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EAKINS, Robert Lloyd - b. 06 Jun 1917 in Ottumwa, Iowa to Charles EAKINS and Hattie Rozetta CARVER ; SS# 484-09-5284; d. 24 Apr 1964; Card issued in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1937; Submitted by Rita Givens

EDGEMON, Mary Odessie - maiden name Mary Odessie BARNES ; b. 24 Jan 1895 in Tonkawa, Kay Co., Oklahoma to Clark Monroe BARNES and Sarah Lucretia ESSEX ; SS# 435-36-0527; d. Sep 1977; Last Benefit - Springhill, Webster Parish, Louisiana; Card issued in Minden, Webster Parish, Louisiana in 1944. Submitted by Sandra Selph-Hunter

ELLIOTT, Billy Ray - b. 12 Jun 1930 in Rockcastle, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama to Gurley Judson ELLIOTT and Clara Geraldine HARRIS; SS# 419-34-5306; d. 28 Oct 1996 in Fort Myers, Lee Co. , Florida; Issued in Alabama in 1945. 1945 Address: 2216 Ridgepark Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama Submitted by Debra Gray Elliott

ELLIOTT, Daisy Marie - See SPURGEON, Daisy Marie

ELLIOTT, Walter Ross - b. 13 Mar 1887 in Washington Co., Indiana to Lewis Alfred ELLIOTT and Lillie Sherman McCALLISTER ; d. Jul 1973 at age 86; Residence - Salem, Washington Co., Indiana; Card issued in Salem, Indiana in 1962

ELLIOTT, William Wallace - b. 24 Jun 1893 in Russellville, Logan Co., Kentucky to William Wallace ELLIOTT and Sallie MEADOW ; d. Sep 1962 at age 69; Address - Kentucky - Card issued in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1945

ELLIS, Robert James - b. 10 Jul 1907 in Fredricksburg, Indiana to Aldin ELLIS and Effie WHITMAN ; d. Dec 1963; Card issued in Hardinsburg, Indiana in 1937

ELROD, Faye - See MILLER, Faye

ELROD, Harry Lester - b. 29 Jul 1890 in Washington Co., Indiana to Dan N. ELROD and Emma STURDEVANT ; d. Aug 1967 at age 77; Residence - Salem, Washington Co., Indiana; Card issued in Salem, Indiana in 1952

EMBODY, Ivan Merle - b. 29 Mar 1913 in Lewistown, Fergus Co., Montana to Merle EMBODY and Nellie SNEDIGAR ; (*Note - Social Security index incorrectly reports date of birth of 29 Mar 1916); SS# 539-10-1405; d. 02 Mar 1993; Residence - Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Co., Washington; Card issued in Mason City, Washington in 1936 ; 1936 Residence - General Deliver, Mason City, Washington ; 1936 Place of Employment - Unemployed

EMERSON, Delmer D. - b. 27 Apr 1897 in Stronghurst, Illinois to Joseph Harvey EMERSON and Lovisa Isori CALLHAN ; SS# 480-01-5225; d. Apr 1974; Residence - Burlington, Des Moines Co., Iowa; Card issued in Burlington, Iowa in 1936 Submitted by Alan le Bon

EMMONS, Cora Lee - See HUMBORG, Cora Lee

EMMONS, Joseph E. - b. 07 May 1881 in Middleton, Tennessee to Ely EMMONS and Emiline GLOVER ; SS# 587-28-6396; d. 15 Nov 1968; Residence - Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi; Card issued in Mississippi in 1966; Submitted by Sylvia Lewis

EMMONS, William Franklin - b. 09 Mar 1890 in Middleton, Tennessee to Eli EMMONS and Emiline GLOVER ; SS# 428-14-9020; d. Jun 1975; Residence - Walnut, Tippah Co., Mississippi; Card issued in Walnut, Mississippi in 1939; Submitted by Sylvia Lewis

EVANS, Virgil Marion - b. 21 Dec 1884 in Camden Co., Missouri to William H. EVANS and Sarah SELLARS; SS # 500-36-8479; d. Apr 1964; Residence - Missouri; Submitted by Donald V. Williams

EVERHARD, Amy - maiden name Amy FLETCHER ; b. 17 Oct 1904 in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio to Charles Frederick FLETCHER and Mary Ann SHEARSMITH ; d. Jan 1977 at age 72; Residence - Akron, Summit Co., Ohio; Card issued in Akron, Ohio in 1968

EVERHARD, Donald Cyster - b. 19 Jul 1904 in Copley, Summit Co., Ohio to Charles Daniel EVERHARD and Olive Nina HOFFMAN ; d. May 1969 at age 64; Card issued in Akron, Ohio in 1936