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John Leatherwood Yearbook 1963-64 - Stranahan Sr. High School, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

It belonged to John Leatherwood class of 1963-1964. It has about 50 classmate signatures and is a massive 425 pages. Excellent condition -

1946 / 1948 Temple College - Philadelphia

These Two Books were found in a flea market , they are 1946 and 1948 Temple College (Phila pa) year books -

PELTIER Yearbooks (1968-1971) - Hebron, Ohio

Hello, I live in Massillon, Ohio and have in my possession yearbooks from 1968-1971 from Lakewood High School in Hebron, Ohio. The name of the yearbook is the Lance. I got these when my grandmother passed away. They were my father's John Peltier. I have not seen my father in almost 25 years and really have no use for them. If you could please post this message, maybe his wife,other children, or someone who knows him would like to have them. The John Peltier that these belonged to was born in Buckeye Lake, Ohio on October 3, 1952 to Lela & Lowell Peltier. Thank you for any help that you may be able to give me with this.

LANHAM - 1938 and 1939 Yearbooks, Bloomington High School, Bloomington, Illinois

These yearbooks belonged to Berta Jean Lanham, Class of 1941

These have dozens of classmate signatures.

SEARS - 1929 Long Beach, California Yearbook - Polytechnic High School

In good condition, this 1929 edition of the Caerulea Yearbook of Long Beach Polytechnic High School has the name Harlan Sears on the inside of the front cover. Note: The Social Security Death Index reports that a Harlan Sears was born 05 May 1913 and died March 1974. Issued in California.

The yearbook has dozens of signatures of his classmates, including:

Frances Ainsworth | Keith Austin | Karlton Bailey | Earl Bulicher | Ralph Clinton | Johnny Clive | Bill Cook | Dick Deetle | Ralph Dobson |

Ralph Dooley | Farol Dudley | Thelma Dudley | Dick Galaves | Edward Gallagher | Ed Galvin | Clarence George | Lorraine Gillespie |

Leo Gordon | Earl Hoos | Frank Johnston | Frank Joseph | Harold Hall Katt | Chester Keefer | Floyd Kinney | George Mathews |

Loraine Langenbeck | Robert Langworthy | Howard Lewis | Lorraine McClurg | Evalene McLachlin | Randy Moore | Franklin Morse |

Cecil I. Norton | Flora Phillips | Eugene Primm | Herb Pylo | Willard Rhodes | Ruth Riley | Joe Rosenberg | John Sherborne |

David Sickel | Tom Skillington | Frank Stanton | Geo. Stephenson | Martha Wilson | James Wood | Harry Woodruff | Dick Zehms|

If you can tell us anything about Harlan, please let us know so we can return this treasure to its proper place.

Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.