Princess Diana Family Tree

Diana Frances Spencer

Birth: 01 JUL 1961 Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Marriage: 29 JUL 1981 St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England
Spouse: Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor Divorced 28 AUG 1996
Father Edward John Spencer  
Mother Frances Ruth Roche  
Death 31 AUG 1997 Paris, France

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor

Birth 14 NOV 1948 Buckingham Palace, London
Spouse Lady Diana Frances Spencer Divorced 28 AUG 1996
Father Philip  
Mother Elizabeth Windsor II  
Children William WINDSOR b. 21 JUN 1982
  Harry WINDSOR b. 15 SEP 1984

Edward John Spencer

Birth 24 JAN 1924 London, England
Marriage 01 JUN 1954 Westminster Abbey, London, England **Divorced 1969**
Spouse Frances Ruth Burke Roche  
Father Albert Edward John Spencer  
Mother Cynthia Eleanor Hamilton  
Children Diana Frances Spencer  
  Sarah Jane Spencer  
  John Spencer  
  Charles Spencer  
Death 29 MAR 1992 London, England

Frances Ruth Burke Roche

Birth 20 JAN 1936 Sandringham, England
Spouse Edward John Spencer  
Father Edmund Maurice Burke-Roche  
Mother Ruth Sylvia GILL  

Albert Edward John Spencer

Birth 23 MAY 1892 London, England
Marriage 26 FEB 1919 Piccadilly
Spouse Cynthia Eleanor Hamilton  
Father Charles Robert Spencer  
Mother Margaret Baring  
Children Edward John Spencer  
Death 09 JUN 1975 Northampton, England

Cynthia Eleanor Hamilton

Birth 16 AUG 1897  
Spouse Albert Edward John Spencer  
Father James Albert Edward Hamilton  
Mother Lady Rosalind Cecilia Catherine Bingham  
Death 04 DEC 1972 Althorp, England

James Albert Edward Hamilton

Third Duke of Abercorn
Birth 30 NOV 1869 Piccadilly
Marriage 01 NOV 1894 Knightsbridge
Spouse Lady Rosalind Cecilia Catherine Bingham  
Death 12 SEP 1953 London, England

Lady Rosalind Cecilia Catherine Bingham

Birth 26 FEB 1869 London, England
Spouse James Albert Edward Hamilton  
Death 18 JAN 1958 London, England

Charles Robert Spencer

Birth 30 OCT 1857  
Marriage 25 JUL 1887 Piccadilly
Spouse Margaret Baring  
Father Frederick Spencer  
Mother Adelaide Horatia  
Children Albert Edward John Spencer  
Death 26 SEP 1922 London, England

Margaret Baring

Birth 14 Dec 1868 London, England
Spouse Charles Robert Spencer  
Death 04 JUL 1906 London, England

Edmund Maurice Burke-Roche

Fourth Baron of Fermoy
Birth 15 MAY 1885 Chelsea, England
Marriage 17 SEP 1931 Bieldside, England
Spouse Ruth Sylvia GILL b. 02 Sep 1908, Bieldside
Father James Boothby Burke-Roche  
Mother Frances E. Work  
Children Frances Ruth Burke-Roche  
Death 08 JUL 1955 King's Lynn, England

James Boothby Burke-Roche

Third Baron of Fermoy

Birth 28 JUL 1851 Twyford Abbey, Middlesex, England
Marriage 22 SEP 1880 New York, NY **Divorced 03 MAR 1891 - Delaware**
Spouse Frances Eleanor Work  
Children Edmund Maurice Burke-Roche  
Death 30 OCT 1920 Westminster, England

Frances Eleanor Work

Birth 27 OCT 1857 New York, NY
Spouse James Boothby Burke-Roche  
Father Franklin H. Work  
Mother Ellen Wood  
Death 26 JAN 1947 New York, NY

Frederick Spencer

Birth 14 Apr 1798 Whitehall, London
Spouse Adelaide Horatia  
Father Horace Beauchamp Seymour  
Mother Elizabeth Palk  
Children Charles Robert Spencer  
Death 27 Dec 1857 Althorp, Brington, Northamptonshire, England

Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour

Birth 27 Jan 1825 London
Spouse Frederick Spencer  
Death 29 Oct 1877 Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England

Franklin H. Work

Birth 10 FEB 1819 Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio
Marriage 19 FEB 1857 New York, NY
Spouse Eleanor Wood  
Father John Work  
Mother Sarah Boude  
Children Frances E. Work  
  George Peet Work d. 1905
  Lucy Work d. 21 MAR 1934, m. 27 APR 1887 Peter Cooper HEWITT (No Issue)
Death 16 MAR 1911 New York City, NY
Notes *Frank Work grew up poor in the "Dogsburg" section of Chillicothe, Ohio. In the 1830's he left his widowed mother, when he was just a teenager. He eventually landed in New York City where he worked for a dry goods merchant named William J. DAILEY, also from Chillicothe. Frank liked to invest his money in horses; he was a protege of Commodore VANDERBILT, and through him, entered Wall Street. His fortune amassed $17 million at his death in 1911.

Eleanor (Ellen) Wood

Birth 18 JUL 1831 Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio
Spouse Franklin H. Work  
Father John Wood  
Mother Eleanor Strong  
Death 22 FEB 1877 New York City, NY

John Work

Birth 28 NOV 1781 Plymouth, England
Marriage 02 FEB 1808 Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse Sarah Boude  
Father John Work  
Mother Sarah  
Children Franklin H. Work  
Death 17 APR 1823 Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio

Sarah Boude

Birth 1790 Elkridge Landing, Maryland
Marriage 02 FEB 1808 Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse John Work  
Father Joseph Boude  
Mother Barbara BLACK  
Children Franklin H. Work  
Death 1860 Columbus, Ohio

Joseph Boude

Birth 13 DEC 1740 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 11 DEC 1781 Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse Barbara BLACK  
Children Sarah Boude  
John Wood    
Birth 29 JUL 1785 Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Marriage 13 MAR 1823 Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH
Spouse Eleanor Strong  
Children William Bond Wood b. 1828
  John Wood b. 1829; d. 1865, Wabash, Indiana Married Jane DUNN (3 Children)
  Thomas Wood b. 1830, d. aft 1850
  Ellen Wood b. 18 Jul 1831
  George Wood b. 17 Dec 1832; d. aft 1871, m. 27 Jun 1860 to Sarah McDonald GERARD (2 Children)
  Charles Wood b. 1845; died young aft 1850
Death 29 JAN 1848 Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH **Buried Grandview Cemetery**

Eleanor Strong

Birth Circa 1802 Philadelphia, PA
Spouse John Wood  
Father Joseph Strong  
Mother Rebecca Young  
Death 09 JUL 1863 New York, NY

Joseph Strong, M.D.

Birth 10 MAR 1770 South Coventry, CT
Marriage 08 SEP 1796 Philadelphia, PA
Spouse Rebecca Young  
Children Eleanor Strong  
Father Benjamin Strong  
Mother Lucy Bishop  
Death 24 APR 1812 Philadelphia, PA

Rebecca Young

Birth 05 MAY 1779 Philadelphia, PA
Spouse Joseph Strong  
Death 08 JUN 1862 Piqua, Miami Co., Ohio

Benjamin Strong

Birth 13 OCT 1740 Coventry, Tolland, CT
Marriage 09 MAR 1769 Coventry, Tolland, CT
Spouse Lucy Bishop  
Children Joseph Strong  
Father Joseph Strong  
Mother Elizabeth  
Death 25 NOV 1809 Coventry, Tolland, CT

Lucy Bishop

Birth 21 DEC 1747 Norwich, New London, CT
Spouse Benjamin Strong  
Father Caleb Bishop  
Mother Keziah Hibbard  
Death 27 NOV 1783 Coventry, Tolland, CT

Caleb Bishop

Birth 16 MAR 1715/16 Norwich, New London, CT
Marriage 19 APR 1739 Norwich, New London, CT
Spouse Keziah Hibbard  
Father Samuel Bishop  
Mother Sarah Fobes  
Children Lucy Bishop  
Death 16 FEB 1785 Guilford, New Haven, CT

Keziah Hibbard

Birth 19 MAY 1722 Windham, Windham Co, CT
Spouse Caleb Bishop  
Father Ebenezer Hibbard
Mother Margaret Morgan  

Samuel Bishop

Birth FEB 1677/78 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Marriage 02 JAN 1704/05 Norwich, New London, CT
Spouse Sarah Fobes  
Children Caleb Bishop  
Father Samuel Bishop  
Mother Hester Cogswell  
Death 18 NOV 1760 Norwich, New London, CT

Ebenezer Hibbard

Birth MAY 1682 Wenham, Essex, MA
Spouse Margaret Morgan  
Children Keziah Hibbard  
Death OCT 1732 Windham, Windham, CT

Margaret Morgan

Birth 28 JUL 1686 Preston, New London, CT
Spouse Ebenezer Hibbard  
Father Joseph Morgan  
Mother Dorothy Parke  

Samuel Bishop

Birth 1645 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Marriage 24 AUG 1675 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Spouse Hester Cogswell  
Father Thomas Bishop  
Mother Margaret  
Children Samuel Bishop  
Death 02 MAR 1686/87 Ipswich, Essex, MA

Hester Cogswell

Spouse Samuel Bishop  
Father William Cogswell  
Mother Susannah Hawkes  
Death 17 JAN 1702/03  

William Cogswell

Birth 1618 Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Marriage 1649/50 Lynn, Essex, MA
Spouse Susannah Hawkes  
Children Hester Cogswell  
Father John Cogswell  
Mother Elizabeth Thompson  
Death 15 DEC 1700 Ipswich, Essex, MA

Susannah Hawkes

Birth 13 AUG 1633 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
Spouse William Cogswell  
Father Adam Hawkes  
Mother Anne Brown  
Death AUG 1696 Ipswich, Essex, MA

John Hawkes

Birth 13 AUG 1633 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
Marriage 1: 03 JUN 1658  
Spouse 1: Rebecca Maverick  
Marriage 2: 11 NOV 1661  
Spouse 2: Sarah Cushman  
Father Adam Hawkes  
Mother Anne Brown Hutchinson  
Death 05 AUG 1694 Lynn, Essex, MA

John Cogswell

Birth 1592 Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Marriage 10 SEP 1615 Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Spouse Elizabeth Thompson  
Father Edward Cogswell  
Mother Alice ADLAM  
Children William Cogswell  
Death 29 NOV 1669 Ipswich, Essex, MA

Elizabeth THOMPSON

Birth 1594 Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Spouse John Cogswell  
Father William Thompson  
Mother Phillis  
Death 02 JUN 1676 Ipswich, Essex, MA

Adam Hawkes

Birth 26 JAN 1605 (Christening) St. Andrews Church , Hingham, Norfolk, England
Marriage Abt. 1631 Charlestown, Massachusetts
Spouse Anne Brown Hutchinson  
Landing 1630 Charlestown, Massachusetts
Father John Hawkes  
Children John Hawkes *Born 1631/32, Charlestown MA Death: Before 1633, Charlestown, MA
  Susannah Hawkes  
  John Hawkes  
Death 13 MAR 1672 Lynn, Essex, MA

Anne Brown Hutchinson

Birth 1591 Lincolnshire, England
Spouse Adam Hawkes *Other Spouse: William HUTCHINSON Married: 09 AUG 1612
Landed 1630 Charlestown, Massachusetts
Father Edward Brown *Born 09 SEP 1586
Mother Jane Lide *Born Abt. 1578
Death 04 OCT 1669 Lynn, Essex, MA

Joseph Morgan

Birth 29 OCT 1646 Roxbury, MA
Marriage 26 APR 1670 New London, New London, CT
Spouse Dorothy Parke  
Father James Morgan  
Mother Margery Hill  
Children Margaret Morgan  
Death 05 APR 1704 Preston, New London, CT

Dorothy Parke

Birth 06 MAR 1651 New London, New London, CT
Spouse Joseph Morgan  
Father Thomas Parke  
Mother Dorothy Thompson  
Death   Preston, New London, CT

Thomas Parke

Birth 1616 Hitcham, Suffolk, England
Marriage Circa 1644 Roxbury, Massachusetts
Spouse Dorothy Thompson  
Children Dorothy Parke  
Father Robert Parke  
Mother Martha Chaplin  
Death 30 JUL 1709 Preston, New London, CT

Dorothy Thompson

Birth Circa 1624 Preston Capes, Northamptonshire, England
Spouse Thomas Parke  
Father John Thompson  
Mother Alice    
Death Circa 1707  

Robert Parke

Birth Circa 1580 Postingford, Suffolk, England
Marriage 09 FEB 1601 Semer, Suffolk, England
Spouse Martha Chaplin  
Father Robert Parke  
Mother Alice Chaplin  
Children Thomas Parke  
Death 14 MAR 1664 Connecticut

Martha Chaplin

Birth Circa 1583 Semer, Suffolk, England
Spouse Robert Parke  
Father William Chaplin  
Death Circa 1643  

Robert Parke

Birth   Gestingthorpe, Suffolk, England
Marriage 1579 Sudbury, Suffolk, England
Spouse Alice Chaplin  
Children Robert Parke  
Father William Parke  
Death Circa 1593