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Search Full England / Scotland / Wales Census 1841-1911 **** Uncover the generations of your family in census records from England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, from every decade from 1841 to 1911. Plus, see their original records in our high-quality scans. The exact information varies from year-to-year, but you’ll find details like names of all the family, ages, birthplaces, occupations and relationships. These facts can help you delve further into their lives, using birth, marriage and death indexes, immigration records, occupation documents and much more.

Province Records

British Columbia Cemeteries and Burials

British Columbia Birth Index: 1851-1903 **** The following information is provided in the index: surname, given name, gender, year, month, day, birthplace.

1854-1903 British Columbia Birth Registrations

1859-1938 British Columbia Marriage Registrations

1872-1993 British Columbia Death Registrations


Vancouver Island


1881 Vancouver Island Census Database

1901 Vancouver Island Census

Early Settlers

1901 Big Qualicum Settlers

1901 East Wellington Settlers

1919 Chase River Settlers

1919 Nanoose Bay Settlers

Passenger Lists

1849 - Ship "Harpooner" Passenger List

1850 - Ship "Cowlitz" Passenger List

1850 - Ship "Norman Morrison" Passenger List

1851 - Ship "Tory" Passenger List

1852 - Ship "Norman Morrison" Passenger List (To Victoria)

1852 - Ship "Norman Morrison" Passenger List (To London)

1853 - Ship "Norman Morrison" Passenger List (To Victoria)

1853 - Ship "Norman Morrison" Passenger List (To London)

1854 - Ship "Princess Royal" Passenger List

1857 - Ship "Princess Royal" Passenger List

1858-1861 Passenger Arrivals to Vancouver Island (Ships Otter, California, Oregon, Forwood, Pacific, Santa Cruz, Cortez, Eliza Anderson, Panama)
A-C      C-G      G-L      L-N      O-S      S-W     

1860 - Ship "Brother Jonathan" Passenger List

1861 - Ship "Oregon" Passenger List

1861 - Ship "Princess Royal" Passenger List

1862 - Ship "Princess Royal" Passenger List