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DALE, Mable Carrie - maiden name Mable Carrie CROSS ; b. 20 Jul 1909 in Anderson Co., Tennessee to Lincoln Richard CROSS and Florence Lillie LEE ; Color / Race: Negro; SS# 410-68-9693; d. 24 Feb 1997 in Knoxville, Tennessee; Card issued in Powell, Tennessee in 1959 Submitted by Patricia Chyphes

DAVIS, Alonzo - b. 25 Mar 1881** in Charley (?), Lawrence Co., Kentucky to Martin P. Marshall DAVIS and Kaythryn SPENCER; SS# 352-05-3769; d. 15 Jun 1971; Residence - Villa Grove, Douglas Co., Illinois; Card issued in Villa Grove, Illinois in 1937 **Application gives 1881 as year of birth; See also DAVIS, Florence Submitted by Deanna Huber

DAVIS, Frank - b. 01 Sep 1897 near Salem, Washington Co., Indiana to George R. DAVIS and Hannah E. GOSS ; d. Jun 1963 at age 65; Address - Indiana - Card issued in Pekin, Indiana in 1940

DAVIS, Florence - maiden name Florence MANNIN ; b. 08 May 1886** in Ezel, Morgan Co., Kentucky to John C. MANNIN and Amanda C. WARD ; SS# 323-56-4979; d. 09 Feb 1976; Residence - Villa Grove, Douglas Co., Illinois; **Application lists year of birth as 1886; See also DAVIS, Alonzo Submitted by Deanna Huber

DAVIS, Merle Elmo - b. 08 Nov 1937 in Pekin, Washington Co., Indiana to Frank DAVIS and Mary Emma METZGER ; d. Apr 1977 at age 39; card issued in Pekin, Indiana in 1956

DAVIS, Minnie Eliza - See HOLSTINE, Minnie Eliza

DAVIS, Wilma Ocie - also known as W.O. Davis ; b. 27 Jun 1908 in Winters, Runnels Co., Texas to Charley Franklin DAVIS and Annie Agusta BUTTRILL ; SS# 462-16-5435; d. 08 Jan 1988; Residence - Dublin, Erath Co., Texas; Card issued in Stanton, Texas in 1938 Submitted by Susan

DEENE, Pearl - see DOBSON, Pearl

DEJARNATT, Lucile R. - maiden name Lucile REARDON ; b. 14 Mar 1893 in College City, Colusa Co., California to William Henry REARDON and Dora FORD ; SS# 561-52-2743; d. 16 Jul 1990; Residence - Colusa, Colusa Co., California; Card issued in Colusa, California in 1956 - Submitted by Visitor

DEJARNATT, William Burress - b. 04 Dec 1921** in Colusa, Colusa Co., California to William Daryl DEJARNATT and Lucile REARDON ; SS# 558-66-5690; d. 04 Dec 1975 in Santa Barbara Co., California; Card issued in Colusa California; Street Address - 325 10th St., Colusa, California; Signed William DeJarnatt by Lucile R. DeJarnatt; **California Death Index reports date of birth of 04 Dec 1922 - Submitted by Visitor

DENNON, Ida Florence - maiden name Ida Florence MOSELEY ; b. 23 Jun 1900 in London, Clay Co., Kentucky to Archie MOSELEY and Cynthie ANDERSON ; SS# 293-14-2108; d. Nov 1985; Residence - Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., California; Card issued in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1941 Submitted by Sharon Hughes-Rubino

DENNEY, Edna - b. 07 Mar 1909 in Little York, Washington Co., Indiana to James Joseph DENNEY and Louisa Helen SMITH ; Married Name:  Edna MOUNT ; d. Dec 1979 at age 70; Residence - Little York, Washington Co., Indiana - Card issued in Little York, Indiana in 1937

DEPAOLA, Rocco Angelo - b. 11 Mar 1921 in Elizabeth, New Jersey to Stanismo DEPAOLA and Catherine MOCCI ; SS# 154-10-9919; d. 06 Feb 1993; Residence - Elizabeth, Union Co., New Jersey; Card issued in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1939; Submitted by Rita Givens

DEPAOLA, Rose - See DEPAOLA, Rosina Anna

DEPAOLA, Rosina Anna - maiden name Rosina Anna ANDREOLA ; b. 06 May 1923 in Elizabeth, New Jersey to Carmen ANDREOLA and Elizabeth DE SANTOS ; SS# 156-01-7066; d. 01 May 1993; Residence - Elizabeth, Union Co., New Jersey; Card issued in 1938; Submitted by Rita Givens

DEUEL, Clara Elmo - See LAMBERT, Clara Elmo

DI BATTISTA, Pauline - maiden name Pauline COLNE ; b. 24 May 1900 in Italy to Guy COLNE and Constance TUZZI ; SS# 139-36-0264; d. 03 Dec 1988; Residence - Elk River, Sherburne Co., Minnesota; Card issued in Garwood, New Jersey in 1962; Submitted by Rita Givens

DI BATTISTA, Ralph - b. 15 Jun 1894 in Roccavivi, Italy to Domenick DI BATTISTA and Anceline COLONE ; SS# 098-01-8460; d. Oct 1985; Residence - Garwood, Union Co., New Jersey; Card issued in Garwood, New Jersey in 1936; Submitted by Rita Givens

DIBLING, Marie Josephine - See STARR, Marie Josephine

DICKS, George H., Jr. - b. 24 Mar 1909 in Kenosha, Kenosha Co., Wisconsin to George DICKS and Anna MARSHALL; SS# 418-01-2698; d. Mar 1979; Residence - Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama; Card issued in Birmingham, Alabama 1936 Submitted by Ruth Whetnall

DICKS, John Phil - b. 29 May 1908 in Kenosha, Kenosha Co., Wisconsin to Phillip DICKS and Jean MARSHALL ; SS# 392-14-6385; d. Jul 1972; Card issued in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1940 Submitted by Ruth Whetnall

DILLON, Albert Mears - b. 02 Apr 1907 in Richmond, Virginia to Albert F. DILLON and Grace MARSHALL; SS# 578-38-1964; d. 14 Sep 1977; Residence - Virginia; Card issued in Washington, D.C. in 1946 Submitted by Ruth Whetnall

DITMORE, Amanda - See CARRINGER, Amanda

DIXON, James Francis - b. 07 Aug 1929 in Carnie, White Co., Illinois to James Moses DIXON and Laura Gertrude CREEK ; SS# 354-20-2679; d. May 1982; Residence - Sacramento, California; Card issued in Carnie, Illinois in 1943; Submitted by James Dixon

DOBSON, Pearl - maiden name Pearl DEENE ; b. 19 Jul 1909 in Passfield, Jeff Davis Co., Mississippi to Thomas Jefferson DEENE and Artie KING; d. Oct 1976 - Residence - Monticello, Lawrence Co., Mississippi ; Card issued in Columbia, Mississippi in 1936. **Note; Death Index reports date of birth as 19 Jul 1907**

DOCKERY, Melvin George - b. 12 Sep 1911 in Russell, Kansas to Ephrem DOCKERY and Margaret Myrtle BURKLE ; SS# 487-05-7840; d. 22 Dec 1966; Residence - Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri; Card issued in Kansas City, Missouri in 1936; Submitted by Rita Givens

DOLIFKA, Philip Jacob - b. 01 May 1878 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary to Joseph DOLIFKA and Josephine GROMAN;
SS # 513-30-9938; d. 07 Jan 1968; Residence - Hanover, Washington Co., Kansas; Submitted by Alan Dolifka

DORR, Betty Jean - b. 22 Dec 1932 in Portland, Maine to Warren W. DORR and Evelyn M. JEWERS; SS# 007-28-9583;
d. 16 May 1993; Residence - Saint Paul, Dakota, Minnesota; Married name: Betty Jean WISE; *Note - Family information provides that father's name was actually Warren Burns DORR*
Submitted by Jane Wise-Hanson

DORR, Warren Burns - b. 28 Sep 1904 in Orland, Hancock Co., Maine to Ralph DORR and Nora BURNS; SS# 006-07-5997;
d. May 1975; Residence - Holbrook, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; Submitted by Jane Wise-Hanson

DUBEAU, Joseph Pierre - b. 12 Nov 1902 in Elizabeth, Union Co., New Jersey to Emile H. DUBEAU and Leda PARADIS ; SS# 139-28-2847; d. Feb 1986; Residence - Fort Lauderdale, Broward Co., Florida; Card issued in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1952; Submitted by Rita Givens

DUNCAN, Cora Lee - maiden name Cora Lee HICKS ; b. 06 Sep 1885 in Denton, Texas to John William HICKS and Martha WILKINS ; SS# 467-32-0132; Card issued in Spur, Texas in 1943;

DUNHAM, Margaret Elizabeth - See TUCKER, Margaret Elizabeth

DUTRA, Marie Nunes - maiden name Marie Adelaide NUNES ; b. 03 Mar 1895 in Newark, California to Joseph Roderick NUNES and Mary Cecilia FRANCIS (FRANCISCO); SS# 566-30-7729; d. Jan 1981; Card issued in Centerville, California in 1943; 1943 Residence - 236 S. Main St., Centerville, California; 1943 Place of Employment - Alviso School District, Newark, California; **Note: First name as listed in family bible as "Maria". Husband: John E. Dutra II; b. 28 June 1894 in Alameda Co., California; d. 13 Dec. 1983 in Alameda Co., California Submitted by Clinton Manley