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Social Security Applications Project

Submission Guidelines

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SS-5 Social Security Application Database Guidelines

2 ways to submit your forms:

1] copies of your SS-5s as attached JPEG or GIF file(s). If you are able, please scan at a small size to keep the file size under 100k. Put "SS-5 Forms" as the subject heading of your e-mail, and note in your e-mail that you are attaching copies of your SS-5 forms.


2] Mail copies (not your originals please) to us at: I Dream of Genealogy, PO Box 802593, Santa Clarita CA 91380-2593. Whichever method you find most convenient is fine. You will be given full credit for your submission, and your contribution will always be free access.


3] If you prefer not to send copies of your documents, you may a transcription of the information on the certificate.

Also important: Please only submit information for deceased individuals. Information can not be posted for individuals who are still living, no matter how old the record. Please include death information if you have it available; all records will be checked against the Social Security Death Index to verify death information.

All information will be free access for others and you will be given full credit for your submission.