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Coventry, Kent Co., Rhode Island Marriages

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1728-1852 Marriages - Coventry
Partial List

ABBOTT, James, from Pardon and COLVIN, Catherine, daughter of Capt. Benedict. Married by Eld. Thomas Manchester 29 SEP 1808

ADAMS, James and ROY, Elizabeth, both from Voluntown, Connecticut. By Randall Rice, Justice, 07 FEB 1742-43

ALERTON, John Jr. from Coventry and COOPER, Rosanna, widow of Mansir, late of W. Greenwich. By Elisha Johnson, Justice 07 JUL 1754

AMSBURY, William L. from Pawtucket and JOHNSON, Nancy Ann from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 11 SEP 1843

ANDERSON, Samuel of Killingly, Connecticut and GIBSON, Sarah from Coventry, daughter of James Gibson. By Joseph Matteson, Justice 23 DEC 1779

ANDREW, Benjamin and GREENE, Patience. By Robert Greene, Justice 10 AUG 1746

ANDREW, Benjamin, son of Griffin and BRIGGS, Olive, daughter of Jonathan. By Joseph Manchester, Justice 26 DEC 1799

ANDREW, Bradford and CORNELL, Lucitta. By Elder Henry B. Lick 12 FEB 1843

ANDREW, Burell W. and CLARK, Hannah. By Elder James Burlingame 15 MAY 1842

ANDREW, Burton S. from Coventry and CAPWELL, Phebe from W. Greenwich. By Rev. Robert Aikman 15 JUL 1849

ANDREW, Charles Jr. from Coventry and Mary -- from E. Greenwich

ANDREW, Clarke N. and ANDREW, Louisa. By Elder Henry Sheldon 30 APR 1846

ANDREW, Edmund, son of George and WEVER, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathan. By Benjamin Greene, Justice 17 DEC 1801

ANDREW, Elnathan and GREENE, Jane. By George Hall, Justice 21 JUN 1757

ANDREW, Gideon G., son of George and SALISBURY, Elizabeth, daughter of Darius KNIGHT. By Elder James Burlingame, 27 MAR 1842

ANDREW, Griffin and COLVIN, Rhobe, daughter of Daniel. By Thomas Matteson, Justice 24 DEC 1761

ANDREW, James and MITCHELL, Dorcas. By Elder Paul Harrington 26 NOV 1846

ANDREW, Paris from E. Greenwich and GRINNELL, Betsey from Coventry. By Elder David Curtis 30 NOV 1815

ANDREW, Robert and WEVER, Eunice. By John Wood, Justice 03 JAN 1837

ANDREW, Whipple, son of Edmund and GREENE, Sarah, daughter of John, late of Burlin, Vermont. By Elder Thomas Manchster 21 DEC 1815

ANDREW, William, son of Isaac and POTTER, Dianna, daughter of James. By Rev. Jonathan Brayton 24 APR 1842

ANTHONY, Albert and ARNOLD, Almy Ann. By Elder Arthur A. Ross 26 SEP 1833

ANTHONY, James B. from Richmond, R.I. and SWEET, Louisa from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 28 OCT 1844

ANTHONY, William H., son of Jabez from Coventry and ARNOLD, Hannah W., daughter of Asa, from Smithfield. By Arnold Spear, Justice 29 MAY 1834

ARNOLD, Albert B., son of Thomas and WHIPPLE, Maria, daughter of Thomas. By Elder James Burlingame 19 JAN 1843

ARNOLD, Albert B. and SPENCER, Maria W. By Elder Robert Aikman, 08 APR 1849

ARNOLD, Asa A. from Smithfield and EATON, Sarah from W. Greenwich. By Elder Charles Stone 15 APR 1810

ARNOLD, Benjamin Jr. and REED, Mrs. Anna. By Elder Charles Stone 10 NOV 1811

ARNOLD, Daniel from Coventry and RELPH, Zilphia, daughter of David from Scituate. By Elder Richard Knight 22 SEP 1816

ARNOLD, Erastus A. and MATTESON, Harriet M. By Elder James Burlingame 27 FEB 1849

ARNOLD, James B. and COLVIN, Susan M. By Elder Paul Harrington 11 APR 1841

ARNOLD, Job, son of Job, and COLVIN, Ruth, daughter of Peter. By Joseph Manchester, Justice 31 OCT 1799

ARNOLD, Lorey, son of Benjamin, and WALL, Mary, daughter of Samuel. By Elder Thomas Manchester 05 JUN 1796

ARNOLD, Merit, son of Benjamin, and JOHNSON, Phebe, daughter of Benjamin. By Thomas Manchester, Justice 02 OCT 1814

ARNOLD, Richard from Coventry and ANDREWS, Hannah from E. Greenwich. By Elder William P. Place, 13 NOV 1837

ARNOLD, Samuel and OLNEY, Juliet. By Elder Charles Stone 18 JAN 1824

ARNOLD, Sylvester from Coventry and CARPENTER, Almira from Scituate. By Elder Albert Sheldon 11 NOV 1849

ARNOLD, Thomas from Coventry and WILSON, Penelope, daughter of Israel, late of Coventry. By Elder Caldeb Nichols NOV 1787

ARNOLD, Thomas G. and BOWEN, Eleanor G. By Daniel C. Goff, Justice 21 DEC 1806

ARNOLD, Welcome Rhodes from Coventry and PATT, Synthia A. from Scituate. By Elder Pardon Tillinghast 05 JAN 1840

ATWOOD, Nathan from Warwick and POTTER, Sarah Ann, daughter of Nathan, from Coventry. By Elder Richard Knight 02 JAN 1823

AUSTIN, Asa and JORDAN, Lydia. By Elder Thomas Barber 18 APR 1842

AUSTIN, Bowen and BENNETT, Roxanna. By Elder William Manchester 15 MAY 1824

AUSTIN, Bowen and AUSTIN, Irene. Married at Warwick R.I. by Elder James L. Phillips 26 MAR 1844

AUSTIN, Jeremiah B. and MILLER, Sarah A. By Elder James Burlingame 05 DEC 1847

AUSTIN, Joshua from W. Greenwich and GREENE, Dianna from Coventry. By Elder Caleb Greene 02 MAR 1843

AUSTIN, Robert and AUSTIN, Olive. By Elder James Burlingame 05 MAR 1843

AYELSWORTH, Job from N. Kingstown and AYLESWORTH, Sarah, daughter of Phillip, from Coventry. By John Rice, Justice 26 MAR 1765

BABCOCK, William B. and GREENE, Eliza A. By Rev. Thomas Dowling 10 OCT 1839

BAILEY, John from E. Greenwich, son of Robert, and GREENE, Ruth from Coventry, daughter of Thomas. By Elder Elisha Greene 12 FEB 1797

BAILEY, Samuel from Coventry and WEBB, Robe, daughter of Jeremiah, deceased, from Warwick. Married at Coventry by Samuel Wall, Justice 03 JAN 1773

BARBER, Peleg and KENYON, Sarah, both from Hopkinton. By Elder Albert Sheldon 02 JUL 1844

BARNEY, Dr. Daniel Jr. from Swansey, Mass. And BUCKLIN, Sally, daughter of Capt. David Bucklin, from Coventry. By Elder Thomas Manchester 04 OCT 1792

BARNEY, Ebenezer and POTTER, Dorcas. By Isaac Johnson, Justice 07 APR 1796

BATES, Benoni from Warwick and KING, Christiana from Coventry. By Elder Charles Stone 27 NOV 1808

BATES, Ezra D. from Scituate and SEARL, Caroline E. from Cranston. By Elder Albert Sheldon 12 NOV 1847

BATES, Joshua and SHERMAN, Avis. By John Rice, Justice 29 JUL 1764

BATES, William and ---, Sarah. Married at Preston, Connecticut by Rev. Hezekiah Lord 10 JUN 1734

BATES, William and LYON, Louisa A., both from Foster. By Elder James Burlingame 03 JUN 1849

BATTEY, Charles J. from W. Greenwich and CARD, Ann Eliza from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 08 SEP 1845

BATTEY, Jerry S. from Scituate and PARKER, Marcelia from Coventry. By Elder James Burlingame 23 SEP 1841

BENNET, Abel from Coventry and STRANAHAN, Nancy from Scituate. By Elder Josiah Bennett 21 JUN 1764

BENNET, Abel, son of Joseph Jr., and AYLESWORTH, Mary, widow, daughter of John FOX. By Elder Peter Werden 10 FEB 1768

BENNET, Abel, son of Abel, from Coventry, and LETSON, Barbara, daughter of Ephraim, from W. Greenwich. By Stephen Wilcox, Justice 10 JAN 1799

BENNET, Daniel from Coventry and HARRIS, Charlotte from Sterling, Connecticut. By Jos. Rice, Justice 07 JAN 1802

BENNET, Daniel and STONE, Ruth. By Elder Charles Stone, 29 MAR 1812

BENNET, Ezekiel from Coventry, son of Samuel and PAYNE, Patience, daughter of Simeon, late of Providence. By Ichabod Bowen, Justice 26 SEP 1763

BENNET, Phinehas and BURLESON, Abigail. By Samuel Cooper, Justice 30 APR 1753

BENNET, Samuel from Preston, Connecticut and PAINE, Sarah from Coventry, widow of Thomas, 01 APR 1742

BENNET, Samuel and PEDRICK, Mary - By Randall Rice, Justice 13 JUL 1742

BENNET, William married 02 OCT 1732

BLANCHARD, Allen, from Coventry, and MILLER, Barbara M. from Warwick. By Elder Paul Harrington 15 OCT 1840

BLANCHARD, Benjamin Jr. and SWEET, Fear. By Elder Peter Werden 29 SEP 1767

BLANCHARD, Jeremiah and BATES, Phebe 16 FEB 1760

BLANCHARD, Richard from Marlow, New Hampshire, son of Benjamin and STRAIGHT, Rebeckah from Coventry, daughter of Henry. By Thomas Matteson, Justice 23 MAR 1769

BLANCHARD, Theophilus from Scituate and JEFFERS, Sarah from Preston, Connecticut. By C. Greene, Justice, 18 JUL 1755

BLANCHARD, William and TOURGEE, Sarah, both from Warwick. By Rev. Warren Emerson 31 JUL 1848

BOWEN, Aaron Jr. and ----, Elnathan 13 MAY 1762

BOWEN, Adin, son of Samuel and ROSE, Susan, daughter of Hazard. By Benjamin Greene, Justice 03 MAR 1814

BOWEN, Asaph and BROWN, Robey. By J. Dorrence, Justice 22 JAN 1787

BOWEN, Augustus, son of Samuel and COOKE, Sarah, daughter of Jesse. By Elder Pardon Tillinghast 12 MAR 1818

BOWEN, Benjamin, son of Aaron, from Coventry, and HILL, Sarah, daughter of Caleb, from N. Kingstown. By Elder Phillip Jenkins 04 MAR 1798

BOWEN, Edmund P. and RELPH, Mary Ann. By Elder Paul Harrington 22 FEB 1847

BOWEN, Henry and RICE, Sophia Charlotte. By Elder David Curtis 10 NOV 1816

BOWEN, Ichabod and BUCKLIN, Mary, daughter of Joseph B. By Elder Peter Werden 22 SEP 1757

BOWEN, Israel and ----, Sarah. 05 APR 1761

BOWEN, Israel M. from Johnston and WATERMAN, Ruth M. from Coventry. By Rev. James Burlingame 17 JUN 1839

BOWEN, John from Coventry and CLARKE, Sally from Plainfield. By Elder Joel Benedict 15 MAR 1795

BOWEN, Col. John, son of Capt. Israel, and GREENE, Sally, daughter of Capt. James. By Silas Westcott, Justice, 28 MAR 1799

BOWEN, Joseph from Coventry, son of Ichabod and TILLINGHAST, Mary from E. Greenwich, daughter of Thomas. By Elder Thomas Manchester 25 FEB 1796

BOWEN, Nathan, son of Israel, from Coventry and GARDINER, BETSEY, daughter of Oliver, from Warwick. Married at Warwick 10 JUN 1798

BOWEN, Nathan and DORRENCE, Anna. By Elder Charles Stone 14 MAY 1818

BOWEN, Stephen, son of Aaron and Elnathan, and HILL, Rebekah, daughter of Caleb and Mary, from N. Kingstown. By Elder William Northup 22 DEC 1799

BOWEN, Stephen P. and WINTERS, Betsey L., both from Foster. By Elder James Burlingame 27 NOV 1842

BOWEN, Thomas B. and POTTER, Phebe. By Elder Charles Stone 11 DEC 1814

BOWEN, William from Coventry and SEAMANS, Mrs. Susanna, daughter of James, from Foster. Married at Coventry by Asa Stone, Justice 10 FEB 1805

BOWLS, John and VIAL, Mary. By Elder Paul Harrington 23 APR 1840

BOWMAN, William and WATSON, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas. By Joseph Manchester, Justice 06 JAN 1799

BRAINARD, Samuel from Warwick and ANDERSON, Elizabeth from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 23 JUN 1846

BRAYTON, Caleb, son of William and BUCKLIN, Lovicianna, daughter of David. By Elder Caleb Nichols 27 JUL 1785

BRAYTON, Francis from Portsmouth and PHILLIPS, Sarah from Newport. By Elder Nichols Eyres 09 SEP 1742

BRAYTON, Gideon from E. Greenwich, son of Thomas and NICHOLS, Rebeckah, daughter of John, from Coventry. By Robert Greene, Justice 14 JAN 1741-42

BRAYTON, Jonathan and BRAYTON, Freelove. By Elkenah Johnson, Justice 20 NOV 1763

BRAYTON, Ensign Joseph and READ, Mrs. Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin. By Isaac Johnson, Justice 10 FEB 1780

BRAYTON, Lodowick, son of Jonathan, from Coventry and BURTON, Hannah, daughter of George, late of Cranston. By Elder Thomas Manchester 21 NOV 1794

BRAYTON, Thomas from Coventry, son of Thomas and KNIGHT, Deliverance, daughter of Capt. Robert & Prudence. By Thomas Matteson, Justice 13 APR 1752

BRAYTON, Thomas and COLVIN, Amey. By Stephen Potter, Justice 08 JUL 1772

BRAYTON, Thomas, son of David and BURLINGAME, Mrs. Patience, daughter of Stephen. By Isaac Johnson, Justice, 20 MAY 1779

BRIGGS, Barton and BRAND, Amey. By Jonathan Whaley, Justice 24 FEB 1831

BRIGGS, Benjamin, son of William and COLVIN, Sarah, daughter of Thomas. By Jos. Bennett, Justice 28 MAR 1765

BRIGGS, Bowen, son of Josiah and MATTESON, Phebe A. By Elder Pardon Tillinghast 11 SEP 1836

BRIGGS, Dutee, son of Ephraim and BATES, Olive, daughter of John. By Joseph Rice, Justice 11 OCT 1801

BRIGGS, George, son of Eleazer, deceased and BURGUESS, Alpha. By Asa Stone, Justice 12 JUN 1841

BRIGGS, George W. and HENRY, Lydia, both from Warwick. By Rev. George W. Brewster 13 FEB 1848

BRIGGS, Horace A. from Warwick and CHAPPELL, Sarah Ann from Coventry. By Elder Paul Harrington 27 SEP 1842

BRIGGS, Ira G. and ANDREWS, Lydia. By Elder James Burlingame 01 OCT 1846

BRIGGS, Joseph from Warwich and WARREN, Lydia H. from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 19 FEB 1844

BRIGGS, Josiah, son of Benjamin, from Coventry and HARRINGTON, Sarah, daughter of Job, from W. Greenwich. By Elder Thomas Manchester 02 JUN 1793

BRIGGS, Miller from Coventry and STEERE, Mary Ann from North Providence. By Elder Thomas Tillinghast 05 FEB 1849

BRIGGS, Mumford from Dighton, Mass. And TAYLOR, Sarah C. from Foster, R.I. By Elder James Burlingame 01 JAN 1843

BRIGGS, Nichols and MATTESON, Eliza F. By Elder Albert Sheldon 01 FEB 1843

BRIGGS, Russell, son of Russell, deceased and TARBOX, Sarah P., daughter of Anthony. By Elder James Burlingame 24 NOV 1842

BROWN, Albert and BLANCHARD, Niobe. By Elder James Burlingame 02 MAR 1842

BROWN, Caleb and EDDY, Rispah M. By Elder Paul Harrington 12 JAN 1845

BROWN, John S. from Warwick and BROWN, Robey H. from Coventry. By Elder James Burlingame 18 MAY 1840

BROWN, Nicholas Jr. and VARY, Eliza. By Elder Caleb Greene 18 JUN 1848

BROWN, William N. from Exeter and KENYON, Mary from Coventry. By Elder Albert Sheldon 10 SEP 1843

BUCKLIN, Joseph and WORDEN, Mary 23 OCT 1737

BUDLONG, Amos, son of Amos and MUNROE, Elizabeth, daughter of John. By Rev. Daniel Henshaw 15 FEB 1846

BUDLONG, Rhodes A. from Coventry, son of Sylvester and BATES, Betsey from E. Greenwich, daughter of Phillip. By Elder W.G. Johnstone 15 OCT 1837

BUDLONG, Sylvester from Warwick and BRIGGS, Harriet from N. Kingstown. By Elder David Curtis 28 OCT 1813

BURGUESS, Job T., from Foster and BURLINGAME, Cynthia from Coventry. By Elder James Burlingame 16 APR 1850

BURGUESS, Thomas A. and STONE, Betsey M., both from Scituate. By Elder James Burlingame 23 JUL 1849

BURLINGAME, David and CAHOONE, Mary, daughter of John. By Elder Pardon Tillinghast 06 NOV 1836

BURLINGAME, Esek, son of Daniel and POTTER, Abigail, daughter of Edward. By Samuel Wall, Justice 20 DEC 1770

BURLINGAME, Esek and WILLIAMS, Mary. By Elder Charles Stone 19 MAY 1805

BURLINGAME, Rev. James and LEWIS, Emily Sally. By Elder John Tillinghast 06 DEC 1852

BURLINGAME, William from Coventry and WILSON, Penelope, widow, of Isreal, late of Coventry. By Elder Caleb Nichols 10 NOV 1776

BURLISON, Edward from W. Greenwich and BATES, Susannah from Coventry, daughter of William. By John Rice, Justice 18 OCT 1761

BURLISON, John Jr. and BENNET, Jemima, daughter of Joseph B.. By Richard Tree, Justice 16 NOV 1757

BURLISON, Return from W. Greenwich and GREENE, Mary, widow of Charles, from Coventry. By John Rice, Justice, 03 FEB 1762

BURNHAM, Andrew C. from Lisbon, Connecticut and REMINGTON, Cynthia A. from Coventry, daughter of Thomas. By Rev. Jonathan Brayton 02 JAN 1843

NICHOLS, Albert C. and BARBER, Comfort - by Eld. Paul Harrington 31 Mar 1844

NICHOLS, Christopher R. and SHIPPEE, Phebe E. By Eld. James Burlingame 16 Jan 1840

NICHOLS, Edward A., from Providence, and CAPWELL, Caroline, from Coventry. By Eld. Arthur A. Ross 24 Jun 1833

NICHOLS, John, from Coventry, son of Alexander Nichols, and DAY, Rachel, from Coventry, daughter of John Day. By Eld. Peter Werden 27 Nov 1768

NICHOLS, Lydia S. and TILLINGHAST, Joseph 01 Mar 1840

NICHOLS, Mary and COLVIN, Colonel 31 May 1789

NICHOLS, Parmelia and COMSTOCK, Welcome G., 03 Jul 1843

NICHOLS, Richard, from Coventry, son of John Nichols, and COLEGROVE, Mary, widow of Samuel Colegrove. Married at Warwick by Eld. Charles Holden 12 Dec 1773

NICHOLS, Sylvester, son of Curnel (Colonel?) Nichols, and BRIGGS, Martha H., daughter of Russell Briggs, deceased. By Eld. Pardon Tillinghast 02 Sep 1839

NORTHAM, Hanford M., from Colchester, Connecticut, and CHASE, Mercy H., from Coventry - by Rev. Charles S. Adams 02 Jun 1841

OLIN, Gideon, from North Kingstown, son of John Olin, and DANIELS, Patience, from Coventry, daughter of Stephen Daniels - at Coventry by Eld. Timothy Greene 10 May 1767

OLIN, Justin and DWINELS, Sarah - by Justice Peter Werden 06 Sep 1761

OLNEY, John and SHELDON, Caroline, both from Richmond, Rhode Island - by Eld. Pardon Tillinghast 25 May 1842

OLNEY, Juliet and ARNOLD, Samuel 18 Jan 1824

OLNEY, William, from Providence, son of William P. Olney and WHITMAN, Martha, from Coventry, daughter of Martin S. Whitman - by Rev. Jonathan Brayton 12 May 1844

OSBORNE, William and BURRELL, Ann - by Eld. James Burlingame 07 Sep 1845

PAINE, Sarah and BENNETT, Samuel 01 Apr 1742

PALMER, Wait Jr., from Stonington, Connecticut, and STAFFORD, Mary, from Coventry - by Eld. Samuel Drown 04 Apr 1751

PARKER, Almy and JORDAN, Benjamin 20 Sep 1798

PARKER, Amey K. and STONE, Mason P. 19 Sep 1842

PARKER, Clarke S. and SMITH, Celetta L. - by Justice Nathan Kenyon 05 Mar 1842

PARKER, Elisha, from Coventry, and AYLESWORTH, Mary, from West Greenwich - by Justice Phillip Greene 15 Jan 1767

PARKER, Elizabeth and KNOX, Thomas 14 Jan 1768

PARKER, Gideon, from Coventry and SULLIVAN, Loruhama, from Voluntown - at Voluntown by Justice Allen Campbell 02 Apr 1801

PARKER, George, son of Thomas Parker, and PARKER, Katherine, from West Greenwich, daughter of George Parker - by Eld. Benjamin Gardner 29 May 1763

PARKER, George and BURLISON, Sarah, both from West Greenwich - by Justice John Rice 05 May 1767

PARKER, George, from Foster, son of Col. Thomas Parker, and PECK, Sally, from Coventry, daughter of Samuel Peck - by Justice Silas Westcott 09 Dec 1804

PARKER, Katherine (See PARKER, George)

PARKER, Marcelia (See BATTEY, Jerry S.)

PARKER, Martha and COOPER, Samuel 22 Sep 1768

PARKER, Mary and CLARKE, Brenton P. 18 Aug 1844

PARKER, Stephen, from Scituate, son of John Parker, and STONE, Mary, from Coventry, daughter of James Stone - by Justice Silas Westcott 09 Jan 1800

PARKER, Sterry and WILCOX, Mary - by Justice Amborse S. Hopkins 09 Aug 1840

PARKER, Thomas, from Warwick, son of George Parker, deceased, and BENNETT, Jane - by Justice Randall Rice 05 or 11 Jan 1743-44

PARKER, Thomas, from Scituate and FRY, Susan, from Coventry - by Eld. Charles Stone 13 Aug 1815

PARKER, William, from Coventry, son of Peter Parker and HOARS, Susannah, from Bristol, daughter of William Hoars - by Justice Daniel Bradford 29 Dec 1776

PARKER, William H., from Coventry and GARDINER, Nancy R., from Exeter - by Eld. Paul Harrington 22 Feb 1846

PATT, Synthia A. (See ARNOLD, Welcome Rhodes)

PAYNE, Patience (See BENNET, Ezekiel)

PEARCE, Cynthia and POTTER, Lowry C. 05 Sep 1847

PEARCE, Nancy and WATERMAN, Resolved 23 May 1813

PEARCE, Sarah and REY, Wilson 18 Oct 1752

PECK, Phebe and GREENE, Oliver 06 Dec 1829

PECK, Sally (See PARKER, George)

PECK, Susannah and FIELD, Robert 24 Feb 1811

PECKHAM, James P., from South Kingstown, son of Perry Peckham, deceased, and ARNOLD, Phebe R., from North Kingstown, daughter of Edmund Arnold - by Rev. Moses Fifield 29 Mar 1841

PEDRICK, Mary (See BENNET, Samuel)

PEIRCE, Abbie F. and GREENE, Dexter 02 Nov 1841

PEIRCE, Charlotte and WHALEY, Reuben 06 Dec 1827

PEIRCE, Hannaritta and WADE, Simon 26 May 1816

PEIRCE, Sabra and WATERMAN, Daniel 12 Aug 1810

PEIRCE, Sarah and STAFFORD, Richard 02 Jun 1745

PENDOCK, Benoni and YOORING, Sarah - by Justice Stephen Potter 27 Oct 1760

PERKINS, Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Perkins, Jr., and PRATT, Abigail, daughter of Francis Pratt - by Eld. Framer Pratt 22 Mar 1742

PERKINS, John, from Coventry, and COREY, Mary, from Scituate - by Eld. Nathan Pearce 26 May 1754

PERKINS, Margaret and MOTT, Gasham 20 Jun 1744

PERKINS, Obed and MCGRAGOR, Rachel - at Warren, Rhode Island by Rev. Flavel Shirtleff 23 Oct 1820

PETTISS, Sarah and SCOTT, Nathan 09 Jan 1797

PHILLIPS, Ephriam and WEST, Olive, both from Foster - by Eld. James Burlingame 31 Jul 1843

PHILLIPS, John, from Scituate and MORSE, Jane, from Coventry, widow of Daniel Morse - 13 Nov 1774

PHILLIPS, Josiah, son of James Phillips, and COLLINS, Annah, daughter of Henry Collins - by Eld. Thomas Manchester 19 Oct 1794

PHILLIPS, Nathaniel T. and BRIGGS, Mary E. - by Eld. James Burlingame 21 Nov 1847

PHILLIPS, Peter T., from West Kingstown and WILBUR, Abby Ann, from Coventry - by Eld. Paul Harrington 24 May 1846

PHILLIPS, Sarah (See BRAYTON, Francis)

PHINNEY, Capt. William and LEVALLEY, Lydia W., both from Canterbury, Connecticut - by Eld. Wright 20 Mar 1846

PLACE, Cyrus G., from West Greenwich and REMINGTON, Susan, from Coventry - by Eld. Nicholas G. Potter 12 Sep 1843

PLACE, George W., from North Kingstown and ANDREW, Mary Ann, from Coventry - by Eld. Paul Harrington 29 Mar 1840

PLACE, Merian P. and HILL, William 30 Apr 1843

PLACE, Samuel E., from Foster and WILCOX, Almira, from Coventry - by Justice Ambrose S. Hopkins 07 Feb 1841

POLIT, Martha and GREENE, Yousiel 04 Sep 1753

POLLARD, James and ? , Catherine 14 Mar 1813

POTTER, Abel and POTTER, Sarah 16 Jun 1728

POTTER, Capt. Abel and ? , Sarah 23 Jan 1741

POTTER, Abigail (See BURLINGAME, Esek)

POTTER, Amelia and JOHNSON, Ray 03 Jan 1808

POTTER, Bethany and CASEY, Jesse 27 Dec 1764

POTTER, Dorcas (See BARNEY, Ebenezer)

POTTER, Elizabeth and IRWIN, Moses 17 Nov 1796

POTTER, Eunice and CUMMINGS, Daniel 02 Dec 1791

POTTER, Ichabod, Jr., son of Ichabod Potter and CASEY, Phebe, from Coventry, daughter of Edward Casey - by Justice Samuel Wall Dec 1770

POTTER, James, son of Ezekiel Potter, and WHITFORD, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Whitford - by Justice George Potter 01 May 1791

POTTER, Joseph, from Coventry, and BENNETT, Freelove, daughter of Capt. Samuel Bennett - by Justice Abel Potter 11 Sep 1742

POTTER, Knight, from West Greenwich, son of Fones Potter and CAPRON, Margaret, from East Greenwich, daughter of Greene Capron - by Eld. Thomas Manchester 25 Aug 1808

POTTER, Lee, from Foster and ABBOTT, Abbie, from Coventry - by Justice William Stone 21 Mar 1803

POTTER, Levina and SEAMANS, John 15 Jan 1801

POTTER, Mary and GOFF, Nathan 06 Jan 1746

POTTER, Mary and SPRAGUE, Abner 05 Jan 1795

POTTER, Oliver, from Scituate, and COLVIN, Mary, from Coventry, daughter of Benjamin Colvin - by Justice Stephen Potter 17 Oct 1757

POTTER, Phebe and IRWIN, Moses 20 Feb 1800

POTTER, Ruth and RICE, John 30 Oct 1768

POTTER, Sarah and LADD, Job 23 Sep 1792

POTTER, Sarah (See POTTER, Abel)

POTTER, Stephen, from Coventry and FREEBORN, Ruth, from Portsmouth - at Coventry by Justice James Helme 20 Dec 1770

POTTER, William, from Scituate, son of William Potter, deceased, and GREENE, Olive, from Coventry, daughter of Jediah Greene - by Justice William Stone 26 Nov 1795