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1891 Wedding Band found in Texas

Wedding band with HH to KR May 26th, 1891 engraved inside. Found in Texas. 

Ring - Ontario Hospital School of Nursing Ring - 1965

I am trying to find the owner of a ring from 1965. This is an Ontario Hospital School of Nursing Ring. It is gold with a emblem on the front and an inscription on both sides . Inside the ring is inscribed the name Steacy 10K. If you can send me in the right direction to help find the owner I would be very happy to present this ring to them. I have had this ring for more than 30 years and every once in a while I go on a search.......... so far all dead ends!

Gold Irish Wedding Ring - New Jersey

Going thru my late husband’s belongings I found a gold Claudah ring. (Irish wedding ring) It’s large/must be a man’s. This was not my husband’s so I assume he found it. I’ve had it about 12 years. It probably was found in Ocean or Monmouth county NJ, I would like to see it returned to its owner. Just identify the inscription. -

Monroe Pocket Watch - 1926

I bought the pocket watch more than six years ago from an antique shop in Palm Springs, Ca. and recently dug it up to realize the engraved writing states "Presented to John Monroe by his friends in the First National Bank on his retirement April 10, 1926. Mr. Monroe was the owner of a bank and in 1908 changed it's named to the First National Bank. The Monroe family please contact me for the return of the item. -

Ring / Bracelet - Mt. Vernon, New York

I lived in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. from 1962-1986, sometime during this time I found a small gold Heirlom Ring that's over 100 years old, would love to return it if owner can identify it. It's engraved inside with a date and the name Georgia.

Also, The other a braclet Star shaped design,inside gold or gold-tone, outside black and another color which is a design, it's probably some type of Religious Braclet. Found in Mount Vernon,N.Y.

I'd be thrilled to return it, I know it must have a lot of sentimental value. -

Chapman College Ring - 1983

I recently found a college class ring near a park in Birmingham, Alabama. The ring is from Chapman College, I think near San Diego California (the only Chapman College I could locate). The year is 1983 and has the persons full name engraved inside. You can contact me via my email address. Identify by engraved name. -

Attn:  Finder of Chapman college ring - plcase contact with your current contact information - a possible owner of the ring has been trying to contact you. 


Pilgrim High School Ring - Warwick, Rhode Island

Pilgrim High School Class Ring, Warwick, Rhode Island, class of (?). Inside initials are JEJ and it is stamped 10k. The ring has a large facet-cut oval black stone with the words PILGRIM HIGH SCHOOL surrounding the stone. The stone is shiney like obsidian. There is a building engraved on one side of the ring and a winged emblem on the other side with the word 'WARWICK' engraved beneath the emblem. This ring was given to either myself or one of my roommates in trade for food and a place to stay in Los Angeles during the hippie era. I do not know the name of the young lady who gave up her class ring for herself and her boyfriend's room and board, so many people came and went in those days from every part of the country. However, I have recently come across this ring again and would like to see it returned to her. Contact

Note: Some identifiers have been withheld from the above notice to be provided by ring's owner

Class Ring - 1967

About 25 years ago I found a class ring in central Michigan. I still have the ring and would very much like to find the owner. It is a ladies ring - approx. size is a 7. The Letter H is on the face of the ring with the graduating year of 1967. Initials on the inside is K?D. Also the number (?) is engraved on the inside. I've tried other avenues in trying to the find the owner but with no sucess. Can you help me? Judy Gyurnek

Note: Some identifiers have been withheld from the above notice to be provided by ring's owner

Gold Watch - Barbara Lind - 1952

While attending Brigham Young University in the 1980's I found a gold watch outside my student apartment. Not being able to find the owner, I tucked it away thinking I'd try again later. But I totally forgot about it. Sometime last year, I found it in a move I made and wanted to try to locate the owner. There is an inscription on back. It reads "-- Barbara Lind -- 1952". *Note - Name of School and Award Title have been withheld for identification purposes* Thinking that the surname of Lind was probably the surname of the mother of a student, I contacted the Adminstrative Office at Brigham Young Univ. asking if any of their records showed a student who had a mother with the maiden name of Lind. They did find one...but in Hong Kong. With my permission, they gave this person my phone number to contact me. Unfortunately, this Barbara Lind was not the correct one as she graduated two years after the date inscribed on the watch. It would make me very happy to return the watch to the owner or perhaps the owner's child. Debbie

High School Ring - 1934

I live in England and some time ago I purchased a high school ring from a second hand jewellers and I have been trying to trace its origins Up to now I have not had much success my main route of enquiry has been to contact manufacturers of high school jewellery,Herffjones being the most helpful,but they have said without knowing the school or college it was issued to I will struggle to trace the owner of the ring. the ring itself is made of 10k rose gold and has the date 1934 on the shoulders and has the letters DRG inscribed on the inside. View a picture of the ring. I would be very grateful for any advice or information that you could give me. Mr G Lambley - Darwen Lancashire England.

Vineland High School Ring - 1921

My sister has an old high school ring which was found with a medal detector by our uncle at the beach. The ring is a womans ring, its gold all over - no stone, just an emblem on the top, maybe the school mascot. The school it was from is Vineland High School & the only Vineland High we know is in New Jersey. My sister would like to see this ring get back to a family member if the owner is no longer around. If there is any way you can help it would mean a great deal to us! I know there's not much to go on, but any idea would help. There are initials on the ring - if you have a relative who graduated from Vineland High in 1921, please contact to identify the initials. Contact Cindy


Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.