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WWII Military Records


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WWII Military Records compiled and submitted by

Complied by Dianne Kiyomoto 3/27/05

Quan, Alfred S; Army; Air Corps

Quan, Harry G; Tec/5; Army; Medical Corps Lab Technician, Medical Detachment, 1970th SCU

Quan, Henry K; Sergeant; Army; Air Corps Baker, 25th Depot Repair Squadron, Asia-Pacific, Western Pacific

Quan, Henry Sun; Corporal; Army; Medical Corps Aidman, 1972nd Service Command Unit

Quan, Herbert Q; Army

Quan, Howard S; Army; Air Force, 407 Service Squadron, 14th Air Force, China, Burma, India Theater

Quan, Hubbitt W; Sergeant; Army; Signal Corps private photographer for General MacArthur, Headquarters, New Guinea, Philippines, Japan

Quan, Joe; 8th Cavalry Regiment; 1st Cavalry Division, Occupation of Japan- communication, maintenance, morse code

Quan, Kino C; Staff Sergeant; died non-battle

Quan, Kahn; 3rd Class; Navy; Signalman, USS Texas, Asia-Pacific

Quan, Pong B; Army; Air Corps

Quan, Raymond; Navy

Quan, Robert K; Army

Quan (Quon), William Jong; Private; Army; 3rd Infantry Division; Purple Heart, killed in action 28 Aug 1944 in France

Quan, Victor; Army; worked with the USO entertainers

Quan, Walter; Army; Air Force- London

Quan, William; Army

Quan, William Kay Y; Army; Air Force- Germany

Quan, Wing Yip; 100th Division Airborne; Paratrooper- Europe

Quan, You Hing; 3 C; Navy; Electrician's Mate, killed in action

Quan, Yuen; Army

Quann, William R; Army

Quin, Albert F; Army; Okinawa

Quin, Francis W; Navy; USS Tennessee-Pacific Theater

Quin, Harvey F; T/Sergeant; Army; Air Force 65th Bomber Squad, 43rd Bomber Group, Heavy, Air Medal, died non-battle 22 Dec 1944 at Fort Bonafacio, Manila, Philippines

Quin, Harvey F; Navy; Radio Operator, gunner on B-24 planes, Australia, South Pacific, Leyte, missing in action

Quin, James L; Navy; Medical Corps, 1st Marine Division- Pavuvu Island, Peleliu, Okinawa

Quin,Jeffrey E; Navy; USS Piedmont destroyer tender, Pacific theater

Quin, Jeffrey J; Navy

Quin, Jerrold J; Army; Air Force, 101st & 82nd paratroopers, Normandy, Battle of the Bulge

Quin, Joseph P Jr; Army; Translation Corps; Bronze Star, European Theater

Quin, Richard P; T/Sergeant; Army; died non-battle

Quin, Thomas J; Marines; Radar, Eniwetok Island, Pacific

Quinn, William R; Staff Sergeant; 232nd Engineers Company

Quintana, Juan E; Private; 232nd Engineers Company

Quock, Sr, Hayward (Wong); Tec/4; Army; Ordnance Mechanic 2nd Armored Division- Europe

Quock, Henry; Private 1st Class; Army; Air Corps Surveyor, 463rd AAF BU, 22nd Air Depot Group, Asia-Pacific

Quon, Charles King; Sergeant; Army; Air Corps Radio Mechanic Operator, Eastern Command, 314th Troop Carrier Group, Europe

Quon, Chuck H; Army; Air Corps

Quon, Frank L; Navy

Quon, Herbert; Army

Quon, Jamison; Army

Quon, Kwan W; Army

Quon, Lloyd; Private 1st Class; Army; died non-battle

Quon, Moy Wing; Army

Quon, Quong G; Army

Quon, Paul; Private 1st Class; Army; Signal Corps Telephone & Telegraph Lineman, 437th Signal Heavy Construction Battalion Company B, Europe, Italy

Quon, Stanley K; Tec/4; Army; Department of Military Language Chief Clerk Typist, POC 6007th ASU, Records Branch, Headquarters Company, Separation Center, Meritorious Unit Award, Camp Beale, CA

Quon, Wah Tay "Tommy"; Private 1st Class; Army; Coast Artillery Corps Heavy Machine Gunner, 389th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion, Asia-Pacific, New Guinea, Philippines

Quon, Wilbur S; Private 1st Class; Army; Field Artillery Radio Repairman, Headquarter Battery, 169th FA Battalion, Bronze Star, Asia-Pacific, Luzon, Philippines

Quon, William J; Private; Army; killed in action

Quon, Willie; Private 1st Class; Army; Infantry Typist Clerk Headquarters, Zone Command, Europe, Austria

Quon, Wing D; Private 1st Class; Army; Air Corps Mechanic, 14th Air Force, Asia-Pacific, China, Burma, India

Quon, Yet G; Army

Quong, Edward Dewey; Private 1st Class; Army; Signal Corps, China, Burma, India Theater, died non-battle

Quong, Ng F; Headquarters; 3rd Regiment; Machine gunner- Greenland

Quong, Suey H; 1st Sergeant; 1st Cavalry Headquarters Division, Reconnaissance, Philippines, Occupation of Japan