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Part III - George and Rebecca Morehead in Arizona Vital Records

Now that the family structure of the Morehead family has been outlined post-1920, vital records of death were searched for George and Rebecca Morehead.  They were living in 1930 Arizona, so Arizona Death Certificates were searched 1

The following records were located:

1] State of Arizona - Certificate of Death - Year 1950 # 443

Date of Death:  20 Jan 1950 at Pima Co. Hospital in Tucson

George Morehead - male - white - widowed - born 26 May 1873 in Ohio - age 76 yrs., 7 mos., 24 days - Occupation: Retired

Home Address:  1717 E. 8th St., Tucson

Father's Name:  Abraham Morehead

Mother's Name:  Susan Miller

Cause of Death - Myocardial Failure - Autopsy Conducted

Burial:  South Lawn Cemetery - Tucson

Informant:  Mrs. E.F. Urech, Tucson

**This certificate notes that George died in January 1950 and had been predeceased by his wife, Rebecca.  His parents are now known to be Abraham Morehead and Susan Miller, and that he was buried in South Lawn Cemetery, Tucson.  The informant is listed as Mrs. E.F. Urech; informants should always be noted.  Often they are family members; possibly a daughter with a married name. 

2]  State of Arizona Death Certificate - Year 1947 #432

Date of Death:  21 Jun 1947 at Pima Co. Hospital, Tucson

Rebecca A. Morehead - white - female - married - born 10 Feb 1874 in Tennessee - age 73 yrs., 4 mos., 11 days - Housewife

Home Address:  1725 E. 8th St (Rear) - Tucson

Years in Arizona:  18   - Years in Tucson:  18

Father's Name:  Joseph H. Simpson

Mother's Name:  Unknown

Cause of Death:  Colon Cancer

Burial :  South Lawn Cemetery, Tucson

Informant:  Mrs. Jessie Ross, Tucson

**This certificate reveals that Rebecca Morehead died in June 1947 in Tucson.  It also states that they had been in Arizona for 18 years, which places their arrival there about 1929.  We also now know that her maiden name was Rebecca Simpson and her father was Joseph Simpson and they, as noted in the census report,  were from Tennessee.  The informant was  Mrs. Jessie Ross, who may be the daughter Jessie noted in the 1920 census in Montana. 

During the search of vital records, an Arizona death certificate was also found for Jessie Ross:

3]  State of Arizona Certificate of Death - Year 1959 No. 8025

Date of Death:  08 Oct 1959 at Tucson Medical Center

Jessie Mae Ross - female - white - divorced - born 07 Dec 1899 in Indiana - age 59 - Occupation: Seamstress

Home Address:  5510 East Rosewood, Tucson

Father's Name:  George Morehead

Mother's Name:  Adelaide Simpson

Cause of Death - Cerebral Thrombosis

Burial:  South Lawn Cemetery - Tucson

Informant:  Robert H. Ross - 5510 E. Rosewood, Tucson

**This death certificate for Jessie Mae Ross, the daughter of George and Rebecca, reveals that Rebecca also went by Adelaide, which may be her given middle name, as she has been previously noted as Rebecca A. Morehead.  It also reveals that Jessie was born in 1899 in Indiana, which now places the family at that time. 

Part IV - Morehead Family in Census Records of Ohio 1880-1910

Census research now resumes in 1910.  According to previous censuses, some of the children were born in the years around 1910 in Ohio.  The 1910 search was concentrated there.  The following record was located. 

1910 U.S. Federal Census - Ohio - Highland Co. - Fairfield Twp. - E.D. # 118 - Sheet 1B and 2A  - Lines 99-100 ; 1-6

MOREHEAD, George R. - age 36 - white male - born in Ohio - parents born in Ohio - Occupation Farmer

Addie - wife - age 35 - white female - born in Tennessee - parents born in Tennessee - occupation - housekeeper at home

Lula B. - daughter - age 11 - female - born in Tennessee

Jessey M. - daughter - age 10 -  born in Indiana

Ralph S. - son - age 6 - born in Ohio

Mary R.  - daughter - age 4 - born in Ohio

Howard A. - son - age 9 mos. - born in Ohio

WRIGHT, William D. - boarder - age 62 - born in Ohio - Own Income

** Other information contained in this 1910 census account:  George and Addie had been married 13 yrs., placing the marriage circa 1897. The farm was rented;  Lula and Jessey had attended school during the year; George, Addie, Lula, and Jessey are listed as able to read and write. 

This 1910 census record places the family in Highland Co., Ohio where George was a farmer.  Ages are consistent with those stated in the 1920 census in Montana.  An older daughter, Lula has now been located 

Next searched was the 1900 census of Ohio and Indiana.  After a thorough search that included indexes of Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee, no record could be located for George using spelling variants of Morehead, including Moorhead and soundex spellings under George, as well as his initials G. and G.R.  Families are not located in some census records for any variety of reasons; not home,  misindexed, misspellings, census page no longer readable, etc.  A

According to reports, daughter Jessie May was born in Indiana in Dec. 1899, and the family was next located in 1910 in Highland Co., Ohio.  It's possible that they were in the process of relocating their family  during the census enumeration.  . 

As most parts of the 1890 census no longer exist, census research continued in 1880.  George Morehead was born abt. 1873, and should he be located he would be a young boy, possibly living with his parents.  The following record was located. 

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Ohio, Carroll Co., Augusta Twp. E.D. 30, p. 8, Lines 9 - 17

MOREHEAD, A. - age 41 - white male - Married - Farmer - born in Ohio - Father born in Virginia - Mother born in Germany

Susan - wife - age 41 - white female - Married - Keeping House - born in Ohio - parents born in Ohio

Rosa Eugenia - daughter - age 13 - at home - born in Ohio

Anna - daughter - age 11 - at home - born in Ohio

Lilley L. - daughter - age 9 - born in Ohio

George R. - son - age 7 - born in Ohio

Thomas L. - son - age 4 - born in Ohio

Bertha M. - daughter - age 6 mos. - born in Ohio

PHILLIPS, Leah - sister - age 30 - white female - Widowed - born in Ohio

**This record finds young George in 1880 as a 7 year old.  From his death certificate we know his parents were named Abraham and Susan, most likely the A. and Susan in this record.  Also several of George's sibliings are listed here and some can be used to help locate the family in the 1870 census.  Also a widowed sister of Abraham named Leah; that information may be helpful as we try to locate Abraham Morehead in early censuses. 

We also see that the very early Morehead family came from Virginia.  Abraham would have been born circa 1840 in Ohio and before that the family may be located in  Virginia. 

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