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Family Documents / Certificates / Vital Records

Found - 1949 Lindbergh Jr. High Report Card - Tom LOGAN - Long Beach CA

While disassembling an old chest of drawers in my cabin at Big Bear Lake, California - this old report card fell out that had obviously been trapped between the wood since 1949. It is a Jr. High Report card for Tom LOGAN at Lindbergh Jr. High School in Long Beach, California. The Class was called Social Living taught by Mr. J.O. Newman. If Tom or his family is out there, please feel free to retrieve this nice memento at no charge. Found by Alan Dolifka at I Dream of Genealogy - Contact


Found - 1917 Army Appointment Certificate - Edwin Maurice LAWTON

My uncle frequents auctions and estate sales regularly. He recently started thinning out his vast collections of antiques and such, but I asked if I could have an old, framed document he'd picked up. It was a certificate, dated 1917, promoting (or otherwise appointing) Edwin Maurice Lawton to Captain in the Officer's Reserve Corps of the United States Army. I'd love to find Edwin's family! Contact

Found - Edith KELLY - Virginia Birth Registration

Edith Hildred KELLY of Alleghany Co. Virginia - Notification of Birth Registration - Found at Thrift Shop -

Found - SHANEFETTER (SHANEFELTER) / CHRISTY - Pennsylvania Marriage Certificate

William P. SHANEFETTER or SHANEFELTER and Maggie M. CHRISTY Marriage - both of Pennsylvania - Marriage Certificate Original - Framed - Found at Thrift Shop -

Steward Illinois High School Diploma -1913 - CORWIN

I have a diploma from Steward High School, Steward Illinois, with name Susie Elizabeth Corwin, class of 1913. Very good condition. Would like to give it to her family, postage only.

Will & Container of Ashes - Page C. RAHM

I have a Will. It is not from anyone in my family, and it's not very old. It's dated February 4, 1985, and it is the will of Page C. RAHM. If anyone is researching this family please contact me. The box is brass, or some goldish colored metal, and it looks like it originally had a plate on the front, but it's gone now. It was found with the will, in a car a friend bought from the Police Department in a Florida town.

I would be happy to return this to the RAHM family. The will gives the names of the 3 children of Page C. RAHM, and I will keep them for identification purposes. If you are related to this man, please let me know, and I will be glad to
return these items to you.

I Dream of Genealogy Note: Page Collins Rahm b. 12 May 1928 - d. 23 Dec 1984 - Residence - Ormond Beach, Volusia Co., Florida - Source: Social Security Death Index / Florida Death Index

WWI Service Certificate - Matthew John Brown - Cobourg Ontario Canada

I found a framed WW1 Certificate Of Service in a flea market at Cobourg, Ontario, Canada in the name of Matthew John Brown. The Certificate is in deporable condition but attached to it is a soldier's photo. I was able to find the following information - Matthew John Brown - Cobourg Ontario born April 25 1899 He was a Driver and joined the army at age 17 years 6 months of age. His Mother was Minnie Brown. I contacted the Cobourg Canadian Legion - no answer - and the local genealogy office who were unable to track any record.
I would like to see this in the hands of his family rather than delegated to the garbage bin (cost of postage only).
Hope you can help -

Arkansas Death Certificate - Samuel JONES

I have a death cert. from the state of Arkansas, of a SAMUEL JONES. His parents are John Jones and Delsuever Anduss. He is black, single, and was abt 20 yrs old when he died. There is no birthdate, and deathdate is only readable to March 18. He died in the city of Wabosh, Searcy, Ark. If this belongs to anyone, I will gladly send it to them. I sent away to the state of Ark for this, but he is not my ancestor.

Military Discharge Paper - Albert RANKIN

Because of my interest in genealogy, I was given an old military discharge paper for Albert M. Rankin about a year ago. This was found in a field beside a high school in Oklahoma by one of the students assigned to clean up debris after a tornado in 1952. It does show some effects of being carried away by the tornado.
The date of birth of Mr. Rankin was December 20, 1918 in Roaring____. His permanent address was 1041 Fairview Road, Hagersville, Washington Co., MD. His civilian occupation was an industrial engineer.
I would love to see this reunited with one of Mr. Rankin's descendents. I researched Mr. Rankin a little when I posted about a year ago. If I remember right he died in Florida.

Francis Doherty Documents - Massachusetts - early 1900's

Items found in old truck someone gave me. US Military Induction 11-9-1918, and Discharge papers 2-24-1919 addressed to Francis Raphael Doherty, 16 Mather Street, Dorchester, MA,. Bills and expense notebook indicating he attended St. John's Seminary in Brighton, MA 1921-23, Register of Harvard Univ. dated 1924, a picture of a young man in Military Uniform, a sympathy card from the War Department, a "In Flanders' Field" card and a card from
"The First Division".

Yoder Family Documents / Photos - Pennsylvania - Mid 1900's

Found at a Yard sale in Nampa, Idaho in Sept 2000 the following Item on the Yoder Family of Easton, Pa:
1.Three Easton Heights Cemetery Deeds in the names of :
A. Helen B. Yoder Plot 113, Section M
B. Nelson Bucher Plot 103 North part of plot, sec. 1
C. Miss Emily Syder and Mrs. Mary McBurth Plot
104 North West part, sec. 1
2. Receipt and Prepetual Care Certificate dated Oct 1957.
3.Discharge Papers for Benjamin Franklin Yoder dated April,1933.
4. Donation Certificate for Nelson Bucher for plot 103 sec.1.
5.Two Marriage Certificates for Helen B. Yoder and Edward R. Schulk. One is the orignial marriage license and the other is a Church copy.
6. Two Photos:
1. small boy, I would assume to be Benjamin Yoder, the writing on the back is the studio name of Just For Kid s, in Binghamton, N.Y.
2 .assuming of Benjamin Yoder in his Navy Uniform.No writing
7. 1943 Lafayette College Commencement Program
8. Death Certificate for Benjamin F. Yoder and a funeral automobile record of who rode in each car.

Would like to see it get back to the family.

Communion Certificate Booklet - 1943

I have a booklet type certificate for "Remembrance of First Holy Communion was received By Jeanne (?)allone In The Church Of St. Bernardine on May 30, 1943 Francis C (?) Ott Pastor. I bought it in a box full of old books and a flea market in Jacksonville, NC many, many years ago and have been holding on to it until I could find a site to post in on. I would be glad to mail this beautiful memento to the owner or a family member. I can not tell what the first letter of the last name is, it may even be a middle initial written very close to the first letter of the last name.

ARNQUIST Birth / Baptismal Certificate - 1881

I have a Birth and Baptism certificate that I found in an antique store in Winter Haven, Florida..The information on it is as follows.. Name of Father: Nils Arnquist Name of Mother: Carill (?) Arnquist Date/Place of birth: 14 Sept. 1881 in Star Prairie, Minn. Baptism: 30 Oct. 1881 Name of Child: Emma Christina Witnesses: Mr. John E. Ericson Mrs. St(?) Ericson Name of Pastor: A. Sidman, pastor of the Swedish Evang. Lutheran Mission Church in Vista, Minn. I would like to see that this certificate finds a "home" with the family of the Arnquists... Thank you -

Kenneth V. JACKSON - Purple Heart Certificate - 1969

PURPLE HEART CERTIFICATE 8" X 10 1/2" - beige paper with purple and gold (purple heart and ribbon) and seal "United States of America War Office" both are embossed.

I have in my possession a certificate issued to "Private First Class Kenneth V. Jackson RA67015722 Regular Army" for wounds received in action in the Republic of Vietnam on 14 April, 1969 signed by Harris W. Hollis, Major General, USA Commanding and the Sec. of the Army Stanley R. Resor.

A friend (now deceased) gave it to me to see if I could find out where he is and return it to him. She did not know him, I have no idea where she got it. I had sent an e-mail to info@purpleheart.org and they sent me all kinds of papers to fill out. Return address on the envelope was Military Order of the Purple Heart, National Headquarters, 5413 B Backlick Roak, Springfield, Virginia 22151...Since I do not have anything but the certificate, I could not send the information about the serviceman back. They were unable to identify a record of military service from the information provided. ,.......I would be happy to send it to the rightful owner -

KASUSCHKE / HERMAN Marriage Certificate - 1887 - Michigan

I have a reasonably nicely preserved, illuminated marriage certificate with
the following information in German:

Groom: Gustav KASUCHKE - Residence: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bride: Alwine HERMAN - Residence: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Married at Ann Arbor on September 7, 1887 - by: ?? Belser (can't accurately read the script) I believe he was a Lutheran minister. Witnesses are listed, but I would like to use this information to verify that the claimant is related to the couple. Witnesses are family members - just provide possible names. -

LAVIDGE / AXE Marriage Certificate - 1878 Pennsylvania

I have the church marriage cert of Wm. Lavidge & Susan J Axe dated 5/21/1878. William is from Turbotville Pa and Susan from Jerseytown Pa. The minister officating was Henry C. Munro. The certificate contains pictures of both parties. I acquired it from my parents who inherited it with a house belonging to their neighbor. The neighbor bought it at a flea market many years ago because she liked it. I just want to reunite it with its family; as a genealogy bug I know the importance of these documents and would rather it hang on the wall of a loved one instead of on the wall of a person who just likes it. It is in fair condition and all but the witness names are plainly visible. Thanks -

MANCUSI / REPASS Marriage Certificate - 1915

I found a Certificate of Marriage at an antique shoppe here in Pa. for John V. MANCUSI of 110 Washington Ave., New Rochelle, NY and Ola Marie REPASS of 25 Anderson Street, New Rochelle, NY. They were married in the state of New York December 30, 1915. Would love to return it to the family! - **Note to Submitter of this Post: Please contact I Dream of Genealogy with your new e-mail address**

*I Dream of Genealogy Note: The Social Security Death Index reports the following on John MANCUSI: SS# 072-01-3322; b. 21 Jun 1895; d. Feb 1968; Residence - New Rochelle, Westchester Co., New York*

MITZEL / STABLEY Marriage Certificate / Photos - 1887 - PA

In a local shop here in York, PA are two items that it saddens me to see hanging there for sale. They are a marriage certificate complete with photos and then a large portrait of the couple from the marriage certificate only much older.
There were also 4 CDV photos of the man in a bin priced within my budget, so I bought those and donated two to the local historical society and I kept the other two which were duplicates of the first two.
The info on the marriage certificate is as follows:
Walter Mitzel of Felton Pa married in Loganville PA to Mary Ellen Stabley of Felton PA. Aug 25 1887. If a descendant of this couple is interested, I can direct them to the location of the marriage certificate and large portrait as long as they are still available in the shop. As for the two CDV photos of Walter, I have one set that I would be happy to pass on to a direct descendant who can show me proof of lineage, or I would scan & e-mail a digital copy to anyone interested.

MOWRY Diploma - 1927

In the bottom of an old trunk I bought at a yard sale,was a college diploma given to Caroline Buchanan Mowry on the 8th of June 1927 from Albright College in Myerstown Pennsylvania. It is as new as the day it was presented. A beauitful diploma that needs to be returned to the relatives of this lady.

Eva OSBORNE Death Certificate - 1993

I have a death certificate that I found in a house we bought
Eva Osborne - Date of death Feb.13,1993, age 49, born June 28, 1943
in Kingsport, Tenn. She lived at 137 S. Main St. London, Madison Co., Ohio. She was divorced. Parents were Roy B. Osborne and Vina Ellen Potts.

If this would be of use to someone of the family let me know. I did write a letter to the informant on the certificate.

Adella ROBERTS Birth Certificate - 1910

I have the Certificate of Birth for Adella A. Roberts born July 6, 1910 whose parents were Arthur and Minnie Kimberly from Utica NY. This record was mailed to our Family History Center from a lady who found it in a box of old sheet music. Would like to find it's rightful home.

Are you in the possession of any lost or interesting family items that need to find their history? If you do, and tell us all about the item, how you acquired it and what you know about it. We will post it here so that others may contact you about it.