Wilcox Co. Alabama

Wilcox Co. Cemeteries at I Dream of Genealogy


Camden (Pebble Hill) - Gravel Creek Baptist Church Cemetery - 105 marked & unmarked burials dating 1940-2011. Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Camden - Little Rock Baptist Church Cemetery - 39 marked and unmarked African-American burials dating 1959-2007 Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Coy - The Baldwin Cemetery - 10 African-American burials dating from 1978-2010. Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Coy - St. Emanuel #2 Baptist Church Cemetery - 86 African-American burials dating from 1953-2016. Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Coy - Tates Chapel AME Church Cemetery - 157 African-American burials dating from 1909-2019. Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Pine Hill - Enon Cemetery - Over 200 burials dating from 1853-2008. Shared by Billy Averitt

Pine Hill - Pine Hill Cemetery - Over 600 burials dating from 1800's to 2006. Shared by Billy Averitt

Sedan - Dees Family Cemetery - 39 African-American marked and unmarked burials dating 1905-2009 Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas

Sedan - Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery - 59 African-American burials dating from 1955-2019. Shared by Phillis V. Seigler-Dumas


More Wilcox Co. Cemeteries Online:

Ackerville - Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery

Alberta - Payne Chapel AME Church / Johnson Cemetery (African-American) (1970-2000)

Allenton - Harris Hill Cemetery (African-American) (1950-1994)

Awin Baptist Church Cemetery

Awin Community Cemetery

Awin - Garrett / Bone Hill Church Cemetery

Bear Creek Church Cemetery

Bethea Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Bethel AME Church / Hayes / Kelly / Shaw Cemetery (African-American)

Boiling Spring Baptist Church Cemetery (African-American)

Camden - Ackerville Cemetery

Camden - Camden Cemetery

Camden - Mount Carmel Cemetery

Camden - Rosemary Church Cemetery

Camden - St. John's Baptist Church Cemetery

Canton Bend Methodist Church Cemetery

Coy - Coy / New Providence Cemetery

Coy - Little Zion #1 Baptist Church Cemetery (African-American)

Coy - Mt. Gilead Cemetery (African-American)

Coy - Old Zion Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (African-American) (1953-1997)

Coy - Tait Cemetery

Darlington - Brazeal AME Church Cemetery

Dulaney AME Church Cemetery

Dutch Bend - Crum Cemetery

Ebenezer / Oak Hill Cemetery

Ervin Cemetery

Fatama - Enon Baptist Church Cemetery

Furman - Old Snow Hill Cemetery

Furman - Palmer Cemetery

Grampin Hills - Majors Family Cemetery

Grampin Hills - Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Hamburg Cemetery

Indian Springs Baptist Cemetery

Lower Peach Tree - King Family Cemetery

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery

McConnico Cemetery

McWilliams - McWilliams Cemetery

McWilliams - Pineview Memorial Cemetery

Mt. Andrew Cemetery

Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery

New Snow Hill Cemetery

Newberry - Mt. Olive AME Church Cemetery

Oak Hill - Bear Creek AME Church Cemetery

Oak Hill - Bethel ARP Church Cemetery

Oak Hill - Mt. Zion Church Cemetery

Oak Hill - Newbury Cemetery

Oak Hill - St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery

Pine Apple - Adams Family Cemetery

Pine Apple - Arkadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery

Pine Apple - Beard Cemetery

Pine Apple - First Baptist Church Cemetery

Pine Apple - Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery

Pine Apple - Old Norred Cemetery

Pine Apple - Pineapple Christian Church Cemetery

Pine Apple - Pine Apple Methodist Cemetery

Pine Hill - Kelly Cemetery

Purefoy Cemetery

Rockwest - Burford Cemetery (1848-1915)

Rosebud - Bethel Church Cemetery

Shawnee - Campbell Cemetery

Snow Hill - St. Paul Church Cemetery

Society Hill Cemetery

St. Francis Church Cemetery (African-American)

Sunny South - Independence Cemetery

Tilden - Little Rock Church Cemetery

Vaughn Cemetery