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Paul Saul Ford


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Paul S. Ford was born, lived most of his life, and was buried in Ohio. He lived his last years with his son Paul in Syracuse, NY. Paul S. Ford
Date of Death: September 10, 1956. Syracuse, NY. Residence, 123 Clarence Avenue, Syracuse, NY, home of Paul Elmer Ford and Elsie Jane Kindel Ford.
Ballweg Funeral Home, S. Salina Street, Syracuse NY
Claus Funeral Home, 11200 Miles Ave., Cleveland Ohio, George Claus, Mortician
Phone number MIchigan 1-3900 Transportation: (train?) Accompanied by son Paul Elmer Ford.
Burial plot from son Lester Ford.
Predeceased by his wife, Cora Eppley Ford, who is buried in N. Murray Ridge Cemetery, Elyria, Ohio.

Transcription of Army Discharge Papers for Paul Saul Ford
Private: Hospital Corps US Army
Date of Honorable Discharge: April 3, 1902
Born: Newburg, Ohio
April 10,1899: date of enlistment for 3 year term, age 20 years and 8 months
Height at enlistment: 5’ 4.5”
Brown eyes and hair
Character: Excellent
Previous service: August 7, 1898-April 9, 1899
Battles: China Relief Expedition 1900 Battle of Pe_____tsaug August 5, 1900 ___augtsaug August 6, 1900
Engagement at outer walls _Pek..?_________August 14, 1900
Attack and capture Imperial City- August 15, 1900
Expedition against Chinese Troops west of Pekur September 16-19, 1901
Served at the Philippine Stands from June 19,1899-March 1, 1902
Service: Honest and Faithful
No wounds received
Marital Status: single