Kaess / Ochiltree / Swartz
Family History

Kaess / Ochiltree / Swartz
Family History



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The Kaess/Ochiltree/Swartz Family History Book


Copyright 2012



"Soldiers weary, now at rest.
Dream of battle fields no more." - Rebecca Ochiltree

This Kaess/Ochiltree/Swartz Family History was put together by Brian Paul Kaess, a current resident of Durango, Mexico and USA citizen. For the Ochiltrees and some of the Swartz’family members, Brian used a book called ‘History of the House of Ochiltree of Ayrshire, Scotland, with the Genealogy of those who came to America and of some of the Allied Families 1124-1916.’The Author is Clementine Brown Railey. Brian also compiled info while on a trip to Germany in 1990. Much of this info is now in the possession of Garret Thomas Kaess, a resident of Noblesville, IN.

James Ochiltree- Brian Kaess’ 5th Great Grandfather

D. James Ochiltree, born 1740-5 in Scotland, d. abt Dec 6 1803

The Millers

American Revolutionary Veteran Henry Miller Sr- Brian Kaess' 5th Gr. Grandfather

MI. Henry Miller Sr. (b. 1726 in Londonderry, Ireland, d. Oct 3 1798 in Rockbridge Co, VA) m. abt 1755 Rebecca Boggs Miller (1736-1816) in Londonderry, Ireland.  Buried in Miller-Irwin Cemetery in Lexington, VA. Brian Kaess’ 5th Great Grandfather.

   MI.6. Jean Miller (1776-1851), m. Capt Thomas Ochiltree

Capt. Thomas Ochiltree- Brian Kaess’ 4th Great Grandfather

D.5. Capt. Thomas Ochiltree, b. 1775, d. Apr 28 1812 in Rockbridge County, VA, m. to Jean Miller on Feb 18 1796. War of 1812 veteran.

  D.5.8. David Alexander Ochiltree; m. Jane Leech. 

The Leeches

LE. John Leech, Sr (b. Apr 1739 in Ireland-d. Feb 16 1820), m. Martha McComb (b. 1744, d. Jun 19 1804), revolutionary soldier. Buried in Oxford Presbyterian Cemetery, Lexington, VA

LE.1. David Leech (1764-1840), m. Margaret Miller

LE.1.1. Jane Leech (b. Jan 27 1811, d. Oct 31 1885) , m. David Alexander Ochiltree

The Gibbony's and Haller's and Major's - Virginia Families

American Revolutionary Ancestor Pvt John Jacob Haller- Brian Kaess' 5th Gr- Grandfather

HAL. Pvt John Jacob Haller Sr, (b. 1748- d. Sep 12 1824) and Maria Magdalena Fackler Haller (b. Jun 5 1752- d. Dec 6 1823).

Confederate Ancestor Robert E Gibboney- Brian Kaess' 3rd Gr. Grandfather

GIB.1. Commissioner Robert E Gibboney, b. Dec 10 1810 in Drumnakilly, Co Tyrone, Ireland, d. Apr 17 1867 in Exchange Hotel in Richmond, VA; Worked for CSA Prices Commission, Delegate to Virginia Assembly. Married Elizabeth G. Haller on Sep 12 1833 in Wythe County, VA; Worked directly for the Confederate Congress. Active in Impressment activities. His parents were Thomas Gibbony (1784-1839) and Margaret Kyle (1786-1853). Buried in East End Cemetery, Wytheville, VA. Brian Kaess' 3rd Gr. Grandfather.

MAJ. Wm. W. Major, m. E. Bright. John E Major's Father was William Watson Major (b. 1810). His Grandparents were John Major (1777-1844) and Lucretia Tinsley (1787-1839). Brian Kaess' 3rd Gr Grandparents.

HAL.1. Dr John Haller, b. Jul 20 1780, d. Jun 5 1839, m. Catherine Salome Goering (b. Aug 12 1791, d. Sep 16 1870 in USA) on Apr 28 1815. Native of York, PA. Delegate to Virginia Assembly from Wytheville, VA, from 1811-1813. Buried in St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery in Wytheville, VA. Brian Kaess' 4th Gr. Grandparents.

HAL.1.1. Elizabeth Goering Haller, b. Feb 12 1816, d. Apr 7 1884, m. Col Robert E. Gibboney. Brian Kaess' 3rd Gr Grandparents.

MAJ.1. John Edward Major (1848-1913), m. Eva Haller Gibbony, John E Major's Father was William Watson Major (b. 1810). His Grandparents were John Major (1777-1844) and Lucretia Tinsley (1787-1839).

  GIB.1.7. Eva or 'Evie' Haller Gibbony Major, b. Jun 12 1858 in Wythe Co, VA, d. aft 1930, m. Aug 7 1888 to John Edward Major in Wytheville, VA. She was deaf at the age of 2 from scarlet fever. Buried in Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Middlebrook, VA. Brian Kaess' 2nd Gr. Grandparents

    GIB.1.7.1. or MAJ.1.1. Gayry Elizabeth Gibbony Major

    GIB.1.7.2. or MAJ.1.2. Emily Major, m. to Napoleon Bailey Blackwell

David Alexander Ochiltree - Brian Kaess’ 3rd Gr. Grandfather

D.5.8. David Alexander Ochiltree, b. Apr 17 1812 in Rockbridge County, VA, d. Jan 9 1888, m. Aug. 25 1837 to Jane Leech. Buried in High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA.

D.5.8.1. or CV.2. Pvt Thomas Alexander Ochiltree; b. Mar 1 1839,  DOI  Jul 24 1862 in the Military Hospital at Lynchburg, VA. was a member of Co E, 52nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry. Buried at High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA.

D.5.8.2. or CV.3. Pvt David Leech Ochiltree, b. Oct 13 1840; Enlisted Aug 1 1861 at Staunton, VA. DOI Apr 27 1862 at the military hospital in Staunton, VA. He was a member of Co E, 52nd Regiment, Virginia Inf. Buried at High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA.

D.5.8.3. William Henry Ochiltree, b. Jun 28 1842 , d. Jan 2 1890 in VA.  He spent six years at the Institute for the Blind, Staunton, Va. Attended Washington and Lee University. He married Irene Miller on Apr 30 1885, of Cumberland Co., Va. He was buried in VA.

D.5.8.4. or CV.4. Pvt James Samuel Ochiltree, youngest son of David and Jane (Leech) Ochiltree, b. Aug 13 1844 in Rockbridge Co, VA,  KIA Nov 12 1864 at Cedarville, Warren Co., VA. He served in Co E, 52nd Regiment, Virginia Inf. He joined the Cavalry, was killed in a charge, at Cedarville, six miles below Front Royal. Buried at High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA.

D.5.8.5. Margaret Jean Ochiltree, b. Jun 10 1847 on the old Ochiltree homestead, near the Natural Bridge, d. Aug 5, 1928, m. Jun 29 1874 to Joseph G Swartz. She fed the troops of Gens. Hunter and Early during the Civil War. She taught in the public schools of Rockbridge Co. for eleven years. Buried at High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA.

    D. or SW.1.1 Harry Alexander Swartz

    D. or SW.1.2. Emmett Agassiz Swartz

    D. or SW.1.3. Newell Kirkpatrick Taylor Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.1. Joseph G. Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.2. Ruth Elizabeth Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.3. Newell M Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.4. Margaret Jane Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.5. Eloise Haller Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.6. Kathlene Wilison Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.7. Carlyle Ochiltree Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.8. Paul Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.9. Francis Thurman Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.10. Dorothy Arnette Swartz

      D. or SW.1.3.11. Francis Aubrey Swartz

D.5.8.6. Rebecca Agnes Ochiltree, b. Feb 3 1949, d. Aug 11 1905. Her mother's comfort, after her father's death.

The Swarz / Swartz Family

SW. Eli Swarz, b. Aug 22 1823 in Augusta County, VA, d. Mar 16 1874 in Broad Creek, Rockbridge County, VA, m. to Francis (Fannie) Coffman on May 2 1844 in Rockingham Co, VA. Buried in High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA. Brian Kaess’ 3rd Gr.Grandfather.

  SW.1. Joseph Godfrey Swartz, b. Mar 18 1847, d. May 1 1887 in Fredricksburg, VA.

    SW.1.1. Harry A. Swartz, b. 4/10/1875, d. 1962, m. Dora Ann Mohler on Oct 24 1908 in Rockbridge County, VA. 2nd m. to Oral Permelia Miller on Nov 5 1930. Oral (Miller) Swartz b. Apr 14 1904, d. Jan 4 1992.

      SW.1.1.1. Louise Swartz, b. 1913; 1st and only child of Dora Mohler and Harry A Swartz, m. Lewis McDaniel.

        SW. Edward

          SW. Allen

          SW. Lewis

      SW.1.1.2. Marquerite Permelia, b. Aug 3 1931, 1st child of Ora Permelia Miller and Harry A Swartz, m. Charles Thomas Williams on Dec 19 1959. Residents of Forest, VA.

        SW. Albert Alexander Williams, b. 1968

        SW. Arthur Thomas Williams, b. 1970

      SW.1.1.3. Dorothy Mae Swartz, b. 1934, 2nd child of Ora Permelia Miller and Harry A Swartz, m. William C Arndt on Jun 26 1959.

      SW.1.1.4. Harry Alexander Swartz Jr, b. Mar 17 1935, d. Nov 8 2002, 3rd child of Ora P Miller and Harry A Swartz, m. Eleanor Mae Manspile on Jun 7 1959. Buddy worked as a Farmer and at Georgia Pacific Paper Mill in Big Island, VA.

        SW. Harry Timothy Swartz, b. 1959, m. Donna Gayle Hamilton on Aug 3 1979.

          SW. Jason Trent Swartz, b. 1983

          SW. Jesse Adam Swartz, b. 1983

          SW. Jared Nathan Swartz. b. 1991

        SW. Dawn Elizabeth Swartz, b. 1961 in Lexington, VA, m. Aug 22 1980 to Darrell Edward Fitzgerald.

          SW. Ashley Dawn Fitzgerald, b. 1984

          SW. Justin Edward Fitzgerald, b. 1988

        SW. Jeffrey Lynn Swartz, b. 1964 in Lexington, VA, m. Jane Elizabeth Jarvis on Apr 25 1987.

          SW. Kristin Elizabeth Swartz, b. 1989

        SW. Fredrick Keith Swartz

          SW. Amanda Nicole

    SW.1.2. Emmett Agassiz Swartz, b. 9/20/1878 in Lexington, VA, d. 1969 in Clifton Forge, VA, m. Oct 31 1909 to Bessie Turpin Ackerly.

      SW.1.2.1. Roy A. Swartz

      SW.1.2.2. Elizebeth J. Swartz

    SW.1.3. Newell K T Swartz

  SW.2. Johnathan William Swartz, b. Oct 21 1848 in VA, d. Aug 2 1873

  SW.3. James Buchanan Swartz, b. Oct 6 1850 in VA. Died in Elkton, VA. Married Mollie J Swarz or Miss Gooley.

    SW.3.1. Virginia B. Swartz

  SW.4. Hannah V Swartz, b. Nov 1852 in VA, d. Mar 20 1890, m. William H H Spicer

  SW.5. Jacob Coffman Swartz, b. Feb 10 1855 in Natural Bridge, VA. Buried in Lynchburg, VA.

  SW.6. David Henry Swartz, b. Jul 21 1857 in Middlebrook, VA. Died Jan 23 1913 and is buried in Buchanan, VA.

  SW.7. Daniel H Swartz, b. 1858 in VA

  SW.8. Margaret Elizabeth Swartz, b. Apr 6 1862 in Rockbridge, VA, d. 1888.

Joseph Godfrey Swartz - Brian Kaess’ 2nd Great Grandfather

         SW.1 Prof. Joseph Godfrey Swartz, b. Mar 18 1847 in VA, d. May 1, 1887 in Fredericksburg, VA. Enlisted Apr 18, 1864.  Served in Miller’s Company, Rockbridge County, Virginia Reserves Infantry. This unit was also known as the 'Boys Company' or Junior Reserves. He entered Roanoke College in 1869 or 1870. 1st student at Roanoke College to have an Indian roommate. B.A. Washington and Lee University 1873. Married to Margaret Jean Ochiltree June 29, 1874. He became a Professor at Virginia Military Institute and also a Principal in Fredericksburg, VA. Buried in High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, VA. Brian Kaess’ 2nd Gr. Grand Father.

       D. SW.1.1. Harry Alexander Swartz

       D. or SW.1.2. Emmett Agassiz Swartz

Newell K T Swartz - Brian Kaess’ Great Grandfather

       D. or SW.1.3. Newell Kirkpatrick Taylor Swartz; b. March 28, 1881 - d. May 19 1946. Son of Joseph Godfrey Swartz. m., July 31, 1909, to Gayry Elizabeth Gibbony Major, of Augusta Co., Va. Newell was the owner of Cliftondale Poultry Farm. Buried in Broad Creek ARP Church Cemetery in Rockbridge County, VA. (see WW2 Swartz Family)

Gayry Elizabeth Gibbony Major - Brian Kaess' Gr. Grandmother

       GIB.1.7.1. Gayry Elizabeth Gibbony Major (b. Jun 22 1888 in Mint Springs, VA - d. Dec 8 1935 in Washington D.C.), m. Newell K T Swartz (1881-1946) on Jul 31 1909. She may have married Newell Swartz in Hot Springs, VA. On her tombstone the birth date is listed as Jun 26 1889 and death date as Dec 4 1935. Brian F Swartz says she died when a car ran over her accidentally in the 1930's. Buried in Broad Creek ARP Cemetery, Rockbridge County, VA.

Talmage Edward Dawson- Brian Kaess Maternal Grandfather

    DW.1. PFC Talmage Edward Dawson, (b. Oct 9, 1894  in Topeka, Kansas- d. May 8 1974, Northbrook, IL). Native of Kansas. Worked as a Typographer for the Pittsburg Kansan, a Kansas newspaper. Registered for the Draft for WW1 in Crawford County, Kansas, on June 5 1917. Served in the U.S. Army in WW1 on the West Front in France. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in May 28 1918 and was Honorably discharged on Jun 8 1919. Served in HQ's Co, 351st Inf Reg, 88th Infantry Division. Entitled to wear a gold war service decoration. Married to Margaret Jane Swartz. Brian Kaess' Maternal Grandfather.

      DW.1.1. Mary Ellen (Dawson) Kaess, b. 1945, child of Margaret J. Swartz.

      DW.1.2. Wanda Dawson, b. circa 1932. Brian Kaess' half-Aunt.

         DW.1.2.1. Kenneth

The World War Two Swartz Family

D. Sgt. Joseph Gibboney Swartz b. May 10 1910 in VA., d. Sept 28 1975 in Dallas, TX. Resident of Rockbridge Co., VA. Enlisted in the U.S. Army at Ft. Myer, VA on Sep 30 1942. Discharged Oct 18 1945. 4 wives: Patricia, Vivian, Frances, Mary McGuire Pennington. Buried in Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.

D. Ruth Elizabeth Swartz Shannon, b. 1912, d. Feb 26 1971 in Laurel, MD, buried in Union Cemetery, MD.

D. Newell Major Swartz, b. May 16 1913 at Warm Springs, VA, d. Oct 13 1947 in Pikesville, MD, m. Harriet Ann Potts (b. Jun 14 1919 in Covington, KY, d. Mar 29 2004 in La Grande, OR) on Aug 12 1938 in Laurel, MD. Lived in the Natural Bridge area before moving to Aguasco, MD, as a young boy. Member of Iron Workers Union in Washington D.C. Built ships during WW2 at Wilmington, DE, and Southern Maryland. After Newell died, Harriet Potts married Earl M Cunningham and moved the family to Phoenix, AZ.

D. Margaret Jane (Swartz) Langley, b. 10 Jun 1914 near the Natural Bridge, Virginia - d. Mar 12 1997 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX. Daughter of Newell K T Swarz. Resident of Chicago and Dallas and San Antonio. Resident of Spanish Trace Apartments. Waitress and Antique Collector. Owned antique store called 'The Eagle's Nest.' Married Talmage Edward Dawson. Dog Lover. One child: Marie Ellen Dawson. 2nd husband was Norman Langley. Brian Kaess' Maternal Grandmother.

D. Eloise Haller Swartz, b. Sep 11 1915, died young.

D. Kathlene Wilson Swartz, b. Nov 7 1916, d. 1972, m. John Anderson. Residents of Laurel, MD.

D. Lt. Col. Carlyle Ochiltree Swartz (Ret), b. 27 Jul 1918 in Natural Bridge, VA, d. Oct 11 1996 in Englewood, Sarasota Co., FL. Resident of Prince George's County, Maryland. Attended Baden Agricultural H.S. in Maryland; Study at University of Maryland in 1936-37. Enlisted in U.S. Army Infantry on Feb. 3, 1941 at Laurel, Maryland. Married Mary Frances Ryon (age 22) on Apr 18 1942 in Washington D.C.; Discharged on Mar 1, 1961. Commissioned after enlistment. WW2 and Korean War Veteran. Served in Army Corps of Engineers. Studied in Leipheim, Germany, from 1954-56. Catholic. Member of St. Raphael Church. Married to Phyllis Pratt on Nov 1988. One Son: Richard C. Swartz. Buried in Gulf Pines Memorial Cemetery, Englewood, FL.

D. RM2 (Radio's Mate 2nd Class) Paul Rudolph Swartz, b. 15 Aug 1919 near the Natural Bridge, Virginia, d. Jan 2 1943 in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of New Caledonia. Cause of death: Meningitis. Served in the U.S. Navy during WW2 and was ‘Buried at Sea’ on Jan 2, 1943. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy on Dec 15 1941 in Washington D.C. He was aboard an American-chartered cargo ship (MS Sommelsdyk) in the Pacific Ocean when he died at sea. His name is inscribed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii.

D. Francis Thurman Swartz, b. Oct 1 1921, died young.

D. Dorothy Arnette Swartz, b. May 16 1923, d. Aug 19 1986, m. Elmer Altschuler. 4 children.

D. Maj Francis Aubrey Swartz (Ret), b. Dec 26 1924 in Clifton Forge, VA, d. Dec 28 1996 in San Antonio, TX. American Fighter Pilot. Spelling Bee Winner. Laurel H.S. Class of 1942, Study at the University of Maryland from 1946-48. B.B.A. University of Oklahoma, 1959. Study abroad in 1959-60 at Chateauroux, France. Family states he served as an Enlisted U.S. Marine Aviator from 1943-46. Served in China in WW2. He then entered the USAF on May 5 1949, served two tours Korean Conflict, and was discharged on Dec 31 1965.  Commisioned in May 1950 as a 2nd Lt in the USAF. Son states he piloted black-painted B 26's on night interdiction missions over North Korea. He bombed commie rail lines, convoys and dropped spies, guerillas, and assorted supplies to guerilla groups above the DMZ. He transitioned to the F 86 Sabre and flew 30-35 ground attack missions. Awards include: 3 Air Medals with Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, United Nations Korea Medal, Korea Conflict with 3 major Battle Stars, Two sets of Wings: Senior Air Force Pilot Wings, USMC Aerial Navigator Wings. Twenty years total service: 3 1/2 USMC, 16 1/2 USAF. 3,300 flying hours. 4 Wives: 1st wife Joyce Mackinnon- m. June 1953 in FL, 2nd wife Francaise Chasseray, 3rd wife Elaine Kernan, 4th wife Mary Elizabeth Krock. They married on Jul 17 1982. Three children. Brian Kaess' Granduncle.

The Post War Generation

The bulk of information for this section was supplied by Elizabeth Anne Swartz, based on her ‘Continuation’ document. Her research connects modern-day 21st Century Swartz's all the way back to Eli Swartz of the 19th Century.

D. Robert Yellowlees, two children.

D. Newell Major Swartz Jr., aka 'Sandy', b. 1939 in MD, m. Maria Rosario Castro Garcia of Cordova, Spain in Zaragoza, Spain, on Nov 20 1958. Grew up in Brandywine, MD. B.A. University of Nebraska. Served 22 years in the USAF and U.S. Army. Two tours in Vietnam. Resident of Phoenix, AZ. Retired from AZ Dept of Public Safety.

D. Maria Christina Swartz, b. 1967, m. Walter Husbands in Phoenix, AZ. 2nd m. to Todd Watkins in 1995. Currently lives in CA.

D. Gavin, b. 1996

D. Gareth Fox, b. 2000 in CA.

D. Gwenyth Laura Elizabeth, b. in CA.

D. Patricia Antonia Swartz, b. 1969 in KS.

D. Brian Patrick Swartz, b. 1981 in AZ.

D. Charles Brian Swartz, aka 'Skip' or 'Skippy,' b. 1941 in MD, m. Ina Meadows (Meador) on Apr 11 1965 in Upper Marboro, MD. Grew up in Brandywine, MD. Served in U.S. Navy, based in Rota, Spain. Resident of Mechanicsville, MD. Member of Ironworkers Union.

D. Monica Ann Swartz, b. 1967, m. Donald Shane Hotchkiss on Feb 11 1988 in Prince George's County, MD. Bought a home near parents home in MD.

D. Shaina Eliane, b. 1997

D. Michele Lee, b. 1969, m. David Gallerizzo on Nov 18 1995 in Washington, D.C. Residents of MD.

D. Jordan Elizabeth, b. 1997

D. John Charles, b. 2001

D. David Alexander, b. 2005

D. Sister Elizabeth Anne Swartz, aka 'Tam,' b. 1943 in Washington, D.C.; Grew up in Brandywine, MD. Her mom was Harriet Anne Potts. Mother's line hails from Yorkshire, England. Her grandmother was Sarah Anne Rudd. Sarah Ann Rudd's mom was Anne Sarah Lightfoot. Graduate of Academy of Our Lady in Washington D.C.; Entered order of School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) in Sep 1962. Catholic Nun. Professed on Jul 25 1964 at the Motherhouse in Baltimore, MD. B.A. College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Jan 1972, M.A.T. Trinity College in Apr 1975. Post Grad. study at Texas Women's Univ.; Taught in Washington D.C. Principal in San Antonio, TX, and Glendale, AZ. Associate Supt. for the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Superintendant of Catholic Schools in El Paso, TX, and San Angelo, TX. Resident of El Paso, TX. Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin once removed.

D. Paul Edward Swartz, b. Mar 2 1945 in La Plata, MD, d. Nov 29 1988, m. Sharon Eddy in 1970, 2nd m. to Brenda Cahill. Member of Sheetmetal Workers Union. Resident of AZ.

D. Nancy Sara Anne Swartz, b. 1946 in MD, m. Marvin Ray Edvalson in Baden, MD. Attended H.S. at Academy of Our Lady in Washington D.C.; Graduate of St. Mary's H.S. in Phoenix, AZ. Family moved to AZ in 1963. She returned to MD.

D. Mary Anne, b. 1967 in La Grande, OR, m. on Aug 1 1992 to Dean Norton in Olympic National Forest in WA.  Grad. of Union H.S. in Phoenix. Attended Eastern Oregon University for two years.

D. Jessica Grace, b. 1993

D. Brodie Dean, b. 1997

D. Bridget Anne, b. 1998

D. Sherri Ivy, b. 1971 in Phoenix, AZ, m. Tyrone Buffington on Aug 22 1998, 2nd m. to Kyle Erkel on Aug 16 2009 in Iowa City, IA. PhD University of Iowa.

D. Aissa Elizabeth Anne, b. 2009 in IA.

D. Sarah Ann, b. 1979 in OR, m. Jared Wutzke on Mar 22 2003 in La Grande, OR.

D. Henry August, b. 2005 in OR.

D. Charles Rulon, b. 2008 in Worcester, MA.

D. Amanda Alice, b. 1981 in OR, m. Manuel Villagomez on Aug 31 2002 in La Grande, OR.

D. Celeste Alice, b. 2003 in OR.

D. Cecilia Diana, b. 2006 in OR.

D. Mary Ellen Dawson, b. Dec 4 1945 in Chicago, IL.

D. Brian Paul Kaess

D. Paul Jesus Kaess, b. Dec 11 2001 in Chicago, IL. American School Durango. Spelling Bee Winner.

D. Garret Thomas Kaess

D. Nicholas Todd Kaess, b. 1997 in Oak Lawn, IL.

D. Julie Leann Kaess, b. 1998 in Park Ridge, IL.

D. John

D. Alfred

D. Gay Lee

D. Richard Carlyle Swartz, b. 1943 in Missouri. Married to Patricia Joan Cummins on Oct 2 1965 in Colts Neck, NJ. B.A. Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. College of William and Mary. Author of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (1997). Resident of Portland, OR. Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin once removed.

D. Jennifer Anne Swartz, b. 1973 in OR. Primary/Secondary Teacher for Beaverton School District in OR. Resident of OR.

D. Carl Alexander Swartz, b. 1970 in VA, resident of OR.

D. Dukie

D. Michael

D. Rosemary

D. Diane, m. Ron Cross

D. Brian Francis Swartz, aka 'Grampie', b. 1954 in TX, m. to Karen Rumery, 2nd m. to Susan Hastey on Sep 10 1994. Resident of Hampden, Maine. Married twice. A.S. Eastern Maine Community College. 24 years, Editor with Bangor Daily News. Photographer. Enjoys photographing Maine, Shenandoah Valley, and Civil War Battlefields. Mom's ancestors hail from Maine and New Brunswick. Susan is an LPN/RN. Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin once removed.

  D. Amanda Lee Swartz, b. 1979, m. to a Commercial Pilot. B.A. University of Maine. Resident of Washington State.

  D. Christopher Swartz, b. 1977, B.S. University of Maine, PhD University of Kentucky, manages a research lab.

D. Col. Leslie Newell Swartz (Ret), b. 1956 in TX. Married in May 1976 to Lillian Jordan. B.A. University of Maine. Colonel in Maine National Guard.  Commanded Coalition Engineering Brigade 'Task Force Chamberlain' in Afghanistan in 2006. Computer Programmer. Also worked at pulp mills in Maine. Resident of Bangor, Maine.  Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin once removed.

  D. Shannon Adele Swartz, b. 1984. College Graduate. Works at a bank.

  D. Jared Mark Swartz, b. 1980, resident of Maine.

  D. Jason Swartz, b. Sep 1980, d. 1985

  D. Tracey Suzanne (Swartz) Smith, b. 1958, m. 1996, resident of New Hampshire. B.S. University of Maine. Married to a male R.N.
D. Austin Smith, b. 2000

Parents of Brian Kaess

D. or. DW.1.1. Mary Ellen (Dawson) Kaess, b. Dec 4, 1945 in Illinois. Daughter of Margaret Jane Swartz and Talmage Edward Dawson, m. Sep 30 1967 to Gerd Kaess in Chicago. Brian Kaess' Mother.

K.1.1.1. Gerd Edwin Paul Käss (aka Gert Edwin Kaess in America) , b. Jan 9 1947 in Heutingsheim, Germany, d. Oct 20 1972 in Chicago, IL. Son of Paul Ernst Käss and Dorothea Dorschke. Ludwigsburg Gymnasium. Emigrated to America in 1966. Studied at Loyola University Chicago. Printer. Married Mary E. Dawson on Sep 30 1967 in Chicago. Buried in Oakridge Cemetery, Hillside, IL. Brian Kaess' Father.

The Twins: Brian and Garret Kaess

D. Brian Paul Kaess, b. Oct 24 1967 in Chicago, IL. Lane Tech H.S., served in U.S. Army, U.S. Marines (in Cuba). A.S. Northern Virginia Community College, B.A. Northeastern Illinois University. Taught ESL at Truman College. Taught in South Korea. Lived in Mexico. 1st m. to Ellen Byrd Elliott on Oct 10 1986 in Alexandria, VA. 2nd m. to Mayte Urbina Pereda on July 27 2000 in Chicago.

D. Garret Thomas Kaess, b. Oct 24 1967 in Chicago, IL. Lane Tech H.S., Cosmopolitan Prep School,(Salutatorian) B.A. Roosevelt University. M.S. Govenor's State University, M.B.A. Butler Universty.  Pharmaceutical Researcher. Did research on Insulin in a suburb of Florence, Italy. Married to Robin Brown in IL.

The Children of the Kaess Twins

D. Paul Jesus Kaess. Born 12/11/2001 in Chicago, IL. American School Durango.

D. Nicholas Todd Kaess, born 1997 in IL. Resident of IN.

D. Julie Leann Kaess, born 1998 in IL. Resident of IN.

The Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley

Brian Kaess attained information on the Kaess Family mostly from family sources while on a trip to Germany in 1990. A town lineage book from Benningen am Neckar, acquired in 1990, has a Kaess/Käss geneaology listed on the inside cover of the book (not unlike a Family Bible). This genealogy was written in by Brian Kaess. The book also lists Kaess residents of the Benningen am Neckar community who began to become prominent or noticeable around 1700. This book is now in the possession of Garret Kaess. The Landeskirchliches Archiv Stuttgart has a Seelenregister or 'Soul's book' for Benningen dating from 1814 and before.

Paul Ernst Käss - Brian Kaess' Paternal Grandfather

K.1.1.  Paul Ernst Kaess, b. Feb 6 1921 in Benningen am Neckar, Germany, d. March 25 2002 in Pleidelsheim, Germany, 1st m. to Dorothea Dorschke in 1944 in Ratibor, Silesia. 1st child named Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess. 2nd m. to Hildegard Golz. Two children: Arnhild and Ursula Kaess. Buried in town cemetery in Benningen am Neckar, Baden Wurtemburg, Germany. Brian Kaess' Paternal Grandfather.

The Kaess Family

K.1. Emil Friedrich Käss, b. abt 1885 in Benningen, Germany, d. abt 1969 in Benningen, Germany, worked as a shipbuilder on the Orinoco River in South America. Trained Carpenter. Married Bertha Falkenecker, b. abt Nov. 5, 1889 in Heutingsheim, Germany, d. abt 1971 in Benningen, Germany, worked as a maid in Ludwigsburg. Both lived to age 80. Brian Kaess' Gr. Grandfather

  K.1.1. Paul Ernst Käss (or Kaess), m. Dorothea (aka Doris) Dorschke, Brian Kaess' Paternal Grandfather

    K.1.1.1. or D.1.1. Gerd Edwin Paul Käss (aka Gert Kaess in America) , b. Jan 9 1947 in Heutingsheim, Germany (now Freiberg am Neckar) - d. Oct 20 1972 in Chicago, IL

      K. Brian Paul Kaess, b. 1967 in USA.

        K. Paul Jesus Kaess b. 2001 in USA. Brian Kaess' Son

      K. Garret Thomas Kaess b. 1967 in USA. Brian Kaess' Twin Brother.

        K. Nicholas Todd Kaess b. 1997 in USA. Brian Kaess' Nephew.

        K. Julie Leann Kaess b. 1998 in USA. Brian Kaess' Niece.

G. Max Christian Golz, b. Aug 12 1896, d. May 25 1945 in I Lager Bokowo, Ukraine, m. to Caroline.  Hometown: Gardienen, East Prussia. At least one daughter, Hildegard Golz.

G.1. Hildegard Golz

    K.1.1.2. or G.1.1. Arnhild Käß-Tiefenbach, born 1957 in Germany. Realschule. Married Ulf. Divorced in 1994 . Married Georg Tiefenbach in 2008. Resident Berlin, Germany. Brian Kaess' half-Aunt.

    K.1.1.3. or G.1.2. Ursula Kaess Bruttel b. 1965 in Germany, m. Achim Vogel. 1st Daughter Nadja Vogel b. 1988. Model in youth. 2nd m. to Marco Bärschneider in Las Vegas, NV. 2nd Daughter Xenia Bärschneider. 3rd marriage to Markus Bruttel. Enjoys taking trips to Tuscany, Italy. Resident Olnhausen, Germany. Brian Kaess' half-Aunt.

      K. or G.1.2.1. Nadja Vogel b. 1988 in Germany. Daughter of Ursula Kaess and Achim Vogel. Student at Universität Bamberg. Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin.

      K. or G.1.2.2. Xenia Bärschneider b. 1998 in Germany. Daughter of Ursula Kaess and Marco Bärschneider. Lives in Olnhausen, Germany.  Brian Kaess' 1st Cousin.

  K.1.2. Emil Kaess, b. 1913 in Benningen, Germany, d. bet 1993-95, m. to Zazillia aka Zilli Käss, b. circa 1917, d. circa 2006. Served in Cavalry. Repatriated on Aug 14 1946. Resident of Heutingsheim, Germany.

    K.1.2.1. Hannelore Käß.

      K. Anke, m. Stefan. Residents of Benningen am Neckar, Germany. Brian Kaess' 2nd Cousin. 4 children.

      K. Wencke, m. with one child. Brian Kaess' 2nd Cousin.

Dorothea Dorschke - Brian Kaess' Paternal Grandmother

DO.1. Dorothea (aka Doris) Dorschke Käss, b. 1923 in Ratibor, Upper Silesia, d. abt 1955 in Germany, m. Paul Ernst Kaess in 1944 in Ratibor, Silesia. One child. Buried in town cemetery in Benningen am Neckar, Germany. Brian Kaess' Paternal Grandmother.

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