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NAIL, Beatrice Rosella - maiden name Beatrice Rosella KOEPPEN ; Other name(s) - Beatrice Rosella ASHBY ; b. 30 Sep 1910 in Wittenberg, Shawano Co., Wisconsin to Charles KOEPPEN and Ella JOLIN ; SS# 391-22-0392; d. 13 Sep 1999; Residence - Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin; Card issued in Madison, Wisconsin in 1943. Submitted by Sandra Selph-Hunter

NARUM, Kenneth Melvin - b. 01 Jul 1916 in Amidon, North Dakota to Julius Olaf NARUM and Inga JORDET; SS# 501-09-8958; d. 25 Dec 1993; Residence - Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado Submitted by Lisa Narum

NEELY, Irene Elizabeth - maiden name Irene Elizabeth CHARLES ; other name Irene Elizabeth THOMAS ; b. 08 Apr 1915 in Chalmers, White Co., Indiana* to Lebert CHARLES and Eva CLEGG ; SS# 313-14-9831; d. Jan 1983; Residence - Pekin, Washington Co., Indiana; Card issued in Pekin, Indiana in 1940; *Application reports place of birth in Kentucky; however, White Co. is located in Indiana

NELSON, James Edwin - b. 14 Sep 1935 in Bessemer, Jefferson Co., Alabama to Floyd Edwin NELSON and Edna May SKELTON ; SS# 421-44-0187; d. Jul 1980; Residence - Cropwell, Saint Clair Co., Alabama; Card issued in Birmingham, Alabama in 1952

NELSON, Loren William - b. 23 Jun 1919 near New Salem, Franklin Twp., Washington Co., Indiana to William Henry NELSON and Elsie Mae HOUSTON ; SS# 309-14-7058; d. May 1983; Card issued in Salem, Indiana in 1938

NELSON, Vivian Alice - See JENKINS, Vivian Alice

NERSESIAN, Virginia Margaret - maiden name Virginia Margaret O'LAUGHLIN ; b. 22 Aug 1921 in Elizabeth, Union Co., New Jersey to John O'LAUGHLIN and Marie FITZPATRICK ; SS# 140-14-1592; d. 15 Sep 1987; Residence - Levittown, Nassau Co., New York; Card issued in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1940; Submitted by Rita Givens

NEWBY, Clifford Merrill - b. 26 Jan 1894 in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana to Walter P. NEWBY and Sally MORRIS ; SS# 317-34-7565; d. Jan 1968; Residence - Salem, Washington Co., Indiana; Card issued in Salem, Indiana in 1952

NEWTON, Maggie - maiden name Margrette (Maggie) HARWELL ; b. 08 Feb 1878 in Houston, Texas to Marion F. HARWELL and Victoria BOON ; d. 15 Jan 1968; Residence - Pasadena, Harris Co., Texas; Card issued in Houston, Texas in 1966

NICKOLA, Eunice Marie - maiden name Eunice Marie TAYLOR; b. 3 August 1893 in Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California to Charles Henry TAYLOR and Eunice Mary BATTIE; SSN 555-03-3829; d. 28 August 1959 at Santa Clara County Hospital; Residence 6 N. Church Street, Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California; Card issued in Ventura, Ventura County, California in 1937; Submitted by Deane C. Taylor

NICHOLS, Alfred Bruce - b. 24 Mar 1888 in Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana to Joseph Marion NICHOLS and Margaret LEMONS ; SS# 317-20-3847; d. Dec 1967; Residence - Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana; Card issued in Scottsburg, Indiana in 1942

NICHOLS, Glenn - b. 16 Sep 1899 in Washington Co., Indiana to Allen NICHOLS and Mary Emma STILL ; SS# 307-10-1318; d. May 1975; Residence - Westfield, Hamilton Co., Indiana; Card issued in Spencer, Indiana in 1936

NICHOLS, Ray - b. 12 Oct 1895 in Flint, Indiana to Arthur NICHOLS and Belle CANSE ; SS# 315-01-8218; d. Feb 1983; Residence - Orland, Steuben Co., Indiana; Card issued in Howe, Indiana in 1937

NICHOLS, Virginia - maiden name Virginia ROBERTSON ; b. 15 Dec 1892 in Washington Co., Indiana to Lewis Milton ROBERTSON and Sarah Elizabeth ELLIOTT ; SS# 305-70-5913; d. Oct 1987; Residence - Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana; Card issued in Scottsburg, Indiana in 1972

NICHOLSON, Elmer Marion - b. 17 Aug 1904 in Templeton, Indiana to William Albert NICHOLSON and Stella Mae SPURGEON ; SS# 273-10-2721; d. 29 Jun 1990; Card issued in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936

NICHOLSON, Gabriel Alexander - b. 10 Jan 1907 in Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana to Fred NICHOLSON and Maude ROBERTSON ; SS# 305-22-1994; d. Sep 1977; Residence - Scottsburg, Scott Co., Indiana; Card issued in Scottsburg, Indiana in 1942

NICHOLSON, George Hugh - b. 26 Dec 1890 in Little York, Washington Co., Indiana to Gabriel NICHOLSON and Abbie HUCKLEBERRY ; SS# 303-16-0542; d. Feb 1966; Residence - Little York, Washington Co., Indiana; Card issued in Little York, Indiana in 1937

NORRIS, Lou - See MORRIS, Lou E.

NUNES, Arthur Joseph - b. 29 May 1907 in Newark, California to Joseph NUNES and Mary FRANCIS (FRANCISCO); SS# 558-03-9435; d. 28 Jul 1996; Residence - Hayward, Alameda Co., California; Card issued in California in 1936; 1936 Residence - RFD Box 75, Niles, California; 1936 Place of Employment - JAS Graham MFG. Co., Newark, California. Submitted by Clinton Manley

NUNES, Marie Adelaide - See DUTRA, Marie Nunes