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Part I - Outline

Barbara Eden was born Barbara Jean Morehead on 23 Aug 1931** in Tuscon, AZ to Hubert Henry Morehead and Alice Mary Franklin.  Hubert and Alice divorced when Barbara was young, after she relocated with her mother to California and her mother remarried.  Barbara graduated from high school in San Francisco as Barbara Huffman

In 1951, Barbara was Miss San Francisco and July 18, 1953 she was the featured vocalist of the Russ Byrd Band and performed at the San Mateo Firemans Ball, and toured throughout the West with the band through 1954. 

In 1955, Barbara chosen as one of the Wampas Baby Stars for 1956, and later changed her name to "Barbara Eden"  A 50+ year and highly-successful career in stage, television, and movies ensued, and of course she is best known to millions for her role in the 60's television classic "I Dream of Jeannie".  She continues to enjoy prominence in her career and in 2011 released a memoir titled "Jeannie Out of the Bottle"

In her public personal life, she married to Michael Ansara  11 January 1958 in North Hollywood in a private ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.  Their son,  Matthew Ansara,  was born 29 Aug 1965 and died 25 Jun 2001.  Barbara and Michael Ansara divorced in May 1974. 

Barbara married Chuck Fegert, a business executive, in Long Grove Illinois on Saturday, September 3, 1977 in a lavish ceremony.  In August 1982, they announced their separation and later divorced.  Barbara's third marriage took place on January 5, 1991 to Jon Eicholtz in a small ceremony at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the same Cathedral where Barbara was baptized. 

This report will endeavor to follow and construct the paternal Morehead line

Part II - George R. Morehead Family

Barbara's paternal father was Hubert Henry Morehead.  He was born 17 Apr 1911 in Ohio and died 18 Mar 1974 in Los Angeles.  In an attempt to construct the basic outline of the Morehead family, census research was undertaken.  Hubert was born in 1911 in Ohio; his daughter Barbara was born in 1934 in Arizona.   The latest Federal census available is 1930; being more likely that the family was in Arizona in 1930 than Ohio, the search began in 1930 Arizona.  The following record was located: 

1930 US Federal Census, Arizona, Pima Co., Tucson City ; E.D. 10-41; Sheet 13B Lines 78-81
1930 Address:  1725 E. 8th St., Tucson

MOREHEAD, George - age 56 -married at age 24 - Renter ($35/mo.) - Born in Ohio - Father Born in Ohio - Mother born in Michigan - No Occupation
Rebecca -  wife - age 56 - married at age 23 - Born in Tennessee - Parents born in Tennessee - Occupation:  Editor Farm Papers
Howard - son - age 21 - single - Born in Ohio - Father born in Ohio - Mother born in Tennessee - Occupation: Driver - Taxi/Bus
Hubert - son - age 19 - single - Born in Ohio - Father born in Ohio - Mother born in Tennessee - Occupation - Meat Cutter - Packing Plant

**This 1930 record shows George and Rebecca Morehead and 2 sons living in Tucson, Arizona.  Barbara's father Hubert is listed as single, so his marriage most likely took place between 1930 and 1934 when Barbara was born.  This census also indicates that all members of this household are able to read / write / and speak English.

The record gives insight and a basic structure of where to continue searching - both Morehead sons were born in Ohio between 1909 and 1911.  It also indicates that the father, George, was born circa 1874 in Ohio, so the Morehead line should be found in Ohio during that time period.  The mother, Rebecca, was born according to this report circa 1874 in Tennessee as were her parents; so Rebecca'sl line may be found there. 

Next to search for the family was the 1920 census; however the family was not found in the 1920 census index for Arizona, nor were they located in Ohio.  It is possible that the family was migrating westward during this period, so obvious states to search were Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and California.  The following record was located: 

1920 U.S. Federal Census - Montana - Cascade Co. - School Distr #61 - E.D. # 56 - Sheet 4A - Lines 1-7

MOOREHEAD*, George R. - age 46 - white male - born in Ohio - parents born in Ohio - Occupation Farmer - Grain Farm

Rebecca - wife - age 45 - white female - born in Tennessee - parents born in Tennessee - occupation - housekeeper at home

Jessie May - daughter - age 20 - Single - born in Indiana - father born in Ohio - mother born in Tennessee - No occupation

Ralph S. - son - age 15 - born in Ohio - father born in Ohio - mother born in Tennessee - No occupation

Mary Ruth - daughter - age 13 - born in Ohio - father born in Ohio - mother born in Tennessee - No occupation

Howard A. - son - age 10 - born in Ohio - father born in Ohio - mother born in Tennessee - No occupation

Hubert H. - son - age 8 - born in Ohio - father born in Ohio - mother born in Tennessee - No occupation

**Note Morehead is spelled Moorehead in this record - missspellings were common among census enumerators.  Other information contained in this 1920 census account:  The house was owned and under mortgage; all five children had attended school during the year; all household members, except Hubert, are listed as able to read and write. 

This 1920 census record fills in the family structure even more; it tells us that after leaving Ohio, the family spent time in Cascade Co., Montana where George was a farmer.  Ages are consistent with those stated in the 1930 census in Arizona.  Three children older than Hubert and Howard have now been located, 2 girls and 1 boy, Jessie May, Mary Ruth, and Ralph S., respectively.  Not located with the family in 1930, it is possible that they had married and started their own families by that time. 


**Most printed and online sources list date of birth for Barbara Morehead as 23 Aug 1934; however, Arizona birth certificate is dated 23 Aug 1931. 

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