St. Matthews Episcopal Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Pine Ridge - Swords / St. Matthews Episcopal Cemetery (1940's Record)

Porcupine - Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery (1940's Record)

Slim Butte - Slim Butte Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Wounded Knee - Messiah Episcopal Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Wounded Knee - Messiah Episcopal Cemetery (1940's Record)

Wounded Knee - Presbyterian Cemetery (Pre-1906 Burials)

Wounded Knee - Presbyterian Cemetery (1940's Record)

Wounded Knee - Sacred Heart Cemetery (1890 Massacre Victims)


Crandon - Graceland Cemetery


Okobojo - Okobojo Cemetery


Todd Co. Burial Index (Pre-1906 Burials)

Lakeview - Lakeview Cemetery (1940's Record)

Lakeview - Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (1940's Record)

Lakeview - St. Agnes Cemetery (1940's Record)

Mission - Calvary Lutheran Cemetery (1940's Record)

Mission - Trinity Episcopal Cemetery (1940's Record)

Mission - Zion Lutheran Cemetery (1940's Record)

St. Joseph's Cemetery (1940's Record)

St. Stephen's Cemetery (1940's Record)


Germantown Cemetery

Holland Cemetery

Hurley Cemetery

Parker - Rosehill Cemetery

St. Kristina Cemetery


Beresford Cemetery (1940 Survey)

Elk Point Cemetery (1942 Survey)

North Brule Cemetery (1940 Survey)

Roseni Cemetery (1940 Survey)

St. Joseph / Emmet Cemetery (1940 Survey)

St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery (1940 Survey)


Mission Hill Cemetery (1940 Survey)

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (1941 Survey)

State Hospital Cemetery (1941 Survey)

Vangen Lutheran Cemetery (1940 Survey)

Volin - Zion Evangelical Cemetery (1940 Survey)