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PAYNE, Eliza Malinda - maiden name Eliza Malinda GARTIN ; b. 22 Jul 1874 in Mountain Grove, Douglas Co., Missouri to Parkison GARTIN and Nancy Louisana DOUGLAS; d. 15 Jul 1969; Residence - Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Texas; Card issued in Post, Texas in 1965 Submitted by Linda Jaschke

PAYNE, Mary Lee - see MAHURON, Mary Lee


PELAEZ, Frieda - maiden name Freeda ZARING ; other name Freeda LAIRD ; b. 12 Dec 1917 in Brook Park, Pine Co., Minnesota to Walter ZARING and Mary NICH-- - ; d. Aug 1983; Residence - Florence, Boone Co., Kentucky; Card issued in Little York, Indiana in 1938

PEREAU, Lula Edna - maiden name Lula Edna STEVENS ; b. 24 Sep 1894 in Jamesport, Missouri to Edward STEVENS and Ida May WATTS ; d. Feb 1986; Residence - Independence, Montgomery Co., Kansas; Card issued in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1947 Submitted by Colleen Cramer

PEREAU, Walter William - b. 13 May 1888 in Sterling, Colorado to William P. PEREAU and Laura WARREN ; d. Jan 1975; Residence - Independence, Montgomery Co., Kansas; Card issued in Iola, Kansas in 1938 Submitted by Colleen Cramer

PERRY, Catherine Marcella (image not available) - maiden name Catherine Marcella GRIMES - b. 26 Apr 1900 in Monterey, California to John J. GRIMES and Margaret (Margarita) CERVANTES ; Present Address: gen dil santa barbara ca - Age at Last Birthday: 43 - Female - White - Issued in Santa Barbara California in 1944 Signed by Catherine M. PERRY Submitted by Eve Weaver

PERRY, John Zebulon (image not available) - b. 20 Jul 1906 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri to Zebulon PERRY and Mary Emma RICHARDSON ; d. May 1980; Residence - Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri; Application Date 12 Jun 1951; Mailing Address (1951) - 7112 Washington, Kansas City, Missouri; Employer (1951) - International Harvester in Kansas City, Kansas. Submitted by Susan

PETERS, Alice Rose - maiden name Alice Rose FROEBE ; b. 18 Dec 1905 in Dickey Co., North Dakota to Richard Ernest FROEBE and Jessie Leona ASHEVILLE; d. Oct 1982; Residence - Carlton, Yamhill Co., Oregon Submitted by Donald V. Williams

PETERSON, Helen - See SAHR, Helen

PETTIS, Albert L. - b. 29 Jul 1909 in Sedro Woolley, Skagit Co., Washington to William S. PETTIS and Helen STRAUSBURG ; d. 04 Feb 1993; Residence - Sedro Woolley, Skagit Co., Washington; Card issued in Sedro Woolley, Washington in 1937 - Submitted by Leona R. Greene

PETTIS, Irene Mollie - See GRIST, Irene Mollie

PEUGH, William Winfield - b. 10* Nov 1896 in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana to Charles Spencer PEUGH and Amanda GOLDEN ; d. Apr 1982; Residence - Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois; Card issued in Oakwood, Illinois in 1936; *SS Death Index reports date of birth of 25* Nov 1896

PIETILAINEN, Jennie - See LARGE, Jennie

PIPER, Gilbert Wallace - b. 12 Apr 1897 in Peotone, Will Co., Illinois to William PIPER and Charlotte GOODELL ; d. Aug 1972; Residence - Bradley, Kankakee Co., Illinois; Card issued in Manteno, Illinois in 1937 - Submitted by Edwin Piper

PISTOLESI, Mario James - b. 20 Oct 1915 in San Franciso, California to Italo J. PISTOLESI and Beatrice BIAGINI ; d. 30 Jul 1996; Residence - San Mateo, California; Card issued in San Franciso, California in 1936 - Submitted by Visitor

PIXLEY, Minnie - See MAHURON, Minnie

PLOTT, Charles Logan - b. 26* Jun 1923 near Jeffersonville, Clark Co., Indiana to Charles Logan PLOTT and Jessie Mae DITZLER ; d. Jan 1981; Residence - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Card issued in Henryville, Indiana in 1941; *SS Death Index reports date of birth of 22* Jun 1923

PLOTT, Willie Erving - b. 24 Apr 1893 in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana to John R. PLOTT and Amanda WYATT ; d. Oct 1976; Residence - Niles, Berrien Co., Michigan; Card issued in South Bend, Indiana in 1936

POTTS, Richard - b. 03 Sep 1896 in Henryville, Clark Co., Indiana to Alexander POTTS and Savanah TAYLOR ; d. May 1967; Residence - Austin, Scott Co., Indiana; Card issued in Austin, Indiana in 1940

POWELL, Clara Wilhemina - See TONKIN, Clara Wilhemina

POWELL, Ottilie Olga - See MILLER, Tillie Olga

POWELL, Tillie Olga - See MILLER, Tillie Olga

POWERS, Jewel Mae - maiden name Jewel May IRVAN ; b. 05 Mar 1904 in Calloway Co., Kentucky to Maurice G. IRVAN and Solena BENNETT ; d. 26 Aug 1988; Residence - Paducah, McCracken Co., Kentucky; Card issued in Paducah, Kentucky in 1948; Grandfather was John Sledd Irvan ; Submitted by Donna Irvan

POWERS, Jewell M. - See POWERS, Jewel Mae

PUSHMAN, Lester - See PUSHMAN, V. Lester

PUSHMAN, Mary Ann - maiden name Mary Ann INNOCENTI ; b. 20 Nov 1922 in Kenilworth, Union Co., New Jersey to Charles INNOCENTI and Ann CARDELLA ; d. Dec 1993; Residence - Short Hills, Essex Co., New Jersey; Card issued in Kenilworth, New Jersey in 1939; Submitted by Rita Givens

PUSHMAN, V. Lester - b. 08 Feb 1921 in Garwood, New Jersey to Vincent PUSHMAN and Elizabeth TOKOYI ; d. 22 Feb 1990; Residence - Short Hill, Essex Co., New Jersey; Card issued in Garwood, New Jersey in 1937; Submitted by Rita Givens