Diary of Rose (Betts) Stephanian

Diary of Rose (Betts) Stephanian

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



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Rose Elizabeth Betts born March 03, 1915 in Rhode Island
Married to Charles Stephanian October 02, 1934

Lived at 97 Waltham Street, Boston, Mass. 

Rose Betts died August 03, 2006 in Los Angeles, California

Rose was quite introspective in many of her writings.  The following was written in May 1936 and signed Rose E. Stevens, and titled "Myself"

Myself - May 1936 by Rose E. Stevens

"I have to live with myself and so
I want to be fit for myself to know;
Always to look myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun
And hate myself for the things I've done;
I want to go out with my head erect;
I want to deserve all men's respect;
But here in the struggle for family and self,
I want to be able to like myself
I don't want to look at myself and know
That I'm bluster and bluff and empty show;
I never can fool myself and so,
Whatever happens I want to be
Self-respecting and conscience free
Rose E. Betts 1936

January 1933 Entries:

January 1 1933- Sunday

Mr. & Mrs. Murry in at 6:30 a.m. Cleaned room, clocks etc. Washed hair.  Ironed. Kids full of mischief. 

Entry includes a cipher symbol.  Backwards L with a dot. 

January 2 1933 - Monday

Sewed clothes - cleaned house (pw) Mr. & Mrs. Chet in eve. 

January 3 1933 - Tuesday

1. Dave and Homer's cards for Xmas.  4pm in Library.  2. Studied in eve.  10¢ in class dues. 

January 4 1933 - Wednesday

To Library, Store.  MacDonald & Poltrell hill.  Letter from Ethel for picture.  Mother called up. 

January 5 1933 - Thursday

Reverence Calvin Coolidge.  Into phsychiatrist.  Tryout for Senior Play. 

January 6 1933 - Friday

(No Entry)

January 7 1933 - Saturday

(No Entry)

January 8 1933 - Sunday

Up at 11.  Home.  Mr. & Mrs. Seward here.  Cooked creamed onions.  Ummy!  Umm! 

January 9 1933 - Monday

The Balcony Scene.  School - Tryout.  Mrs. Seward here for the night.  Snowed.  Made pudding.  C.S. (ridiculous) Hot blood and emotions require a --- (Entry concludes with 2 cipher symbols)
Note:  C.S. stands for Charles Stephanian, Rose's future husband.  They would marry in 1934. 

January 10 1933 - Tuesday

Chosen for part.  Mrs. Seward here. 

January 11 1933 - Wednesday

Bob Hayward borrowed my bulletin.  Chem Test.  R. Gough.  Ma called me on the phone.  Early on I called Miss Barnes. 

January 12 1933 - Thursday

C.S. alright now.  -- desires to know why I'm sore.  Don't even know what he means.  He must be delirious or dumb.  Rehearsal.  Let's bet on C.S. 

January 13 1933 - Friday

Stayed home to care for Mrs. Murry. To library in eve. 

January 14 1933 - Saturday

Miss Barnes called.  Mrs. Murry very ill.  -- moving to 31 Main St., Pawtucket R.I. To library in eve - for ride with Tom Dixon & president of Glee Club - 48,/580. Wore raccoon coat. 

January 15 1933 - Sunday

In all day. Dead car in drive way - did much home work. Wrote to Gladys Betts.

January 16 1933 - Monday

Bus 5. Lunch 10.  -- Draw.  Exam.  C.S. all clueless.  Oh Fid!!  L.G. quite infatuated. H--- Bardakian ill.  Rehearsal.  To library after sup.  Rode around with John Andrews.  Home.  Mrs. Murry quite ill and eyes paining her.  Audrey got a ten 4 being Busiest Girl.  *Entry concludes with a line of cipher symbols

January 17 1933 - Tuesday

School bought absence excuse.  L.G. walked home with me.  To library.  Mrs. Murry up in town.  Class dues 10¢.  Bob Hayward returned my bulletin.  On it, he wrote "R.B. (heart symbol with arrow) E.R. (Rivers) trash!!!

January 18 1933 - Wednesday

School.  Home at 1:30. Cleaned bathroom thoroughly.  To Library.  To Drug Store.  Sent Card to Myron Homer Jr. 

January 19 1933 - Thursday

C.S. undecided about study for exam on Mon.  Rehearsal.  In thru cellar window at home.  To Library in eve.  Juggie painted --- --- a bit too friendly. 

January 20 1933 - Friday

School - To Library.  C.S. or Francis Powers vieing for right of way.  Passed in interviews to Bulletin.  Sore cheek.  Took 4 tickets to sell.

January 21 1933 - Saturday

Cleaned all day.  Ironed.  Studied home management.  Gloria got a new carriage.  Sore cheek - core out twice!

January 22 1933 - Sunday

Audrey to church.  Rainy day.  Life goes on as ever!

January 23 1933 - Monday

C.S. & I  in  &%#! .  &%#! being a balcony above the school stage, away from curious eyes. 
Note:  C.S. stands for Charles Stephanian, Rose's future husband.  They would marry in 1934.  Two words have been replaced with symbols. 

January 24 1933 - Tuesday

Class Dues 10¢. Rehearsal.  C.S. seemed to like the snake dance.  I did.  Wrote to Dr. Lyons

January 25 1933 - Wednesday

Eng. & Economics exam.  Rehearsal.  Studied until 8 pm. 

January 26 1933 - Thursday

Problems Exam.  Rehearsal.  To library.  Bob McCurdy walked home with me.  Jugg & I = free for all - dirty &*%$!. 

*Entry includes cipher symbols at end.  One word above replaced with symbols. 

January 27 1933 - Friday

Chem Exam. Bought material for dress.  Mr. Murray gave me 8 dresses.  Sewed.  Mr. & Mrs. out. 

January 28 1933 - Saturday

Gloria's birthday (5).  Party.  To Mrs. Hawes.  Garfields & Sewards here.  To bed very late - 12:30.  Sewed on dress. 

January 29 1933 - Sunday

Arised at 10 am.  Cleaded closet & clothes for school.  Bath!!

January 30 1933 - Monday

C.S. and I worked again.  Eng. exam 72%.  Problems 80 / Chem 47 / Adm 49 / Mrs.  Sweet(?) -Kindly omit the gestures. 

January 31 1933 - Tuesday

Mother called.  I should now be on my way to Prov.  C.S. & I looked over things in store room. 

February 1 1933 - Wednesday

Mother proves to have a tumma.  Chas. at Betts' and very unhappy.  School at home in a heck of a mess.  I'm lost.  Heart setting on C.S.  I wonder.  Cipher symbol.